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Certified Chinese Translators in Dallas, Tx.

As the population of the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, Texas metropolitan area approaches 8 million people, it is becoming increasingly diverse and multilingual. Today the Dallas area ranks as the 11th most diverse metropolitan area in the nation. Recent studies report that immigrants make up 20% of our workforce and that 30% of our residents speak a language other than English at home. The area’s Asian community, particularly from mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, is a significant reason for growth of diversity in our population.

Chinese immigrants began arriving in the Dallas area after the civil war to construct the railroad. Over time, the Chinese developed a community that continued to prosper and grow. Today, Chinese immigrants are drawn to the area by the large, established Chinese communities, Chinese businesses and Chinese cultural establishments. Some immigrants come as students to study in local universities and others as professionals to practice medicine, science or engineering. Chinese Americans are also relocating from areas such as California to take advantage of affordable housing, good school systems, attractive employment opportunities and the moderate climate. By some accounts, the Dallas suburb of Plano has 30,0000 Chinese residents and Richardson has 24,000 Chinese residents.

As the Dallas area continues to attract Chinese immigrants and as business continues to seek trade opportunities with China, language barriers may stand in the way of completing essential activities and making profitable trade agreements. For individuals and local businesses, language barriers are costly when critical information cannot be communicated among Chinese (including Mandarin and Cantonese) and non-Chinese-speaking service providers, employers, government agencies or trade partners. Individuals and businesses need efficient, fast and reliable translation services to translate Chinese to English or translate English to Chinese. Unfortunately, finding trustworthy document translation and human interpreting services in Dallas isn’t easy.

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Dallas ranks among the top locations in the United States to conduct business and to work. This distinction is mostly due to the low cost of doing business, low unemployment, the number of higher education institutions and its central location to other major cities. Further, the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport has become a major inland port and one of the largest and busiest airports in the world. These features contribute to the success of a multifaceted economy that is fueled by information technologies, retail and business services, transportation, construction, manufacturing, finance, insurance and banking, defense, healthcare, oil and gas, aviation and aerospace industries. As a leading technology and semiconductor center, as well as a telecom corridor that includes Nortel, Ericsson, Alcatel, Southwestern Bell and other telecom companies, Dallas proudly claims the nickname “Silicone Prairie.”

Today, Chinese represents the largest manufacturing economy and exporter of goods in the world. With 1.4 billion people, China also has the world’s fastest growing consumer economy and the second largest importer of goods. Considering the value of trade between Dallas’s businesses and Chinese speaking countries, it’s easy to see the need to professionally translate Chinese to English and vice versa. When business needs a sales agreement, technical manual, employee handbook, training materials, financial reports or business correspondence translated in Chinese, it’s critical to have a relationship with a professional Chinese translation service that you can trust.

Considering the amount of Chinese immigration and business conducted with Chinese countries, it is easy to understand why Chinese is one of the most popular languages spoken in Dallas. With its strong economy, low cost of living, wide diversity of growing businesses, moderate climate, low-cost of living and academic institutions, the area has been a primary destination for new Chinese immigrants to the United States. For these businesses, providing support and services domestically and abroad requires highly skilled Chinese to English and English to Chinese translation service in Dallas.


Each of our certified Chinese translators has earned a bachelor’s degree in the language they translate into and degree or certificate in a specialized field including like legal / law translation, financial & banking Translation, advertising & earnings Collateral Translation, clinical Translation, Oil, gas & Mining Translation, technical document Translation, and website content translation. Many have advanced certifications from organizations including the American Translators Association (ATA), – International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters (IAPTI) and International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC). Certifications from these professional organizations offer additional credibility and proof of their ability to deliver accurate and skilled translations.

As a provider of certified translations, we provider certified and notarized Chinese translations of many types of documents. Some of the many types of documents that we translate on a regular basis include financial statements, medical reports, drivers’ licenses, birth certificates, marriage certificates, adoption decrees, death certificates, and various documents requested by USCIS and foreign governments in relation to immigration.


As a top-rated Chinese translation service in Dallas, we go to great lengths to identify, screen and hire the most qualified English and Chinese translators. While our translators work exclusively for us, they come to our agency with a minimum of 5-years professional translation experience in the field that they specialized in. At present, we offer technical translators who are competent to translate the following types of content.

For legal documents including contracts, witness statements, statutes, patents, confidentiality agreements, police reports and other evidentiary records it’s critical for all parties to have true and accurate representations of the source documents. A quality legal translation preserves the integrity of your work and protects your reputation. An accurate, certified and notarized translation that has been properly authenticated will also help ensure acceptance by the court of government authority. 24 Hour Translation Services offers qualified, native Chinese translators who work within a managed system to protect your sensitive and confidential information. Our experienced legal translators work efficiently to complete your project quickly and affordably.


Each week, our team of Chinese medical translators translate dozens of medical records for patients, medical care providers, law firms, pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology firms, and clinical research organizations. With a successful record that spans 16 years in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, you can count on our Chinese medical translation services to translate your sensitive and vital medical documents accurately and affordably. When you choose 24 Hour Translation in Dallas, you can be sure that your Chinese medical document translation is completed by subject matter experts. Once the translation is completed, we certify and notarize it for accuracy to ensure acceptance.


Whether you are applying for a mortgage, seeking to register a business in a foreign country or just need financial records translated to report on your taxes, our Chinese financial translators are competent and ready to assist you. Some of the largest lending, investment, accounting and law firms in the nation trust our Chinese financial translation for accuracy, affordability and confidentiality. Each of our financial translators has a degree in translation and several years of successful experience training financial reports.


Whether you need to enroll your children into grade school, or you’re are applying for a master’s program, your academic documents will require translation. Our Chinese translators are highly experienced in translating report cards, immunization records and diplomas for children that are accepted by the Dallas Independent School District and other local school systems. We also translate transcripts and college diplomas for U.S. college students and those applying for admission. Quick, accurate painless and inexpensive are some of the reasons why our Chinese academic document translators come highly recommended.


There are a lot of companies offering Chinese immigration translation services these days. While some are local, others are not and while their prices may look great their hidden charges quickly add up. 24 Hour Translation is a local Dallas based company and our prices and delivery times are tough to beat. As a part of the Dallas-Fort Worth community for more than 16 years, we have a track record for honesty, accurate translations and reasonable pricing. Most importantly, o ur immigration translations are always accepted by USCIS. We follow the guidelines and requirements for USCIS translations. Furthermore, all our certified Chinese translations of birth certificates, marriage licenses and adoption decrees are certified and notarized for authentication and acceptance by government agencies, court system, financial institution, insurance companies and anyone else needing a certified translation. Of course, we also notarized translations for free of all the documents our Chinese translators complete including divorce decrees, death certificates, and driver’s licenses There is never an additional fee for a certified and notarized Chinese translation.


For years, China has been the largest exporter of goods in the world. Whether it is semiconductors, automobile parts, or machinery and being exported from the U.S. for use in China or exported from China for use in the United States, there will be technical translation services that are needed. Our Chinese technical translators are experts when it comes to translating services manuals, instruction guides, maintenance procedures and operating handbooks. Each of our Chinese translators has a minimum or 10 years of translation experience and the education and know-how to translate your technical documents correctly.


When it comes to websites, brochures and sales fliers you can trust our Chinese to English and English to Chinese translators to translate your sales and marketing content correctly. They are experienced in retaining the look of the original document while keeping the translation precise.

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