Improve Global Communications While Increasing Productivity and Reducing Costs


Business communication costs a considerable amount of money.  Some of the costs involved include the time involved in planning, creating, sending and interpreting or deciphering of messages by the recipient.

In many businesses, any document developed to be disseminated outside of the organization must receive approvals from multiple departments. While small documents may require the approval of 8 departments, large documents might take months and require the approvals at all levels of the organization.  Consequently, even simple document changes can be very costly in terms of time and money.

While communication can be very expensive, good communication is worth the investment.  Some of the benefits of good communication include stronger worker participation and devotion, improved retention and efficiency and greater company performance.

Poor communication can have a considerable cost to business.  Examples of poor communication and their costly effects are abundant.  Poor communication can cause product delays that can lead to breached contracts, lost customers and costly penalties.   Poorly written instructions, manuals and disclaimers can produce product liability lawsuits and warranty claims.  While poor communication doesn’t always result in major losses, companies still incur losses in time, effort, public humiliation and legal problems when communication isn’t as good as it should be.

The following problems commonly result from poor communication.  In most instances, partnering with a quality 24 Hour Translation Services can prevent these problems.


Poorly written messages are ineffective.  When language is imprecise and vague, readers are challenges to make their own deductions.  This can lead to unintended interpretations.  Consequently, letters intended to persuade might be ignored and letters intended to instruct might lead to misunderstandings with disastrous consequences.


Poorly written require greater effort and imagination on the part of the reader.  The more difficult and challenging the message is to understand, the more time the reader consumes.    When messages are poorly written, readers are either forced to contact others for clarification or may decide to ignore the message completely.    Messages that contain incomplete information may require a series of meetings with the sender.


Damaged Reputation

Every message that is sent either serves to improve or worsen the image of the sender.  The use of bad grammar, incorrect terminology and poor spelling can have disastrous effects on a firm’s reputation.  Messages can also fail when they aren’t written for the right audiences.  When developing a message, think about the appropriate style of language needed to reach the intended audience and always proofread your work.

International Law

Legal Difficulties

Poor communication, even small errors and slight oversights, can lead to major legal problems.  Written communication creates legal obligations.  Experienced writers are careful to consider the global context in which their messages will be interpreted.  They realize that their messages can be interpreted differently by different people, causing recipients to have different expectations and understandings.

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