Mentoring Employees For International Business Success

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For many businesses, implementing feedback systems and mentoring employees who aspire to be international business managers by providing regular feedback about how to communicate and appear to foreign audiences is critical to professional development and success. The best companies and managers, who do this frequently, follow approaches that are not difficult to implement.

Implementing Feedback Systems

In most cases, the best way to implement a feedback system is to ask others to critique your presentation and performance.  When doing so, make sure the person knows that you need objective, concrete criticism and not simply praise or positive feedback.  Often a fellow co-worker or supervisor with first-hand knowledge of the culture you are addressing is a good choice.  Such a person understands your target audience as well as your need for open, honest,  objective feedback.

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Using Mentors

Mentoring employees is an excellent strategy for businesses.  A mentor, either assigned by your employer or chosen by you, can be an excellent resource.  According to 24 Hour Translation, a Dallas Translation Services company, a good mentor has both a high level of competence and native-level knowledge of the cultures, customs and business environment of the market you are focusing on.  Good mentors can draw on their knowledge and experience to guide your decision-making.  Alternatively, if a suitable mentor isn’t available, you might partner with a peer mentor or a person on the same level as yourself or someone with a different job function but with understanding of your role.  Under this arrangement, you should both agree to collaborate to provide critiques and share ideas.

Another option is occasionally to consult with others, even outsiders who have first-hand knowledge of the marketplace and culture, for feedback on how receptive locals will be to your message, whether your expectations are realistic, and what potential problems may emerge.    Make sure these people know that you need their input because you value their honesty, knowledge and opinions.  Also make sure to ask only people you trust, since some of the information you share may be sensitive.  It also helps if the person is patient and can be critical without being aggressive and bad-mannered.


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