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In-Person and Online Translation Services, Customized to Your Requirements

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"Trusted professionals and excellent quality of work! Fast and fair price. I will hire their services if needed in the future. Highly recommended!"

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Louisiana State University
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Make 24 Hour Translation Services Your First Choice

Are you in search of language translation services with a local touch? Your search ends here at 24 Hour Translation Services in Houston! We offer in-person and online translation solutions, tailored to your unique needs. With over 17 years of experience, we have established ourselves as a highly rated translation company, both on Google and the Better Business Bureau.

Our services range from legal document translation, medical records, financial statements, and immigration documents to academic records, business documents, technical manuals, websites, videos, and marketing materials. Expert translators handle every translation project, each with at least 10 years of experience and advanced degrees in their fields of expertise. We guarantee the confidentiality of your sensitive documents, making us the trusted choice for language translation solutions in Houston.

About 24 Hour Translation Services

Located in Houston, TX, we've been a trusted language solutions provider for communities like Harris, Montgomery, and Galveston since 2003. We excel in converting all types of content for both local and international audiences. Our expertise shines when you need certified document conversion for legal, medical, financial, or immigration purposes.

As a Houston-based company, we're committed to exceeding your expectations. We offer prompt, high-quality language services at competitive prices. Plus, we're available during evenings and weekends. Our ability to provide certified document translations swiftly and accurately sets us apart.

Why 24 Hour Translation Services in Houston?

Infographic explaining the benefits of our translation services

24 Hour Translation Services operates locally in Houston, which means we have a personal stake in going above and beyond to support you. Whether it’s document translation, localization, audio or video translation, website translation, or a special request, you can count on our team to provide fast service, high quality translations and sensible pricing.

Since we are part of the Houston community, you are assured that we are here when you need to speak with us. We answer emails and check messages on evenings and weekends. You can also be confident that we will provide the services you need at a price you can afford and that our entire team will work hard to ensure your satisfaction.

Our office is staffed with real workers, including a notary public, which allows us to provide the fastest translations in Texas. This is particularly valuable when you need original copies that are certified. Original document translations are the standard for legal translations, medical translation, financial translations, and immigration translations. While other companies charge more for certified translations, we include this service in our regular low-rates.

Meet the Best Translators in Houston

Our translation team is our pride. Each translator holds advanced degrees in their area of expertise and brings a minimum of 10 years of translation experience to the table. Moreover, they work exclusively for us, ensuring an uncompromising commitment to confidentiality and quality. With professional certifications from esteemed organizations like ACJT, ELIA, and ATA, their expertise is validated and trusted.

Whether you need precise translation in legal, medical, financial, academic, or technical fields, our vetted linguists deliver fast, accurate, and affordable solutions. Our mastery spans over 100 languages, including German, Chinese, and Arabic. And yes, we've got petroleum engineers who excel in translating oil and gas documents!

When you choose 24 Hour Translation Services, you're not only opting for the best translation solution, but also peace of mind. Each of our certified translators is rigorously checked for their academic qualifications, certification, experience, and language proficiency. Need certified translations of official documents? We've got you covered at no extra cost.

Infographic detailing our translation services process

What will you get: Unlock a World of Possibilities with Translation Services in Houston

With translation services in Houston, you can reach out and connect with people from across the globe,
breaking down language barriers for good. At 24hourtranslation, our expert Houston translators offer
speedy, accurate translations that will help you communicate with confidence and clarity at all times.
Here are just a few of the many benefits you can expect from our translation services in Houston:

  1. Global Reach: Want to expand your business overseas? We can help you translate your marketing
    materials, website content, and other important documents into the languages of your target market,
    ensuring that you reach them effectively.
  2. Accurate Translations: Our team of translators in Houston is not only bilingual but also have the
    cultural knowledge necessary to provide accurate translations. We guarantee that our translations won’t
    lose the original message or intent.
  3. Cost-effective: No matter the size of your business, we offer affordable translation solutions in
    Houston that will help you to stay within budget without any hidden charges.
  4. Quality Control: We provide a multi-level quality control process that ensures our customers receive
    only the highest quality translations in Houston. Our expert proofreaders review the translated
    documents before it is sent to the client.
  5. Save Time: We understand the importance of timely deliveries. Our fast and efficient translations can
    save you time and energy, while ensuring that you meet critical deadlines.
    Don’t let language barriers limit your potential. Let our Houston translation services take you to new
    heights by offering precise and credible translations that will greatly enhance your global reach. Reach
    out to us today to find out more about our services.

