Using Audience Analysis To Decide The Best Email Content For Your Message

Audience analysis includes audience profile, marketing research identify needs, wants, desires, motives

When you take time to profile your audience and establish a goal for your message, you have already completed the prerequisites for a successful message.  Now you can begin conducting an audience analysis by thinking about what the audience values and the data, concepts, and appeals that are most likely to influence a positive outcome.

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One Houston Spanish Translation services company recommends that if your audience is diverse and consists of many different segments, try playing a game to match different data and appeals to different audiences, based on what each views as benefiting themselves most.  Focus on benefits, key to every persuasive sales pitch, since they motivate individuals to act or demand something.  For example, a new automobile has qualities such as fuel efficiency, spaciousness, speed, crash test safety, convenience, comfort and luxury features that can benefit drivers by making them feel secure, practical, prestigious, sexy, cool, important or powerful.  If you want your message to succeed, your audience analysis should consider each audience segment and build compelling content around the benefits that are important to them.

Imagine wanting to invite the V.P. of Marketing to a meeting where you will introduce an idea for a new product.  Your goal is to persuade the V.P. that the idea is so good that it should be introduced to more senior decision-makers who will ultimately decide the fate.  You recognize that your success depends on gaining the V.P.’s endorsement, identifying any potential problems that need tweaking, acquiring the resources needed and demonstrating that you are the right person to spearhead the project.

Because the V.P.’s time is extremely limited, your message must convince him to make time on his schedule to listen to your idea.  To craft the right message, you should create a profile based on what you know about the V.P. and the information he will require to take your idea to the next step.  After careful thought, you conclude that the V.P. will want artist renderings of a prototype, sales and profit projections, cost analysis and a competitive analysis.  While other analyses might eventually be required by other top decision-makers, you believe that these will be enough to persuade the V.P, of Marketing.

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