Dallas Translation Services-Local Translators in Dallas-Fort Worth

Dallas Translation Services by local translators in Dallas, Plano, Mesquite; Arlington; Irving; and Fort Worth. Certified Translators for legal contracts and agreements,; diplomas and transcripts; medical records; financial documents and more..; Professional translation services in Spanish; Portuguese; French; German; Italian; Chinese and Vietnamese.  24 Hour Translation Services in highly rated on Google and centrally located at 5025 Addison Circle Dr. in Addison, Texas 75001.
Dallas Translation Services that create new opportunities and fuel economic growth in the global economy.

Professional Translation Services in Dallas

24 Hour Translation Services is one of the largest and longest established Dallas translation services.  Our Dallas translation company is distinguished by its depth of knowledge in a broad range of industries. With more than 20 years of providing Dallas certified translation solutions in Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Italian and more than 30 other languages, we draw on our years of experience. Highly skilled and certified translators to help our clients navigate the increasingly complex landscape of global communications.

Since our clients’ most difficult projects often cross borders, we work alongside our colleagues in offices in Texas and throughout the world to ensure linguistic accuracy that is localized for regional markets. Our clients include local, national, and international companies, as well as trade associations, government agencies and other organizations.

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Dallas Translation Services-Local Translators in Dallas-Fort Worth

5025 Addison Circle Dr.
Addison, Tx 75001
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  • Dallas Translation Services-Local Translators in Dallas-Fort Worth


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Why Choose Our Dallas Translation Company?

Our certified Dallas translation company distinguishes itself by the exceptional translations we provide, the value we offer, the speed in which we deliver and, most importantly, our translators.  Our customers depend on us to deliver excellence when translating challenging content within the most demanding time constraints. Regardless of the linguistic challenges presented, our strengths of experience, professionalism, competence and dedication allow our clients to reach their multilingual communication goals.

Here are reasons why law firms, businesses, government agencies and individuals choose the Dallas certified translation company of 24 Hour Translation:

  • Top Rated in Texas!
  • Certified and Notarized Translations available
  • Thousands of Satisfied Customers
  • 20 Years of Success
  • No hidden fees! Proofreading is free!
  • Highest Quality Translators
  • U.S. Veteran-Owned (Discounts available to Veteran-Owned Businesses)

Industries Served by Our Translation Services in Dallas

As our Dallas Translation Services business has grown, we’ve retained strong ties to the values that have led to our success: customer service, linguistic excellence, technical knowledge and a strong commitment to the individuals and industries we serve, including:

Accurate, High-Speed Document Translation in Dallas

Whether you need to translate your catalog into Chinese or translate your college transcript into English, you can trust the accuracy of our translations and our commitment to meeting deadlines.  Often, we can complete small projects, including birth certificate translation, marriage certificate translation and divorce decree translation jobs in a few hours. Request your free estimate now.

The Dallas document translation pick-up location is open from Monday through Friday from 10AM-7PM and Saturday from 10AM-3PM.  Call ahead to arrange pick-up.

Translation Services to Amplify Your Global Message

Communicating your message to global audiences demands a Dallas translation company that can meet your multilingual translations needs.  24 Hour Translation is a full-service provider of document translation, multilingual voiceover and multilingual video captioning services.  Whether you are building a new website, repurposing video content, designing a new brochure or publishing a new training manual, 24 Hour Translation is ready to assist you.  Our Dallas Translation Services office is particularly skilled in translating employee handbooks, manuals, training guides, surveys and everything else you need to lead your multilingual workforce.

24 Hour Translation in Dallas translation offers language translation solutions in more than 40 languages. Our most popular languages include: Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese and Angolan Portuguese, Italian, Canadian French, Quebec French, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese or Simplified Chinese, Traditional Farsi or Persian, Urdu and Polish. 

The most prestigious law firms in Dallas trust 24 Hour Translation for their legal translation needs. That’s because we’ve been around longer than other companies, provide accurate translations, come highly recommended and offer reasonable pricing.  We are also one of the few legal translation companies in the metroplex to offer local, on-site certified translation services and notarized translation services. Whether your legal translation requirements call for one page to be translated or 100,000 pages, we offer superior translation expertise, low pricing and fast turnaround times.  In fact, marriage certificate translation, birth certificate translation, and divorce decree translation projects can often be completed in a few hours. Call the Dallas translators of 24 Hour Translation for a free estimate.

