Houston Festivals: Houston Cultural Events

infographic Houston Festivals Houston Cultural Events, activities that offer culture, language, arts, fun and learning activities. Activities for January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and Decemober. Geared towards helping people learn translations skills in Spanish, Turkish, German, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, French and Portuguese.

This Houston events calendar and infographic is updated regularly. Tell us about your upcoming cultural events and things to do by commenting below.  Include dates, times and a description of event.

Houston: An International City & Cultural Mecca

There are many reasons to be excited about living in Houston.  As an international city, Houston has a diversified economy that includes many academic universities and petrochemical, energy, biomedical and aerospace businesses and organizations.  Houston’s population of 5.3 million, makes it the 6th largest metropolis in the United States.  Today, 86 nations have consulate offices here and city ranks 4th nationally in terms of diversity.  Consequently, there are hundreds of Houston cultural events and Houston festivals to keep everyone’s interest.

Houston Culture and Diversity

The culture of Houston is a boisterous blend of cuisines, languages, food, fine arts, cinema and festivals.  This is due to the great diversity of the people.  Over a million of its residents were born outside the U.S. and there are more than 90 languages spoken here.  As a result, Houston translation services agencies are in great demand.

Houston promises a fast-paced, exciting and diverse city life to all residents.  There is something here for everyone.  Its restaurants, sports, festivals and clubs are some of the most significant aspects of Houston’s culture.  Geographically, Houston is a gulf city that is also known as the Bayou City, because it rests on 10 waterways that had an important role in the founding of the city and its victory in the battle for Texas Independence. The Port of Houston, fish and wildlife resources provide some of the area’s most important economic, recreational and aesthetic assets.

Houston Cultural Events: A Place to Learn Culture and Practice Language

Looking for a place to learn about culture and practice your linguistic skills?  If you live in Texas, Houston Cultural events offer plenty of fun learning experiences.  Houston offers many immersion opportunities to brush up on your second language or experience a different culture.  In fact, the city features two Chinatowns, a Little Saigon and a “Little India.” It also features a colorful arts and music district that includes rock, blues, country and hip-hop. There are many annual cultural events including French, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian, Turkish, German, Brazilian, Japanese, Egyptian, Russian, Cuban, Puerto Rican and Native American festivals that consist of live music, dancing, food, and demonstrations to brush up your cultural and linguistic skills.  The attached infographic offers descriptions of some of the most popular events and dates.

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