Harris county courthouse on Houston, Texas where legal translators are often required.  Common types of certified documents include birth certificates, marriage licenses. divorce decrees, adoption decrees and more.  Some of the most common languages spoke in the Houston, Katy, Sugar Land and The Woodlands include Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese. Arabic, French and Portuguese.
Harris County Family Law Center

As the Harris County economy recovers, and business centers reopen, it is important to take stock of our need for legal translation services in Houston, Tx. More than ever, our future is international, multicultural, and multilingual. Houston and surrounding communities of Sugar Land, The Woodlands, Katy, and Pasadena are America’s melting pot. As a top destination for immigrants, Houston has one of the largest percentages of foreign-born residents in the United States.  For families in Houston to thrive, we need multilingual legal translator and judicial language services for immigration and family law matters.

Understanding the need for legal translation services in Houston, Tx requires knowledge about our local economy. The Harris county economy, once dominated by the oil corridor, is increasingly diverse with world-class facilities like MD Anderson and the largest medical city in the US, leading research laboratories like Pima Medical Institute and The University of Texas Health Science Center and top-rated academic institutions like Rice University,  Houston is also a leader in cleantech development and vc funding for cleantech development. Relying on wind and solar for over 90% of energy consumption. Houston leads the U.S. in renewable energy use. Houston’s growth in software development companies and cutting-edge manufacturing is creating a workforce and innovative technologies to drive Houston and west Texas forward. Managing multilingual workers productively and marketing our goods and services effectively requires certified legal translators in Houston who can communicate business objectives accurately.

Supporting our diverse population and defending our international ambitions demands legal professionals with expertise in immigration, criminal law, family law, intentional law, energy, engineering, biology, anatomy and healthcare. These certified legal translators must also be experienced, local and responsive.

Houston’s economy is international. Global demand for products and services produced in Houston contribute to enormous growth along The Houston Ship Channel. Today, the Greater Port of Houston is the largest U.S. port in foreign waterborne tonnage. To facilitate the international exchanges that take place in Houston, business needs multilingual legal contracts and agreements that are converted by legal document translator agencies.

For legal services to be effective in a minority-majority community like Houston, a reliable source for legal language translation services with translators knowledgeable in foreign and domestic judicial systems must be available. For nearly 20 years, 24 Hour Translation Services has provided legal translation services in Houston, Tx and has become one of the most respected translator agencies in Texas and throughout the United States.

The Harris County Law Library in downtown Houston offers a wealth of legal reference materials for attorneys, judicial translators, law students, individuals, business owners and legal service workers.
Harris County Law Library

The call for professional legal services comes in many forms, and in Houston it comes in many languages, cultures, and industries. Named the most diverse city in the U.S., there are more than 145 languages spoken in Houston. As America’s new melting pot, Houston is a minority-majority city. The county’s total population is 31 percent white, 42 percent Hispanic, 19 percent black and 8 percent Asian. More than a third of Houstonians older than five speak a language other than English at home.

International trade directly or indirectly supports more than one third of all jobs in the Houston metropolitan area. Ninety-one nations have consular representation in the city, ranking Houston’s consular corps third largest in the nation. Fifteen foreign governments have trade and commercial offices here, and the city has 35 active foreign chambers of commerce and trade associations.

Given these statistics, you can understand the demand for a good, professional legal document translation services company to local businesses and organizations.


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Whether your court trial is being heard in the Bob Casey Federal Courthouse, Harris County Courthouse, Harris County Family Law Center or elsewhere, establishing a relationship with a local certified legal translation services company is a smart choice. Finding a local linguistics agency that you can trust, one that supplies accurate services and cheap translations in Houston, isn’t easy. Here is how to get legal documents translated safely and affordably.

  1. Specify your needs.

    Find an agency that can accommodate your present and future needs. While you may need a Spanish legal translation now, what will your needs be in two months or a year? Will you need legal Russian translation services? Perhaps you will need a legal and financial translator or a legal and medical translator. Build the right relationship now and avoid having to search again in a few months.Determine legal translation needs

  2. Identify Real, Local Legal Translation Services.

    When a “Houston translation company” tells you it is local and gives you a local address, don’t take their word for it. Verify their address! Like legal services everywhere, the language translation industry is littered with deceptive listings, virtual addresses and fake reviews. These are designed to capture leads for out-of-state and often out-of-country providers. Aside from not operating ethically, when you need late and urgent changes, original translation affidavits, additional copies and express Texas apostille services, you may encounter serious problems. Since they aren’t local, they can’t help you. Usually they also are considerably more expensive. 

