Essential International Human Relations Skills For Global Expansion

The objectives of any international expansion program should include essential international human relations skills such as personal development, promotion and attainment of organizational goals.  The following components human relations should be considered when developing a plan.


Self-respect refers to the confidence that someone has in their own abilities.  Employees with little self-respect often suffer from depression which can prevent them from reaching their full potential.   Studies have also found that low self-respect is correlated with other performance limiting conditions such as mental health issues, including alcoholism, anxiety, and depression.  On the other hand, elevated levels of self-esteem improve attitudes, morale, and overall satisfaction.  Healthy self-esteem is key to high performing work teams, particularly when work output impacts the role of others.

Mutual Respect

Mutual respect is the positive value people have towards others.  Studies by international human relations experts show that mutual respect is necessary among two or more people for communication to take place.  Only when people mutually respect each other can people communicate without fear of reprisal and recognize value in diverse views shared by others.

Self-Awareness and Self-Disclosure

Self-Awareness is the understanding of how you are viewed by others in terms of personality, beliefs, emotions, strengths, and weaknesses.  Self-disclosure is a process in which an individual reveals personal information and characteristics to others.  The information a person reveals can include ideas, beliefs, preferences, feelings, attitudes, and dislikes.  By sharing information about yourself, you can begin to promote genuineness and closer relationships with others.

Communication Skills

Communication is necessary for all business transactions.  However, international business presents new challenges due to different languages, cultures, accents, and dialects.  Employees should have experienced certified translation services available to them when needed.  This is because every management function and personal interaction requires communication in international business.  Regardless of the size of your existing organization, effective communication is required for continuity and growth.   Being a good communicator includes the ability to express thoughts and ideas accurately.  Communing effectively also requires proactive listening skills.

Group Dynamics

Group dynamics exist whenever two or more people interact.  This interaction can be either positive or negative and influences the productivity and decision-making ability of the team.  Therefore, understanding group dynamics or the way teams operate effectively is critically important to the success of an organization.  International Human Relations managers suggest that this is particularly true as the economy becomes more diverse and increasingly demands group interaction to accomplish tasks.  One of the challenges of ensuring positive group dynamics is the ability to overcome obstacles and resolve conflict when it arises.


Within a team, members must be driven to accomplish their obligations and achieve results.  Culture, personality, demographics, and psychographics can all factor into the way individuals are motivated to achieve results.

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