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Welcome to 24 Hour Translation Services, your premier Dallas translation agency and a leading language solutions provider in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. With a multilingual translation team covering over 100 languages, we’re proud to be a locally-owned business with competitive pricing and the fastest turnaround times in Texas. From Spanish translation services to Vietnamese, French, Arabic, and many more, our certified translators in Dallas bring a decade of professional translation experience to your project.

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24 Hour Translation Services
Phone: (214) 550-0151
Address: 5025 Addison Circle Dr., Addison, TX 75001
Hours: M-F 7AM-PM
Appointments are Required.

Why Trust Our Local Team?
✅ Serving Dallas-Fort Worth for 20 Years
✅ Dallas Based Office with Dedicated Staff
✅ Same Day Pickup-Signed & Certified
✅ Best Price & Service Guaranteed
✅ 100% Acceptance Rate
✅ Free Certification and Notarization

Rema OskarRema Oskar
00:08 20 Oct 22
I was amazed how fast they translated my documents. Peter was amazing.They know how to please their customers. Thank you for an excellent service.
Jafar GasymoffJafar Gasymoff
21:58 06 Oct 22
I was impatient and stressed to submit my documents in time, Peter was very helpful making sure i get everything in time. He handled the situation professionally. I apologise if i stepped on wrong foot
Eva CastroEva Castro
21:23 09 Aug 22
Thanks to Peter, I received my translated document all within an hour. I am more than pleased with their services. Would definitely come again if ever needed!
Arantxa MontilvaArantxa Montilva
11:06 15 Jul 22
24 hour translation services provide a great service for me, Peter answered all my questions in a timely matter, and my translations were ready in a day. I will definitely use them again. Thanks!
ME WilcoxME Wilcox
16:35 07 Jul 22
I needed a certified translation (German-English) of a government document, and I needed it done very fast. The translated document was ready in only a couple of hours after I sent it (via email). The translation was sent to me via email, payment was done electronically - the whole process could not have been easier! So glad I found this company!

Why Choose Us?

Most Reviewed: We take pride in our reputation for excellence, backed by more Texas 5-star reviews than any other team of translators.

Unbeatable Pricing: We strive to provide the best pricing for our document translation services, ensuring top-tier service without breaking the bank.

Fastest Turnaround: Need a document translation company in Dallas quickly? With us, you get the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

Local Support: Our convenient North Dallas office ensures you always receive personal, localized support that you just can’t find elsewhere.

Same Day Service: We understand the urgency of your needs. We offer same-day service and local pickup of original signed, certified, and notarized translations.

Comprehensive Translation Services for Your Global Needs

Our services go beyond mere translation. Whether you need precise document translators for medical reports or need your website to appeal to a global audience, we’ve got you covered. We specialize in:

💰 Financial Translations: Accurate translations of financial statements, annual reports, and investment portfolios for precise financial communication.

🩺 Medical Document Translation: Enhance communication in the healthcare industry with accurate translations of patient records, clinical trial documents, and more.

🚗 Automotive Translations: Navigate the global automotive landscape effortlessly with certified translations for import/export and driver’s license documents.

⚖️ Legal Translation: Get accurate translations of legal documents for seamless legal procedures in Dallas and beyond.

🌐 Website Translation: Expand your digital reach and engage a diverse audience with expert website translation services. Connect with new markets and maximize impact.

💻 IT/Application Translation: Bridge the digital gap with precise translations of software interfaces, user manuals, and technical documentation.

Energy, Oil, and Gas Translations: Drive your energy business forward with accurate energy translations of exploration reports, permits, safety manuals, and more.

🛡️Safety Translations: Ensure compliance and protect lives with accurate translations of safety manuals, procedures, and training materials.

📊 Marketing Translation: Connect with global audiences and maximize your impact with expert translations of marketing materials and website content.

🎥 Audio and Video Translation: Break language barriers and engage diverse multilingual audiences with professional voiceover and captioning services.

👥 Human Resources Translations: Streamline your HR processes with translations of employee handbooks, newsletters, surveys, training materials, and guides.