  3. Analyze Local Translation Reviews.

    You can learn much about professional translation services by reading local reviews. Companies that falsely claim to be local can be quickly identified by clicking on the profiles of their reviewers and finding out where they leave reviews. For example, a reviewer who leaves 5 reviews for companies in Canada, probably lives in Canada. Why would they use a translation agency in Houston? Something is rotten when other reviewers for the same company exhibit this same pattern. Other insights you can gain are whether the company uses low-quality machine translation, inexperienced translators or high-quality human translation professionals. 

  4. Identify Translation Specialties.

    Do the legal translation companies that you are considering employ multilingual specialists with legal expertise? Does their experience go beyond translating simple birth certificates and marriage certificates and other USCIS translations? Can the firm provide express apostille services through the Secretary of State’s office? Make a list of the services and expertise you need and look for a translations service that can meet your requirements.
    Legal Translation specialties including medical, financial, banking translators.  The translated documents they produce must be certified and notarized.

  5. Determine Legal Translation Lead-Times

    It’s common for lawyers to want large legal documents translated quickly. A quality translation requires time to complete. After document is translate, it still needs to be reviewed for quality and certified. Sometimes, a project can be split among multiple linguists to provide fast translations. Try to gauge an agency’s ability to split projects while still providing accurate translations and low-prices.
    A quality translation requires time.  Ask how quickly the agency can translate your file.

  6. Compare Legal Translation Services Prices.

    Translation pricing is rarely transparent, for wide differences exist. Take time to understand different pricing structures. The most transparent pricing method is pricing per word. Pricing per page can be gimmicky, but pricing per word can be deceptive too when word counts are inflated.

    Companies that offer per-page pricing often advertise that you can get a page translated for $25. What they don’t clarify is how they define a page. If they define a page as 250 words, and your page has more than 250 words, you pay for 2 pages. Usually, there are additional charges for processing your credit card, providing a certified translation and notarizing the translation. If you need an original hard copy of the translation, you will face an additional charge for that too. USCIS requires hard copies of translations.



When you buy Houston legal translation services, you expect the local translator to have mastery of the source and target languages. You also expect a certificate of accuracy that is notarized by a public notary. Similarly, you expect your translation will have a professional appearance that closely mirrors the source document. Most importantly, you demand that the project is completed by translators with linguistic fluency and subject matter expertise. 

 Our Houston Legal Translation team consists of translators fluent in more than 50 languages. Each one has 10 or more years in senior roles in the following positions.

  • Banking & Financial Legal Translator
  • Contract Translator
  • Immigration Translator
  • Family Translator
  • Medical Legal Translator
  • Translator Legal and Financial


Not all professional legal translation services in Houston are alike. When you work with 24 Hour Translation Services, you get a complete team of judicial translation professionals who are proficient in a wide range of subjects and languages. The following are a few types of linguists who are qualified now to serve you.

Whether you need to translate from Spanish to English or English to Spanish, our Spanish legal translators can complete your legal language document quickly and efficiently. 

Whether you need a legal expert to translate into Canadian French or standard French, we offer low prices that start at 10 cents per word or less. Call us to get a free quote.

Whether you need immigration documents, a business contract or evidence translated from Arabic to English or English to Arabic, our Arabic translators in Houston are among the top attorneys and corporate legal counsels. We offer low prices and confidence-inspiring translations. 

Are you a lawyer in search of an experienced Italian legal translator? Our Italian Legal translation team is experienced in converting legal language documents. We offer affordable pricing and fast translation services in Houston.

Whether your client is in Brazil, Angola or North America, you can trust our team to translate Portuguese documents accurately and affordably. We translate from Portuguese to English, English to Portuguese, Portuguese to Spanish and Spanish to Portuguese. With nearly 20 years of experience, you can count on our Portuguese legal translation team to provide reliable service.

German Legal Translator

Dutch Legal Translator

Chinese Legal Translator

Russian Legal Translator

Vietnamese Legal Translator

Korean Legal Translator

Many legal translators practice language conversion.  While they can convert one language to another, many have limited knowledge about legal subjects and the field of law. The best legal translators have completed coursework to acquire legal systems expertise and certification programs to master complex legal language.