Good Organization Produces Better Translations

Good Organization Produces Better Translations

The way you organize your writing will benefit the end reader and the translator tasked with translating
your message. When you take time to organize your document around a strong central idea,
support it with logical arguments and facts, and complete it with a compelling conclusion, your writing
will stand a higher likelihood of being successful.

Why Strong Organization is important

• Strong organization produces a clear central idea that is supported with accurate and impactful supporting information.
• Strong organization is needed to produce a logical flow of information that supports your central idea.
• Strong organization produces strong evidence to enable your audience to easily see how it supports the central idea.
• Strong organization produces a strong conclusion.

Essential Elements of Organization

The most common organization of a document includes an introduction, body and conclusion. The
introduction introduces your topic, attempts to capture the reader’s attention and provides some
insights into what the writing will include. If the writing is an essay, the introduction will include some
background information and a thesis that will explain the main idea of the writing.

The body of the writing includes the most important facts and arguments that support the central idea.
An effective body demands quality-constructed content that includes well-supported ideas and enough
details to accomplish the objective of the writing. Within the body, focus on making logical connections
between the ideas.

The conclusion is your final opportunity to persuade, convince or inform the reader. If your conclusion
is poorly constructed, your writing efforts may fail at accomplishing the objective. Effective conclusions
provide new information and insights that support the thesis.

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