Ready to experience the best translation service in Houston? Contact us today for a free quote!

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Streamlined Process for Seamless Translations

Flow diagram illustrating the step-by-step translation process at 24 Hour Translation Services

Curious about how we work? Here’s your answer to "what happens next after I upload my documents?" At 24 Hour Translation Services, we follow a meticulously designed translation process to ensure precision and speed.

  1. Free Quote: Upload your document, and we’ll promptly send you a cost and delivery date estimate.
  2. Project Assignment: An experienced project manager reviews your document and assigns it to the best translator for your needs.
  3. Translation Initiation: We create a glossary for consistent terminology and begin the translation process.
  4. Professional Formatting: The translated document is formatted to mirror the source document's look and feel.
  5. Quality Control: Rigorous proofreading and quality control checks are performed to guarantee top-notch quality.
  6. Certification: We certify the translation for accuracy, giving you peace of mind.
  7. Approval: The certified translation is emailed to you for approval.
  8. Local Pickup: Once approved, your project is prepared for local pickup.

Our process is designed to make your translation journey smooth and hassle-free. So, upload your documents and relax, as we bring your words to life in another language.}

Get Your Free Estimate Today!

Trust our years of experience in providing certified translation services to immigration offices, law firms, universities, businesses, medical centers, and organizations in Houston and beyond. We're ready to help you with certified translations of birth certificates, marriage licenses, driver’s licenses, divorce decrees, agreements, legal contracts, death certificates, and more. Need expedited apostille services? We have you covered. Contact us today for more information.

Certified Translation Services in 100 Languages: Bridging Houston to the World

In a city as diverse as Houston, we understand the need for precise multilingual translation service that build bridges between cultures. At 24 Hour Translation Services, we expertly translate from English to a range of languages, and vice versa. Moreover, we provide certified and notarized translations that meet official standards globally.

Spanish Translation Services: Our certified Spanish translations bridge the gap between Houston and the Spanish-speaking world, including a substantial local immigrant population and important trade partners in Mexico and South America.

French Translation Services: Offering certified French translations, we help connect businesses and individuals in Houston with the vast Francophone world, including immigrants from African nations and Canadian trade partners.

Chinese Translation Services: Our certified Chinese translators serve as a vital link between Houston's bustling commerce hubs and one of the world's largest economies, also catering to a growing local Chinese community.

Arabic Translation Services: Through our certified Arabic translations, we facilitate communication between Houston's vibrant Middle Eastern communities and businesses, and their counterparts in the Arab world.

Vietnamese Translation Services: Offering certified Vietnamese translations, we support Houston's large Vietnamese community and foster business ties with Vietnam, one of Asia's emerging economies.

Dutch Translation Services: Our certified Dutch translations strengthen ties between Houston's energy sector and its counterparts in the Netherlands, while also supporting Dutch-speaking immigrants.

German Translation Services: Providing certified German translations, we connect Houston businesses with Europe's largest economy and cater to our local German community.

Italian Translation Services: With our certified Italian translators, we foster communication for Houston's Italian community and facilitate business interactions with Italy's robust economy.

Portuguese Translation Services: With our certified Portuguese translations, we strengthen Houston's ties with Brazil and other Portuguese-speaking nations such as Angola and Mozambique, supporting both local Portuguese-speaking communities and Houston's robust trade activity through Port Houston.

Russian Translation Services: With Russia's prominent role on the global stage, our Russian translators support Houstonians in diverse fields, from energy to academia, in navigating these international interactions.

100 Other Languages: From Swahili to Swedish, our certified translations in 100+ languages support Houston's diverse communities and its international business, ensuring effective, reliable communication across borders.

Specialized Translation Services

Photo of Harris County Civil Courts building, a location where our legal translation services are frequently used

Medical Translation Services: Medical jargon can be complex and intimidating, but not for our experienced translators. We provide meticulous document translation services for medical records and healthcare documents across Houston, Pearland, Baytown, and Spring. Our translators, with backgrounds in healthcare, ensure every diagnosis, prescription, and surgical procedure is accurately translated. We also translate Certified Immunization Record Translations in Houston.

