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Sugar Land is one of the fastest growing cities in the Houston area, and among the safest cities in the United Stated. Sugar Land is a diverse city in which Asians consist of Asian: 36.57% of the population. With strong diversity, the city needs translation services to support the existing population and fuel future growth.  This photo shows the municipal office of Sugar Land, located ar 2700 Town Center Blvd N, Sugar Land, TX 77479.
Official Translations Near Sugar Land, Texas

COVID-19 does not affect our translation services. Our Houston Translation team is available to serve you. Call 713-589-3112 to schedule an appointment.

As 2020 moves on, soon we start looking at 2021, how well will your Sugar Land business prosper? The key to any business in Texas is how well you communicate with customers and partners. There will be fewer Covid limitations on business and family life and we can all start to make up for lost time.

Business communication is rarely something we think about, but everything depends on it; customer satisfaction, employee retention, and business partnerships. We all need to ensure we are marketing to the whole population, rather than just the people whose first language is English.

Every Sugar Land business needs professional translations of emails, employee manuals, legal documents such as non-disclosure agreements, web pages, and marketing materials. If you fail to communicate with clients and customers in their preferred language, someone else will, and you will lose the business opportunity to a competitor.

While businesses in Sugar Land need professional and legal translation services, individuals also need certified translations of immigration documents. medical records, and legal forms. More importantly, they need a reliable, fast and cheap translations service near Sugar Land that offers certified and notarized translations.

Are you thinking of using a a friend or employee to translate your documents? That way lies disaster. You would not employ unqualified personnel in any other part of your business. In the crucial area of communications, you must avoid the ambiguities, poor writing, and misunderstandings that happen when you use unqualified amateur linguists.



Sugar Land has a total area of 42.9 square miles and a population of over 118,000. International companies like Champion X, Schlumberger, and Fluor Enterprises Inc. all have an obvious need for professional translation services. However, even the smallest one-person startup that only sells online needs people who are qualified to translate web pages, invoices, and customer emails. Only 4.9% of the world population speaks English as their first language. To communicate with the remaining 95.1% you need to translate your website and marketing documents into Spanish, Russian, Chinese, or some other language.

Do you work with Spanish-speaking Americans? Do you outsource IT projects to Portuguese translators? How do you make sure you are communicating with your non-English speaking customers unambiguously and with culturally-appropriate language? You use a top-rated translations company that provides exceptional service.

Sugar Land’s attractive housing market and amenities have attracted internationally successful companies, including Helix, Baker Hughes, and Element Plastics. Our city is built on international trading, and all these companies use a local, Houston-based translation service.


24 Hour Translation Service is located in downtown Houston, just a few miles up US Route 69. If you want to talk to someone face-to-face, we are here. If you need same-day service, we do that. If you need signed, certified, and notarized translations of legal documents, we have you covered. You do need to call to arrange an appointment.


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Partnering with the 24 Hour Translation Service could be the best business decision you make this year. Together, we can ensure your business partners and customers maintain and grow their relationship with you.
We all need to be extra careful with written communications. We might use everyday American expressions and sayings that do not translate well or might give offense because of cultural differences. The professional translators we employ can find equivalent sayings in the target language and will be aware of any possible misunderstandings.


The following are some of the certified translation services we offer near Sugarland, Texas.


Do you need USCIS certified translations of Birth Certificates, Marriage Licenses, and testimonials, or articles for immigration purposes or asylum applications? 24 Hour Translation Services can provide them the same day.


Every family needs our translation services at some point. We provide certified translations of adoption papers, certificates of single status, divorce decrees, drivers’ licenses, and powers of attorney.


Maybe you want a job in Mexico, or perhaps in Quebec, Europe, even. You will need your diploma translating into your prospective employer’s native language. Perhaps you have an audio file in French or Farsi: We can send you a written translation transcript in any language you care to name.

If there are errors in your legal translation, your translated documents may be worthless. This is why we employ a specialist team of legal translators who have all been trained in Law and have many years of experience working in this field. Documents we commonly translate include laws and regulations, contracts and agreements, patents, evidentiary records, divorce decrees, and powers of attorney.

You will need paperwork for your Mexican, South American, or other employees (including off-shore freelancers). This will include contracts, NDAs, agreements, and employment policies. 24 Hour Legal Services can provide these translations quickly, so your business is not interrupted.


Any translation of medical records requires a linguist to understand medical language in both source and target languages. Our specialist medical translators all have medical training so they can translate treatment details, clinical procedures, and conditions with total accuracy.
Our medical specialist translation team includes a licensed physician, and we translate medical records, death certificates, and lab reports.


You need to translate all Health & Safety leaflets, posters, and other publications into all the languages your employers use. Employee misunderstandings due to poor translation could be catastrophic for both your employee and your company. Our H&S specialists are all experts in safety legislation as it applies to local industries, as well as being experts in two or more languages.


We employ engineers as professional technical translators, and every member of our specialist technical translation team has training in the petroleum industry, mechanical engineering, or chemical engineering. This is why the 24 Hour Translation Service technical translations cannot be beaten on accuracy. Contact us if you want specification sheets, operating manuals, surveys, or scientific reports translating into English or from English into Spanish, Portuguese, or Arabic.


Financial translation is about much more than currency conversions. Our financial specialists all have two degrees; in a language subject, and a second degree in a financial discipline. We like to say that our financial translators are experts in at least three languages; English, a second language, and in the language of finance.

Our financial translation team members regularly translate bank statements, tax records, audit reports, and credit histories. Each team member will have a complete understanding of any financial documentation you need translating as well as knowledge of tax and business law.


Our BBB rating is A+. The 24 Hour Translation Service has more 5-star Google reviews than any other Texas translation agency. All are highly trained and have 10 years’ or more experience in translating. Every translator is under an exclusive contract with 24 Hour Translation Service.

Our translators are the best and you won’t find them working elsewhere. Our team includes Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Russian specialists. Every team member has higher education degrees in linguistics and their specialist translation area.

We employ specialists. Our linguists are petroleum engineers, medical doctors, or legal practitioners as well as being fluent in two or more languages. They know the meanings and nuances of the technical terms in medical, financial, and legal documents. This knowledge of their chosen specialist field is what sets us apart.

You can be totally confident regarding the confidentiality of any documents you send for translation because we value your custom and know how important commercial confidentiality is.

Every translation is checked by a senior translator as part of our quality control procedures. Certified translations with notarized affidavits of translation accuracy are available without extra charges. If you require certified and notarized translations of birth certificates, transcripts, or diplomas, give us a call.

We will quote you a price and will stick to that price, so you won’t have any nasty surprises.


French Translation – Sugar Land

Communicating with people in their first language is essential to gain their confidence. If you are selling to French-speaking customers in Canada, Europe, or Africa, you will need same-day translation of emails, proposals, and invoices. Using our Houston-based French translation service will give you the fastest tur

Spanish Translation – Sugar Land

Nearly 38% of the population in and around Sugar Land speak Spanish. If your business isn’t working with a Spanish translation services company, you are missing a tremendous opportunity. What do you think when you get an invoice in Spanish? We provide professional Spanish translation to meet your needs. However, you should issue your invoices in your customers’ language of choice. If you are selling to a company in Mexico, invoice them in Spanish to ensure prompt payment.

Portuguese Translation – Sugar Land

If you are working with suppliers or clients in Brazil or Portugal, we can help you with translations of your emails, contracts, and invoices. 24 Hour Translation Services is near Sugar Land, in Houston translations company is lo near in Houston, so translating documents can be done without causing delays.