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About Us

24 Hour Translation Services is an internationally recognized provider of multilingual certified translation, website translation, multimedia voiceover and captioning translation in the state of Texas. At present, 24 Hour Translation Services has earned far more 5-star reviews than any other translation agency in Texas, making us the the top rated, most experienced provider of translation services in Texas. Not only are we a top provider, we have been around longer than most companies and we will be here when you need us most.

24 Hour Translation Services is a woman-owned, veteran-owned organization with a 20-year history of translation success. Some of our earliest online reviews date back nearly a decade. Located in Dallas and Houston, we continue our commitment to providing our customers – including corporate, non-profits, governmental and individuals – with compelling, prompt, affordable, and skilled professional document translation services for each translation we complete.

Why Trust 24 Hour Translation Services?

What should you look for in a translation provider? When shopping for a translations company is new experience, it can be stressful risky and intimidating. What should you know? Who can you trust? What questions should you ask? What traps can you learn to spot and avoid? Our website is designed to give you honest advice and straightforward answers to simplify your choice and eliminate confusion.

As you shop and evaluate translation services, take time to weigh your options. At 24 Hour Translation Services, we believe in honesty, fair pricing and accurate translations. We have strict control mechanisms and quality safeguards to ensure your satisfaction. With high customer satisfaction levels, we have earned the accreditation and support of respected organizations.

• Highest rated translation service in Texas
• 20 years of translation success
• Real, local customer support
• 100% human translations
• Reasonably priced translation services, no hidden fees
• Technical translators with subject matter expertise
• U.S. veteran owned and operated
• Same Day Service Available
• 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
• Free certification and notarization
• Secure document handling
• No outsourcing


Top Rated Multilingual Services Agency

Although we are in Texas, our customers reside throughout the United States and around the world. We even have an office in Frankfurt, Germany, to service governmental agencies, armed forces, and service members. With carefully tested and screened certified translators, low pricing, superior quality, and fast delivery, 24 Hour Translation Services is a top-rated provider of multilingual translations for Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, non-profits, and individuals.
Translation accuracy is only one factor in providing high-quality translations. As a full-service multilingual Dallas translation services provider, we have top-notch project managers who ensure your project is assigned to technically competent translators, deadlines are kept, and costs are among the lowest in the industry. Regardless of the size of your project, 24 Hour Translation is your one-stop shop for anyone needing accurate and professional translations at very low prices.

Real, Local Professional Translation Service and Customer Support

All translation companies appearing on Google claim to be professional and local, but only a few really are. A large portion use fake addresses, virtual offices and mailbox stores to offer the illusion of being local. There are significant benefits when dealing with a legitimate local professional translation business. When you call 24 Hour Translation, expect a real employee in Houston or Dallas to answer your call. If you are a new customer, we can quickly answer all your questions, provide simple pricing information and estimated completion times. If you are an existing customer, we can quickly access your records, previous translations, invoices and more. Few translation companies can offer our level of customer attention, service, and detail. Our after-hours project managers will even respond to messages late at night and on weekends. We are rooted in the U.S. with a tradition of excellence. You can count on us when you need us. While we experience some high-call volumes, or send us an e-mail. We’re eager to help you.

Powered by Human Translators

When you choose 24 Hour Translation Services you get a real human translation experience. That's because we only use human translators to translate your documents.

Technical Translation from Subject Matter Experts

During our years of translation work with diverse people, industries and organizations in Dallas and Houston, we have become the go-to experts for specialized translations that demand subject matter expertise in a wide range of subjects including marketing, aerospace, automotive, human resources and management, chemical, contracts, defense, eLearning, training, oil and gas energy, blockchain, software and IT, international law, restaurants and hospitality, advertising, healthcare and medicine, religion, retail, user manuals, employee handbooks, brochures, websites and software applications, construction and architecture, and more. We even have engineers, lawyers and licensed healthcare professionals with advanced degrees who work for us as translators.

3-Step Quality Assurance & Proofreading

We translate documents accurately and our quality procedures ensure that accuracy. When you choose 24 Hour Translation, you can be assured that you will receive one of the most comprehensive quality inspections in the industry. All the documents and websites that we translate are reviewed by the translator and a second translator. Then we invite you to review them too before certifying and notarizing the translation for accuracy.

Aside from the linguistic accuracy of the translation, you will be impressed with the final appearance of your files and their close resemblance to the original document. Our translators are experts in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher. Further, we are skilled in working with Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat professional. In fact, our translators are all senior-level translators with experience and training that qualify them as experts in all popular design and communication applications. They are ready to assist with the seamless and effortless completion of your most challenging projects.

Accredited Translation Agency

24 Hour Translation Services upholds strict quality control processes and standards that have earned the accreditation and support of respected institutions. Offering high quality translations begins with hiring high quality employees and translators. That's why our policy is to only hire top performing linguists with verified credentials. Under this policy, only those translators who meet the following criteria will be chosen for employment:
• A Degree or Certificate in translation and/or interpreting
• Certification by an internationally recognized translation or interpreting organization
• At least five years working in the field of technical expertise
• target language native speaker and proficiency in the source language

These high standards coupled with our expert project management ensures your 100% satisfaction. That's why our highly experienced and carefully screened certified translators are frequently called on by other translation agencies that don’t have the resources to translate specialized subject matter.

