Creating Customer Benefits that Wow Your Audience

Conduct thorough customer analysis collecting information about the background and needs of the market. This information provides the basis for producing a powerful, targeted message that identifies audience benefits.Customer Analysis

Creating customer benefits that wow audiences requires an in-depth knowledge of the needs and wants of your target market. To understand this audience, conduct a thorough analysis by collecting information about the background and needs of the audience. This information provides the basis for producing a powerful, targeted message that identifies audience benefits. When you communicate these benefits correctly, you can reach your audience effectively and efficiently to produce a desirable outcome.

The remainder of this article assumes the reader has completed an audience analysis and is ready to formulate audience benefits.

Customer Benefits

You should use the results from your audience analysis for creating customer benefits that the audience will receive by following your recommendations, buying from your business, or embracing your procedures. By creating customer benefits that your audience will value, your message will encounter less resistance.

Here are 4 characteristics that you should embrace when creating effective audience benefits.

1. Customize benefits to the individual needs of your audience.

Your overall audience may have very diverse needs. However, different segments within an audience may have similar needs. For example, imagine that you want to market your new kitchen air fryer cooking appliance to different countries and cultures throughout the world. The features and benefits that you promote in one country and culture may have little value or even negative value to consumers in another country and culture. For example, discussing the advantages of cooking pork in your air fryer will not be an advantage in the Muslim world, where believers are forbidden from eating pork. Instead, a company should focus on the appliance’s health advantages of frying vegetables, fish, beef and chicken over traditional methods.  Understanding the needs of diverse customer segments and markets often requires local expertise that only experienced marketers working with certified translation services can provide.

2. State both the intrinsic and extrinsic motivators.

Intrinsic motivators refer to self-driven, internal rewards. A person who purchases an air fryer kitchen cooking appliance might be interested in becoming a better cook of healthier meals. Extrinsic motivators, in contrast, originate from an external source. A person who purchases an air fryer might be motivated by a doctor who instructs patients to lower fat, calories and cholesterol content. Or a person who purchases an air fryer might also be extrinsically motivated by a special promotion or discounted offer.

3. Provide indisputable and uncomplicated proof that the benefits are real.

For an audience benefit to have value, it must be explained in a way that the audience understands. The audience must also believe that the benefit is real. If the audience lacks faith that the benefit will be realized, or if the audience fails to understand the benefit being described, then your message will fail to achieve its purpose. In this circumstance, the benefit must be revised so that the audience can believe and understand the benefit. If your claim is credible, you need to focus on making your claims easily understandable and transparent. Extra effort might be required in the following instances:

  • The audience is new to the concept and hasn’t had adequate time to become familiar with it.
  • Embracing the concept and realizing its benefits may entail a long-term commitment. Results may not be immediate.
  • Unfamiliarity, complexity and lack of immediate appeal demand a presentation that is memorable, appealing and filled with real benefits that the audience can believe.

4. Incorporate the You-attitude into audience benefits

When communicating to your audience, focus on your objective and building goodwill. Communicate goodwill by projecting competence and awareness of the audience’s wants and needs, along with your ability to address them. Then focus on achieving this goal by projecting the you-attitude of benefits to the audience. When benefits don’t incorporate the you-attitude, your presentation comes across as sneaky, self-centered and insincere, whereas you need to reassure your audience of your commitment to their best interest.

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