Find Us Locally in the Heart of Dallas – Fort Worth

  • 24 Hour Translation Services – Your Local Language Solution in Dallas

Address: 5025 Addison Circle, Addison, TX 75001
Phone: (214) 550-0151
Email: [email protected]

Monday7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Tuesday7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Wednesday7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Thursday7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Friday7:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Appointments are required.

Easy Process, Guaranteed Results

Rely on our comprehensive language translations agency and let us take care of your project! Our expert team begins with an estimation of the cost and delivery date, followed by a review from our experienced Project Manager who assigns a specialized translator for the job. We create a glossary to ensure accuracy in translation and professionally format the document to mirror the source. Our skilled proofreaders check for quality control before certifying and notarizing the translation with a notary public. Finally, we email you the completed project for approval, schedule local pickup time, and prepare it for collection. Let us make your life easier – trust us with your language translation needs today!

Flow diagram illustrating how the translation process works.

Experience stress-free translations with our comprehensive language service. Our translation process is designed to ensure accuracy, professionalism, and satisfaction. Here’s how it works:

  1. Get a Quote: Provide us with your translation needs, and we’ll give you an estimate and a delivery date.
  2. Assign the Project: Our Project Manager assigns your task to a specialized translator.
  3. Translation & Formatting: We create a glossary to ensure accurate translation and format the document to mirror its source.
  4. Proofreading & Certification: Our proofreaders check for quality before certifying the translation.
  5. Approval & Pickup: We email you the completed project for approval, schedule local pickup time, and prepare your translated document for collection.

Ready to go global with 24 Hour Translation Services? Fill in your details and upload your documents to get a free quote!

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About Dallas-Fort Worth Translation Services

In Dallas, diversity is our strength. Nearly half our population speaks a language other than English, reflecting an international tapestry of cultures. 24 Hour Translation Services, in the heart of this cosmopolitan city, enhances this linguistic richness, bridging communication gaps for businesses and individuals alike.

Our Dallas Legal Translation Services are instrumental in driving international trade and fostering global relationships. By translating complex legal documents, international contracts, and diverse business materials, we support local enterprises, law firms, and multinational corporations alike in their quest to go global.

Whether you’re a local tech startup in The Richardson Innovation Quarter or a global enterprise in the Dallas Arts District, our multicultural translation team is here to ensure your message resonates universally. Celebrate Dallas’s diversity with 24 Hour Translation Services, your partner in global communication.

Dallas’s Multilingual Industry Language Experts

In Dallas-Fort Worth’s vibrant mix of cultures and industries, language is key. At 24 Hour Translation Services, we specialize in sector-specific translations, including legal, energy, healthcare, and finance, catering to Dallas’s unique multilingual needs.

Our expertise covers over 100 languages including Spanish, Vietnamese, and Chinese, crucial for the diverse Dallas community. We’re the cornerstone for successful international trade and business growth. Entrust us with your next project and experience our unparalleled proficiency in your industry’s language requirements. Let’s drive Dallas’s global ambitions together.

Certified Translations You Can Trust

At 24 Hour Translation Services, we provide certified translation services tailored for the diverse and dynamic heart of Dallas-Fort Worth. Navigating the intricate facets of immigration law, USCIS requirements, and international trade is part of our commitment to our vibrant community.

Our specialty is in Dallas Legal and Professional Translation Services, acting as a linguistic bridge to over 100 languages, including Spanish, Vietnamese, and Chinese—reflecting our city’s rich multicultural fabric.

From crucial legal documents to precise USCIS paperwork, trust in 24 Hour Translation Services. Together, we will continue to make Dallas a cornerstone of global communication and uphold the shared sense of pride in our community.

Secured, Confidential, and Unwavering

In Dallas-Fort Worth’s vibrant hub, your privacy is our priority at 24 Hour Translation Services. We pair exceptional translations with stringent security measures, safeguarding sensitive documents with encrypted technologies.

Choose us for secure, private, and unwavering commitment to your success. Trust 24 Hour Translation Services – your reliable partner in Dallas’s dynamic world.

Quality Assurance

Quality isn’t just our promise—it’s a direct reflection of our unwavering commitment to excellence, mirrored in our prolific five-star reviews from the Mexican Border to the Canadian Border, leading the pack in client satisfaction.

