Adapting Your Message to International Audiences

Transcreation and TranslationMessages directed to oversees clients, suppliers and other stakeholders, must achieve the objectives of the sender, contain honest and clear information, be correctly translated into the local language and be sensitive to the cultural differences of the audience.  Practical and accurately communicated messages that carry a positive demeanor are the lifeline for every company that operates internationally.

Generally, messages are crafted to inform a recipient of important information.  Informative messages generally carry a neutral tone.  However, if the information is designed to evoke a positive response, the message is considered a positive or good news message. Examples of informative and positive messages include sales updates, meeting dates and times, company news, delivery schedules, engineering design changes, and marketing, financial updates, and other messages that usually convey good or neutral information.


The most basic informative or good news message generally provides the following benefits:

Primary purposes:

  • To provide data, information, instruction, confirmation or good news to the recipient
  • To transmit information that will be interpreted by recipients in a positive manner.

Secondary purposes:

  • To communicate the professionalism and establish goodwill of the sender.
  • To communicate the professionalism and establish goodwill of the sender’s employer.
  • To foster a trusting and professional bond between the sender and receiver.
  • To minimize preconceived notions and misunderstandings held by the recipients.
  • To prevent the need for additional communication pertaining to the same issue.

While the content of business messages should always be concise and pertinent, the length and content of informative and good news messages depends on the purpose, subject matter, and difficulty of the message being conveyed.  Instructional aids such as videos, illustrations and pictures can also be included to improve clarity.

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