Texas Medical Center in Houston, a hub for our medical translation services
Federal Reserve Bank in Houston, symbolizing the city's diverse economic sectors that require our translation services

Financial Translation Services: Precision is the cornerstone of the financial world, and that's exactly what we deliver with our financial translation services in Houston. We cater to businesses across Houston and The Woodlands, translating pages of financial statements, audits, investment portfolios, and more, all under the strictest confidentiality. Rely on our expert team to help you navigate language barriers in the global financial landscape.

Technical Translation Services: Our specialized technical translators cater to the digital age. We focus on translating user interfaces, websites, operating manuals, and procedures. Serving not just Houston, but also Katy, Pearland, and The Woodlands, we simplify complex technical language into universally understood content. Our professional translators have a firm grasp of technical jargon, ensuring utmost accuracy in your technical document translations. Whether you're a tech startup in Houston or a software company in The Woodlands, we are your go-to solution for high-quality, precision translations catering to a global audience.

NASA Space Shuttle, representing the technical translation needs in Houston's space industry
Rice University Campus in Houston, where international students often require our certified translation services

Academic Translation Services: We ensure accuracy in translating academic documents like transcripts, diplomas, research papers, and more. Serving students, educators, and researchers in Houston, Katy, Pearland, and Baytown, our academic translation services prioritize accuracy and respect for the original content's intent and tone.

Human Resources Translation Services: Clear communication is crucial in the world of Human Resources, and that's where we step in. We serve businesses across Houston, Sugar Land, Baytown, and The Woodlands, providing translation services for all your HR documents – from internal policies and employee contracts to training manuals and benefits information. Our professional translators understand the importance of conveying the correct tone and maintaining confidentiality.

Energy Corridor in Houston, a key area for our energy sector translation services

Energy Translation Services: The energy sector, including oil and gas, requires a deep understanding of industry-specific terminology. Our team, well-versed in the language of energy, provides precise translations for your technical documents, safety protocols, and reports. Whether your operations are based in downtown Houston or the Energy Corridor, our energy translation services, particularly in oil and gas, are designed to bolster your business's global communications. Trust our Houston-based energy translations to deliver accuracy and clarity in every project.

Marketing Translation Services: Breaking into the Houston market requires communication that resonates with locals. From Montrose to The Woodlands, and Pasadena to Katy, 24 Hour Translation Services offers top-notch Houston marketing translation services. Our linguists, well-versed in current market trends, translate your marketing materials while maintaining your brand's unique voice and appeal. With our services, you can engage the diverse Houston audience with clear, compelling content in over 100 languages. Let us help you make your brand's story universally understood with our superior marketing translation solutions.

Diverse families enjoying downtown Houston, representing the multicultural communities we serve with our translation services

Family and Immigration Translation Services: Houston is a vibrant mix of cultures and languages. For families navigating USCIC translation requirements in the Space City, from Clear Lake to Sugar Land, and Cypress to Baytown, 24 Hour Translation Services is here to help. We offer the best family and immigration translation services, taking care of important documents like certified translations of birth certificates, marriage licenses, divorce decrees and death certificates. Our experienced certified translators understand the unique needs of immigrant families, providing accurate translations in over 100 languages. Simplify your family's journey in Houston with our reliable translation solutions.

Professional Translation Services in Houston

At 24 Hour Translation Services, we translate a wide variety of materials to meet your diverse needs. Here's a look at our language translation services in Houston:

Document Translation: Our certified translation team accurately translates critical documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, death certificates, diplomas, and transcripts. Rely on us for thorough, confidential handling of your essential personal and academic papers.

Website Translation: Expand your digital reach in Houston and beyond with our website localization services. Whether you're a local business or an international brand, we adapt each web page on our site to the cultural and linguistic context of your target audience, ensuring your message resonates effectively.

Audio and Video Translation: We offer proficient audio and video translation services. Whether it's a corporate webinar, an educational video, or an audio guide, we translate and localize it for your Houston audience.

Software/User Interface Translation: Our software translation services help Houston-based tech companies go global. We translate user interfaces, mobile apps, and software products, ensuring usability and user experience across languages.

