A view of Downtown Dallas from I75. As the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area continues to grow, it is becoming increasingly diverse. According to the latest data, the number of French Speaking people from African countries, as well as from France are increasing.  24 Hour Translation Services in the North Dallas township of Addison provides certified translation services and professional translations to indivudals and businesses needing Spanish translators. We offer translations in Quebec French, Canadian French, African French and Parisian French. Call us today to learn more and get French translation in Dallas today!


Over the past eight years, the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area has gained more than 1 million residents. While the bulk of new residents are U.S. citizens relocating from other parts of the country, over 200,000 new residents are immigrants. In recent years, Dallas-Fort Worth has become one of the top destinations where immigrants settle. People are attracted to the area because of existing immigrant communities, cultural amenities, temperate weather and respected universities and community college systems. The strong local economy also offers abundant employment opportunities.

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Nearly 45% of residents in Dallas are native speakers of a language other than English. As a result of economic, environmental and political turbulence this century, immigration from Caribbean and African nations to the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area has dramatically increased. A large percentage of these immigrants come from French-speaking countries, including Haiti and West Africa. Many are highly skilled workers. This surge in immigration accounts for a large percentage of the 10,000 native French speakers in the Dallas area, making French one of the top languages spoken. While the area continues to attract French-speaking immigrants from Canada and France, immigrants from African countries account for the largest increases in demand for English to French and French to English translators for immigration. Some of the African countries where French is spoken include Morocco, Benin, Cameroon, Republic of Chad, Comoros, Côte, d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic, of the Congo, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea, Madagascar, Niger, Republic, of the Congo, Rwanda, Senegal, Seychelles and Togo.

Professional French Translation in Dallas For Business

Population growth from immigration and foreign business relocations has made Dallas a melting pot of cultures, races, religions, languages and lifestyles. The French-American Chamber of Commerce of Dallas-Fort Worth (FACC DFW) details substantial French business investment in North Central Texas, and highlights the ongoing globalization of Texas-based businesses. Today, the FACC DFW has more than 1,000 members. At present, there are 47 French-owned companies and subsidiaries in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, including Louis Vuitton, Alcatel-Lucent Holdings, Essilor of America, Dassault Systemes, Air Liquide, Essilor, Jade Fiducial and Safran. Other countries where French is an official language that have operating units in Dallas-Fort Worth include Switzerland (34 companies), Belgium (4 companies) and Canada (59 companies). The number of French-speaking foreign business relocations is expected to increase, driven by affordable living, skilled labor pool, central geographic location, moderate climate and the DFW International Airport. As French businesses open offices in the area, there will be increasing demand for French document translation in Dallas.


French, the fifth-most-spoken language in the world, claims rapid growth in the number of new speakers. By the year 2050, French is projected to be the most-spoken language in the world, due to population growth in Africa. At present, there are an estimated 275 million French speakers, with more than 96 million residing in Africa. As the economies of Africa improve, populations will grow as living conditions improve from lower infant mortality rates and longer lifespans.

In terms of trade, the International Organization of la Francophonie consists of 75 governments, accounting for 15 percent of the world’s total population. These French speaking members account for 20 percent of world import and export trade. This makes the need for accurate French to English and English to French translation extremely important in the context of international business.

Local businesses understands the value of having accurate and responsive French translators in Dallas. An experienced French translator helps companies drive down costs, enter new markets, and provide services, maintain relationships and navigating economic challenges, political upheavals and natural disasters. Furthermore, being able to respond efficiently and effectively with accurate French document translation improves mutual trust between business partners.


There are several French dialects spoken in the world today. 24 Hour Translation accommodates your regional communication needs with professional French translators who are skilled in providing Canadian French translation, African French translation and standard French translation services.

African French Translation

The largest French-speaking population resides in Africa which accounts for 50% of all French speakers. Congo-Kinshasa is home to 33 million French speakers, while Algeria houses in excess of 11 million. The areas where French is spoken in Africa are resource-rich. French speaking nations such as Benin, Burkina, Faso, Côte, d’Ivoire, Niger, Rwanda and Senegal have economies experiencing 7% growth. Future growth is ensured as larger parts of the African Continental Free Tree Agreement (AfCFTA) are implemented which will lead to increased employment, more disposable income, improved infrastructure, a better educated society and more global trade.

Canadian French Translation

French is an official language of Canada which is the United States’ #1 trading partner: approximately $4.0 billion in goods cross the U.S.-Canada border each day, along with 300,000 people. Quebec alone represents the 13th largest market for U.S. exports. When you need to translate French for Quebec or Canada, call our experienced team of linguists in Dallas.

Parisian French Translation

Parisian French or standard French is the style of French that is most widely understood throughout the world.   Parisian French is the dialect that is taught to anyone learning to speak French as a second language. While Parisian French is widely considered standard French, Canada and a few countries in Africa have different opinions on what constitute standard French. 


When you need a French translator in Dallas, call 24 Hour Translation. Our translation agency in Dallas is staffed with professional French translators who have earned a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in the language that they translate into and are fluent in both French and English. Most of our French translators have earned certifications from professional organizations including ACJT – Canadian Association of Legal Translators, ELIA – European Language Industry Association and ATA – American Translators Associations. Our team consists of expert translators with experience and training across a spectrum of industries for client needing expert medical translations, legal translations, financial translation, energy-oil and has translations, and technical translations. We also provide certified and notarized translations of standard, Parisian, Canadian and African French certificates and other official documents.

French translators, we also employ Canadian French or Quebec French translators and several African French translators to meet your French localization needs.  Aside from specialized translations, we also provide certified and notarized translations of academic records, legal documents, and immigration records. Our certified translations meet the requirements established by universities, licensing boards, domestic and foreign government agencies.