Confidential and Secure Document Translation

A chief concern among everyone shopping for translation services is trusting a company to translate your file while also keeping your sensitive data confidential. Because of an ugly side of translation services that may risk your security and your reputation, you should always do your research, regardless of the claims that are made in advertising and on websites. Many so-called local translation companies are really located outside the United States and they do a really good job of disguising their actual location. Often, these companies hire untested and untried freelancers at the lowest rates. These translators work on unsecured computers in coffee shops and Internet cafes. Many companies use questionable, unreliable and contrived online review systems. Some make inflated claims about having 10,000 translators.

In contrast, 24 Hour Translation Services relies on comprehensive background screening, testing, and continuous evaluation and training. We have never had a security breach and have a long, verifiable history. Further, all our translators have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in linguistics and in their field of specialization.

100% Guarantee

24 Hour Translation Services has built a reputation of providing the highest-quality translation, voice overs, subtitling, and interpreting at some of the lowest rates in the industry. With our 20-year history of translation success, we stand behind our translation services with a 100% quality assurance guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with any of the services we offer, we will edit and revise your files until they meet your approval. We make this promise to you because we want your complete satisfaction and we want your referrals and recommendations.

A Professional Translation Team Ready to Help

There are many translation agencies to choose from. What you really need is a translation partner that is willing to go the extra distance to help you achieve your multilingual goals. We offer top-rated, fast and affordable translation services to introduce your business to new markets, communicate your message internationally, collaborate with diverse customers and employees and provide the legal support you need in the new global economy. Read more about our professional translation services to learn how we can develop a multilingual translation solution for you. Our translators in Houston and Dallas handle high-stakes translations for leading businesses, organizations and individuals in the following fields.

  • Legal
  • Engineering
  • Scientific
  • Marketing
  • Websites
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Military
  • Financial
  • Architecture
  • Oil and gas
  • Human Resources
  • Training
  • Academic
  • Immigration
  • Aerospace

As a full-service translation agency, we accurately translate employee manuals, product guides, legal documents, patents, medical records, financial records, and immigration documents. We also translate large corporate websites and provide audiovisual translations, including multilingual voiceover and captioning.

The Fastest Translation Company in Texas

We get it. Things happen. Projects get delayed, sudden requests come up and sometime things just get overlooked. It's not too late. Whether you need 40 pages translated or 4,000 pages translated, we have teams of translators ready to assist. They work around the clock, all year long and are available on-call. We can complete your project while you rest peacefully, knowing that you've trusted the best agency to complete your project.

Ready to take your message global? Need help with a big project?

The Real Spanish Translation Authority

Because Houston and Dallas are leading Hispanic cultural centers, businesses and individuals rely on us daily to provide accurate Spanish translation services in nearly every industry and specialty. We frequently receive accolades from corporations, government agencies, non-profits and individuals for providing accurate English-to-Spanish translation and Spanish-to-English translation services. Whether you need certified Spanish translation, certified and notarized Spanish translation services, technical translations, or legal translations, our Spanish translators will get your job done accurately, affordably, appropriately, and on-time.Call us today to learn more about our talented team of accredited Spanish translators.

A Portuguese Translation Powerhouse

People can get pretty picky about their Portuguese translation requirements. But when it comes to Portuguese to English translation or English to Portuguese translation, businesses unanimously approve of 24 Hour Translation. That's because there are several popular dialects including Brazilian, European and Angolan. In the past, the Angolan government has made it clear that they don't want official documents being translated by Brazilian translators. While the Angolans may be softening to the Brazilian Portuguese dialect, there are significant political, cultural and legal differences that exist between the countries where Portuguese is spoken. Consequently, it makes sense to have an experienced Portuguese translator who is local to the specific Portuguese dialect that your documents are targeting. 24 Hour Translation has a Portuguese translator from each of these countries who is fluent in the local dialects, customs and laws.

Flawless French Translation Services

Whether you need Parisian French, Quebec French or Canadian French or West African French used in Cote d'Ivoire, 24 Hour has the best French translation services to communicate your message correctly. Whether you require French to English translation or English to French translation, we offer the most experienced and diverse team of French translators who can localize your translation for nearly any French speaking market. That's because our professional translators have native level fluency in the regional dialects that they translate into. Because each of our French translators has an advanced degree, we have subject matter expertise in the fields you need your content translated into.

Certified Translation Expertise

Whether you need certified translations for U.S. immigration, long-term or short-term work visas, or lengthy legal contracts, 24 Hour Translation Services will translate your files accurately, on time, and inexpensively. Some of the largest law firms in the United States turn to the expert translators at 24 Hour Translation for their needs.

In addition to providing legal translation services of contracts, patents and other filings, we also translate identification materials, such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, divorce decrees, criminal background checks, baptismal records, diplomas and transcripts, reference letters, resumes and CVs, apostilles, and medical records. Our pricing is low, simple and transparent, and we always certify and notarize translations free of charge.

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