Manual and Handbook Translation: From technical manuals to employee handbooks, we translate a wide range of instructional and corporate materials. Our handbook translations aid Houston businesses in communicating essential information clearly across diverse teams.

Accredited Spanish Translator in Houston

If you need an accredited Spanish translator in Houston, call us today. Our professional Spanish linguists include engineers, medical specialists, financial managers, and lawyers who have received excellent training and will translate your documents correctly. Since our translation teams work around the clock, we can accommodate large projects and quick delivery schedules. Call our Montrose location to learn about the screening, education and professional work experience we require from each Spanish translator in Houston that we hire.

Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure

Many companies offering translation services in the city of Houston don't have their own translators and risk your confidential materials by uploading them to public sites. These documents are often handled by unqualified individuals using unsecured computers, assigned based on the lowest bid. This not only endangers your sensitive materials but is also a reckless way to handle your confidential documents. Your private documents could easily end up being shared and distributed across the Internet, accessible to identity thieves.

However, as a leading Houston translation agency, 24 Hour Translation Services prioritizes your confidentiality. We adhere to strict confidentiality and nondisclosure policies. We have our own team of translators, many of whom have been with us for 15 years or longer. We offer reliable document translation services in Houston, ensuring your data's confidentiality. Our history is untarnished by confidentiality breaches. If you value the confidentiality of your data, trust our multilingual translation services in Houston.

Frequently Asked Question

What translation services are available in Houston, Texas?

In Houston, you can find a wide range of translation services catering to various languages and industries. These services include language translation, document translation, website translation, app translation, medical translation, legal translation, technical translation, and business translation.

Where can I find reliable translation services for Spanish in Houston?

Houston has numerous translation agencies and freelancers that specialize in Spanish translation services. You can search online directories, ask for recommendations from local businesses or organizations, or reach out to professional translators or agencies in the Houston area.

Are there specialized translation services for Chinese in Houston?

Yes, Houston is home to a diverse population, including a significant Chinese community. As a result, you can find reliable and specialized translation services for Chinese in the city. Many translation agencies and independent translators offer Chinese translation services to cater to various needs.

Where can I find accurate translation services for Arabic in the Houston area?

Houston has a thriving Arabic-speaking community, which has led to the availability of accurate and high-quality translation services for Arabic. You can find professional translators and agencies specializing in Arabic translation by searching online directories, reaching out to local language service providers, or asking for recommendations from community organizations.

What is the difference between language translation and localization services?

Language translation focuses on converting text from one language to another while maintaining accuracy and clarity. Localization, on the other hand, goes beyond translation and adapts content to the specific cultural, linguistic, and regional preferences of the target audience. It includes considerations such as idiomatic expressions, date and time formats, currency, and images to ensure the content resonates with the local audience.

Do translation agencies in Houston offer document translation services?

Yes, translation agencies in Houston typically offer document translation services. Whether you need legal documents, medical records, technical manuals, or any other type of document translated, you can find professional translation services in the city that specialize in various industries and document types.

Can I get assistance with website and app translation in the Houston area?

Absolutely! Houston's translation services cover a wide range of needs, including website and app translation. Whether you have a business website, e-commerce platform, or a mobile app, professional translators and agencies in Houston can help you localize and translate the content to reach your target audience effectively.

Are there specialized translation services for medical, legal, technical, and business documents in Houston?

Yes, Houston has specialized translation services to cater to different industries and document types. Whether you require medical documents translated for healthcare purposes, legal documents for legal proceedings, technical manuals for equipment or software, or business documents for international communication, you can find expert translators and agencies in Houston that specialize in these specific areas.


1910 Harris County Courthouse in Houston, a frequent user of our legal translation services
Harris County Courthouse
Chevron Building Pedestrian Walkway in Downtown Houston, a symbol of the city's bustling business environment
Chevron Building In Downtown Houston
A French bakery in Houston, representing the city's French-speaking community and the need for French translation services
French Translation in Houston
Photo of the Colosseum in Rome, Italy, symbolizing our expert Italian translation services available in Houston
Italian Translation in Houston
Heritage Plaza in Houston, a prominent building near our translation services office
Document Translation Services Near Houston, Tx