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Translate Death Certificates in Houston and Dallas. Fast Certified Translation of Death Certificates for passports, immigration, probate, Social Security, Name Changes and More. If you need a Rush or End-of-Life Passport, call us. We provide Death Certificate translations in 90 minutes.
Death Certificate Translation

Experienced Death Certificate Translators

Unlike the translation of other types of documents, death certificate translations necessitate a more comprehensive affidavit of translation accuracy to meet the requirements of all requiring interests.  Among other things, the affidavit of translation accuracy for a certified death certificate translation must state the translator’s name, address, and qualifications.  It must also include an oath that the translation is accurate in context and appearance and wasn’t prepared for any illegal purposes. The affidavit or certificate of translation accuracy is then signed and dated.

Certified Death Certificate Translations in 90 Minutes

The loss of a loved one is difficult, which is why 24 Hour Translation Services works hard to make things easier by providing fast, low cost certified translations of death certificates in Dallas and Houston. If you applying for a life-or-death passport and have an urgent need, let us know! We will accommodate your needs. For many languages, we can translate death certificates in 90 minutes or less. Our prices are reasonable and we never charge rush fees for certified death certificate translations. Call 713-589-3112 in Houston or 214-550-0151 in Dallas for more information and to get a free proposal.  When you are in a rush, let 24 Hour Translation Services help you!

Local and Fast Death Certificate Translation in Houston and Dallas

24 Hour Translation Services offers certified translations of death certificates and medical certificates in the Houston area and the Dallas area. Appointments are required, so please call us first. In addition to death certificates, we also provide fast translations of documents needed to transport remains such as cremation certificates, cremation permits and certificates of disposition of remains.

Death Certificate Translation in Dallas, Tx

Dallas, Tx

Our Dallas office serves the entire metroplex including Dallas, Plano, McKinney, Irving Carrolton, Fort Worth, Arlington and Denton.  Simply call our office at 214-550-0151 to arrange an appointment or email us your file for a free proposal.  Once a payment is made, one of our translators will begin working on the translation.  Once complete, we will certify the translation and if necessary, you can pick up a copy from our office in Addison.

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Phone: (214) 550-0151

Death Certificate Translation in Houston, Tx


If you live in Houston, The Woodlands, Sugar Land, Conroe, Spring or anywhere else near Houston, please call us at 713-589-3112.  You can either arrange to drop-off a copy of the certificate or email us a scan or photo of the certificate.  Once received, we can provide pricing and estimate the completion time.  If an order is placed in the morning, we can have an original copy ready for you to pickup by 4PM at our office at 2020 Montrose, Suite 300 in Houston. 

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Phone: (713) 589-3112

Whether you live in Houston or Dallas, it’s critical that you act quickly. If you have not already been instructed to get a certified death certificate translation, you will need to do this as soon as the original death certificate is prepared.  If you need a certified death certificate translation, call 24 Hour Translation Services in Dallas or Houston.  We guarantee the acceptance of our death certificate translations.

An accurate and official legal translation of end-of-life documents, like death certificates is critical because it serves as the basis for probate. The accuracy of a translation can be flawed for many reasons.  One common reason includes the translator inability to translate from one language into another accurately.  The translator’s personal or familial relationship could also introduce bias.  Even if the translator is qualified and has never met anyone related to the deceased, there could be criminal influence to provide an inaccurate translation. Therefore, an affidavit must be signed that attests to linguistic competence and impartiality. This affidavit becomes evidence should the accuracy of the translation come into question.

Put another way, businesses, government entities and other organizations need the highest level of confidence that the translation reads accurately. 

When is a Certified Death Certificate Needed?

You will be asked to provide a certified death certificate translation to complete the following activities.

Express, Rush & Expedited Passports

If you are traveling internationally due to a life-or-death emergency, you may need an express, rush or expedited passport.  The U.S. State Department and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) accommodates rush passport requests through one of their agencies or service centers. During your interview you will need to provide either a certified death certificate translation or a medical certificate from a doctor describing the care and condition and treatment of the relative. Our certified translations meet DHS requirements.

Funeral, Burial and Cremation Proceedings

Sometimes, the family will decide to have the body or remains to be transported back to the United States.  Among other documents, you will need a death certificate and apostille from the issuing country, along with a certified translation of the death certificate.  A certified death certificate translation will also be needed to place an obituary, make burial arrangements, or even close social media accounts.

A certified death certificate translation is necessary for all matters related to financial and probate decisions.  The following is a partial list of activities that require a certified death certificate translation.

  • Accessing financial assets, including safety deposit boxes
  • Closing bank accounts, credit cards, and brokerage accounts
  • Entering probate and executing a will
  • Transferring titles of ownership from automobiles, real estate and other property and assets
  • Reporting the death to social security and the IRS
  • Filing a death claim to a life insurance company
  • Relieving the person from social, legal and official commitments
  • Settling inheritance questions
  • Collecting insurance and other benefits. 

Low-Cost Death Certificate Translation

24 Hour Translation Services offers low-cost death certificate translation and medical certificate translations.  Our pricing for legal document translations is transparent and simple to understand.  In fact, we nearly always offer the lowest overall price. 

While other companies offer $25 per page, we encourage you to read the fine print.  Their $25 rate is only good for documents having 250 words or less.  These days, death certificates can have between 700 and 900 words.  It means those companies could charge you over $100 to translate one page. But if you read further, they might also charge a credit card processing fee. 

At 24 Hour Translation, our pricing is simple and usually $0.09 to $0.10 per word.  We can provide original copies with certification for an additional $3 per page.  We also won’t charge you credit card processing fees.  Since we are U.S. based, you also won’t incur VAT taxes.

Order Multiple Copies

If you only need a death certification translation for an express passport, usually only one copy of the death certificate translation is necessary. However, if you are involved in settling financial matters, probate and closing accounts of the deceased, most funeral directors, lawyers and government agencies recommend getting a minimum of 10 copies of the death certificate and the certified death certificate translation.  That’s because every decision that needs to be made now will require original copies of these documents.  Whether you are publishing the obituary, accessing financial accounts and safety deposit boxes, filing a life insurance claim, removing the deceased from a mortgage, entering probate, notifying social security or for dozens of other matters, you will need an original copy of a death certificate translation and if it is a language other than English, you will also need a certified and copy.

Purpose of Death Certificates

A death certificate is an official document, usually produced by a coroner or other physician, that certifies information about the death of an individual.  It serves as an official record of the date, time, place, and cause of death and is held and controlled by an official registrar of vital statistics.  Because it is an official government record that is kept in an indexed registry of deaths, it provides families with the evidence they need to navigate legal, financial and family decisions and responsibilities in the days and weeks following a death.

Trust 24 Hour Translation Services For 100% Accepted Translations

If you do have the death certificate, but it is in a language other than English, then you will need to get a certified death certificate translation that is certified.  Luckily, 24 Hour Translation is here to assist you and make the process easy. Whether you need an express passport to travel overseas or resolve probate matters, a certified death certificate translation is necessary.   

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