Our method is meticulous: each document is rigorously reviewed to ensure precision, cultural accuracy, and the integrity of your message. Our global team, with a stronghold in Dallas, doesn’t just translate words—they breathe life into your intentions, subtleties, and tone. Choose us and experience exceptional service, superior quality and low prices, all from a locally owned translations company.

Expand Your Global Reach

With 24 Hour Translation Services, your local enterprise gains global wings. Our expertise transcends linguistic barriers, enabling businesses in Dallas to extend their horizons, reach new markets, and make their mark on the global stage.

Your ambitions aren’t limited by geography, and neither are our translation services. We bring the world closer to you, amplifying your message to resonate in every corner of the globe. Harness our translation expertise to fuel your global growth and maximize your international impact.

Ready to reach new markets and grow your global presence?

Reach out to us at (214) 550-0151 or email us at [email protected] for a free quote today!

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More than a Translation Company

Addison pickup, drop-off and consultation center for 24 Hour Translation Services.

We’re proud of our 20 years of success, thousands of satisfied customers, and industry-leading team of translators. Our proven record, along with our commitment to confidentiality and quality control, make us the go-to choice for law firms, businesses, government agencies, and individuals in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Let’s connect and amplify your global reach!

24 Hour Translation Services | Phone: (214) 550-0151 |
5025 Addison Circle Dr., Addison, TX 75001 | Hours: M-F 7AM-PM

Frequently Asked Questions

What Spanish translation services do you offer in Dallas?

We provide comprehensive Spanish translation services in Dallas, including legal, medical, financial, and website translations. This extends to Spanish-speaking communities in Plano, Fort Worth, Arlington, Irving, Mesquite, and Grand Prairie.

Do you offer Vietnamese translation services in Dallas-Fort Worth?

Yes, we offer Vietnamese translation services to cater to the growing Vietnamese community in Dallas-Fort Worth, including document translation, website translation, and video translation.

Can you provide certified translation services for USCIS in Dallas?

Absolutely, we specialize in USCIS certified translations. All our certified translation services are fully compliant with USCIS requirements, making them suitable for immigration and other legal purposes.

Do you offer document translation services in Houston?

Yes, we extend our comprehensive translation and language services to Houston. We provide document translation services, including Spanish translation services, Houston legal translation services, and Houston certified translation services.

Can you handle financial translations in Dallas?

Absolutely, we have a team specialized in financial translations. We can translate income statements, financial reports, and other financial documents, ensuring that financial terms are accurately translated.

Are you able to provide technical translation services for businesses in Dallas?

Yes, we offer technical translation services for a variety of industries. Whether you need translations for user manuals, technical guides, or industry-specific documents, we’ve got you covered.

How do your medical translation services benefit the Dallas-Fort Worth community?

Our medical translation services benefit healthcare institutions and patients in Dallas-Fort Worth by facilitating clear communication. This includes medical interpreting for patient consultations and the translation of medical documents.

Do you offer website translation services in Dallas?

Yes, we offer website translation services in Dallas, helping businesses reach a wider audience by translating their web pages to the target language of their choice.

How can your legal translation services assist law firms in Dallas?

We provide legal document translations for law firms in Dallas. This helps them to interact with clients who speak different languages and understand the legal system of different countries.

Can you assist with energy translations in Dallas-Fort Worth?

Yes, given the prominence of the energy sector in Texas, we provide specialized energy translations in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Do you offer interpretation services for events in Dallas?

We offer professional Dallas language interpretation services for cultural events, international business meetings, and conferences in Dallas and across Texas.

How does project management work in your translation services?

Our project management approach ensures all translations are handled efficiently. From initial consultation to final delivery, each step is meticulously managed to ensure the highest quality translation and customer satisfaction.

Can you provide video translation services for Dallas-based businesses?

Absolutely, we offer video translation services for Dallas-based businesses. This includes translating scripts, subtitling, and voiceovers to help businesses reach international audiences.

Can you handle the translation of legal text for financial institutions in Dallas?

Yes, our experienced translators are well-versed in translating legal text for financial institutions. This includes contracts, agreements, and other legal documents that require precise translation.

Do you offer 24-hour translation services in Dallas?

Yes, we offer 24-hour translation services in Dallas. We understand the urgent translation needs of our clients, and we’re committed to delivering accurate translations in the fastest possible time.

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