At 24 Hour Translation Services, we understand our clients entrust us with sensitive information. Protecting confidentiality is our top priority.

Our Commitment

  • We will not disclose client information to any third party without explicit consent.
  • Our staff sign binding NDAs prohibiting them from revealing client data.
  • We comply with data protection regulations including GDPR and privacy laws.
  • We use encryption, access controls, firewalls, and other security controls to safeguard data.
  • Our facilities and systems meet rigorous security standards like ISO 27001.
  • We partner with clients to meet any specific confidentiality requirements.

Retention and Disposal

  • Project files are retained briefly for quality assurance purposes then deleted unless the client requests extended retention.
  • Hard copy documents are shredded onsite when disposed.
  • Electronic media is wiped to ensure secure disposal.

Third Parties

  • Any subcontractors who access confidential data sign NDAs and undergo background screening.
  • Our practices are regularly audited by independent assessors.

Our Security Controls

  • Data centers maintain ISO 27001 certification and redundancy.
  • Facilities are secured through access control, video monitoring, and guards.
  • Systems are protected by firewalls, vulnerability testing, and authentication.
  • Encryption secures sensitive data in transit and at rest when specified.
  • Staff undergo background checks, confidentiality training, and access control.
  • We maintain business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

Contact Us

For any questions regarding our confidentiality practices, contact our Data Protection Officer.