At 24 Hour Translation, we understand that it is critical that we safeguard your documents by helping to ensure level of confidentiality in all stages of the translation process.  While we have never had an incident of confidentiality breach, we follow these practices that help insure it will never happen:

  • Conducting background investigations on all new employees, translators and interpreters
  • Limiting access to identifiable information to only individuals who need to access your document (e.g., only allowing the translator and project manager access)
  • Keeping information locked in a separate location and restrict access to the location
  • Encrypting identifiable data during transmission with the company and employees
  • Properly disposing, destroying, and deleting translated documents once the project is complete; unless we are specifically requested to store the documents until a specific date
  • Securely store data documents within locked locations
  • Assign security codes to computerized records

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