The Immigration/Visa Process and the Need for Translation Services


In today’s world, markets and their needs are so intertwined that relocating to another country to seek better job opportunities has become relatively common. Like it or not, to immigrate, you may have to complete much paperwork and submit what seems like an endless number of documents to secure a work visa. Depending on the country you are moving to and the requirements of its embassy, you may have to get your documents translated.

Accuracy in Translations

If your educational transcripts and other personal documents are in your native language, you may have to have them translated into English. Or it can be the other way around. Whatever the case may be, when a visa is required, you cannot compromise on the quality of your translations. Getting your documents translated by unreliable means can complicate and prolong your visa process, or even cause your application to be rejected. A word of caution: in today’s world, embassies tend to be very strict about the authenticity of the documents submitted by visa applicants.


Why Choose a Certified Translator

176211141Usually all the important instructions are given by an embassy on its official website. It is best to read all instructions and explanations before proceeding any further with your documentation. For immigration procedures, applicants are expected to provide translations performed by certified translators who are legally authorized to do so. Governmental agencies, particularly embassies, approve only certified translations because all the information in your translated documents must be accurate and precise.

How to Go about Your Translations For Those Residing in the US

If you live in the US and are planning to move to a non-English-speaking country, you may need to have all your required documents translated. To be accepted for processing in a foreign embassy, your translated documents must be certified and notarized by your hired translation service. Without sign, signature and stamp, your translated documents will not meet the rigorous standards for legitimacy and accuracy and will not be approved by foreign governments, embassies or consulates.

For Those Migrating to the US

If as a US citizen you are sponsoring relatives, or if you are simply moving to the States from another country, you must also provide translations of required documents. Because he US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has strict requirements, any faulty information can complicate and prolong the whole immigration process. To avoid problems, you should select a translation service company which has previously translated for the USCIS and is familiar with the way this US agency works.

The choice of translation service depends upon many factors, such as the language you need to have documents translated into and the specifications of the country’s embassy, for example. In addition, immigration and visa processes are very time-consuming and may be expensive. For these reasons, hiring any random translation service without checking its credentials is a risky venture. The only way to avoid delays is to hire experienced, skilled translators who can provide efficient and accurate translations of your documents.

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