Expert Certified Translation Services in Dallas

As a leading provider of certified translation services in Dallas, you can trust our legal translators to provide the finest quality official translations in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Our Dallas Translation Company provides certified and notarized translations of contracts, business filings, marriage certificates, birth certificates, divorce decrees, diplomas, transcripts, licenses, agreements, legal contracts and other official document translations.  We can also assist you if your document requires authentication through an apostille from the secretary of state.  Our low-price translation fees and incredible value make us a top choice of businesses, law firms and individuals in Texas.  We also provide USCIS-certified translations and certified translation for emigration to other countries. If you need a birth certificate translation, marriage certificate translation or divorce decree translation fast, call us now!

24 Hour Translation provides sworn, certified and notarized translations of the following documents:

ContractsBirth CertificatesAdoption Decrees
AgreementsMarriage CertificatesBank Statements
Patent FilingsDivorce DecreesAudit Reports
Financial RecordsDeath CertificatesBlueprints
Audio TranscriptsWillsProfessional Licenses
Business FilingsDriver’s LicensesCertificates
Power of AttorneyImport CertificatesCertifications
Accident ReportsRegistration CertificatesReport Cards
PassportsTranscripts and DiplomasBackground Checks
Medical ReportsBaptism CertificatesImmunization records

Notarized and Certified Dallas Translation Agency Benefits

To meet legal and professional requirements, translations must be certified and notarized to be accepted by courts, governments, universities, businesses, organizations and other governing bodies.  24 Hour Translation is a Dallas certified translation service that notarizes and certifies translations to meet the broadest set of requirements and to ensure your translations will be accepted anywhere you are asked to present legal document translations. 

Nearly everyone needing a certified translation will eventually require an original copy of the translation with original signatures from the translation company.  A simple PDF copy of a birth certificate translation, marriage certificate translation, divorce decree translation or diploma translation will not meet the requirements for immigration and other legal uses.  While an electronic copy may be suitable for the initial submission, you will be required to provide an original hard copy translation of your certificates. Because we are based right here in Dallas, you can arrange to pick up your files once they are complete. 

Certified Diploma and Transcript Translation

The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex has outstanding colleges and universities, including the University of Texas at Dallas, the University of Texas at Arlington, and Southern Methodist University, in addition to outstanding community colleges representing the Dallas Community College District, the Collin Community College District, and Tarrant County College District.  If you seek admission under an F1 student visa and have coursework and academic records, including report cards, diplomas and transcripts in another language, you must provide a certified diploma translation and a certified transcript translation.  These translations must be translated by a certified translation provider. 24 Hour Translation is a Dallas certified translation provider that can meet your needs.  

Baylor UniversityRichland CollegeUniversity of North Texas
Brookhaven CollegeSouthern Methodist U.U.T. Arlington
Collin CollegeTarleton State UniversityU.T. Southwestern Medical
Cedar Valley CollegeTarrant County CollegeU.T. Dallas
Eastfield CollegeTexas A&M U. - CommerceU.T. Tyler
El Centro CollegeTexas Christian UniversityU.T. San Antonio
Mountain View CollegeTexas Wesleyan University
North Lake CollegeTexas Woman's University
Rice UniversityUniversity of Dallas

Not all universities accept certified transcript and diploma translations from other translation agencies.  As an established Dallas certified translation service, we have worked with admissions officers from every college in Texas to provide certified diploma translations and certified transcript translations.  The table above lists some of the many excellent schools to which we have provided certified diploma and transcript translations in the past.

Confidentiality and Non-disclosure

Most Dallas translation services outsource their projects to unscreened and unproven translators.  These Dallas translation services commonly upload your confidential documents to public sites where anyone can view your files and offer low bids to translate them.   This is a dangerous and reckless way to treat your sensitive and confidential information. 

At 24 Hour Translation, we have our own translators who have been thoroughly screened and tested.  Furthermore, most of our Dallas translators have been with us for more than 15 years.  During this time, our history has never been blemished by confidentiality breaches. This is why thousand of customers trust our birth certificate translation, marriage certificate translation, divorce decree translation and diploma translation services.

Quality Control

24 Hour Translation understands the importance of precision and providing translations in Dallas that are free from error.  Quality begins upfront by collecting the necessary information to translate your job.  Next, your project is carefully evaluated and assigned to the most appropriate translator based on their education, certified credentials, skill level and prior experiences.  Once the project is complete, it is evaluated by a second translator and then given to the client for final approval. Finally, a certificate of translation accuracy or affidavit of translation accuracy is completed, signed by a translator and notarized.

Exceeding All Your Document Translation Expectations

Whether you need Spanish Translation service, Chinese translation service, French Translation service, German translation service, Arabic translation service, we offer, we offer the best translation solution.  Our services include technical translations, medical translations, legal translations, financial translations, academic translations, immigration translations and more.  We also provide certified translations of birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, and divorce decrees for immigration purposes and other legal matters.  Call (214) 550-0151 for a free quote or email us at info@24hourtranslation.com.

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