Creating Effective Audience Benefits

To ensure your audience complies with your message, you must offer a benefit.  An audience analysis identifies features and benefits that will motivate your audience to action.  In informative messages, focusing on benefits helps ensure compliance.  In persuasive messages, focusing on benefits provide reasons why an audience should take action.

Many times benefits are difficult to develop.  One method for identifying benefits is brainstorming with co-workers and potential audience members.  When doing so, try to develop two or three times as many benefits as you will actually require.  When benefits are particularly difficult to identify, try using the following three suggestions.

Maslow's Triangle of Needs. Morality; creativity; leadership; problem solving; acceptance; prestige; recognition; accomplishment; friendship; family; intimacy; protection; security; shelter; food; air; water


1.     Pinpoint the needs, wants and desires that are most likely to drive your audience to take action.  Everyone has basic physiological, safety and belonging needs.  These needs are represented in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs listed above. Often these needs are satisfied with alternatives in the form of products and services that they desire.   For example, the need for safety might be satisfied with a large SUV, the need for shelter might be augmented with a luxurious home, and the need for acceptance and belonging might be resolved with a makeover.

Developing strategic benefits that alighn your offer to the audience's needs.

2.     Identify the items in your presentation that can satisfy one of your audience’s needs and develop a strategy that appeals to it.  Usually, it is obvious how the factors in your presentation appeal to your audience.  Realize that different subsets of your audience may have different needs.  In these instances, it might make sense to develop multiple appeals to persuade diverse audiences.  Keep in mind that different cultures and ethnicities may have stronger or weaker responses to your appeals than other cultures.  When working with a foreign audience, it is wise to consult with a team of professionals like 24 Hour Translation services company.  Often translation companies have experts on local market conditions.

3.     Demonstrate how the audience can satisfy their needs by embracing your message. The success of your message rests on leaving a memorable image in your audience’s minds.  This image must be intense and linked to their needs.  One of the most effective methods for doing this is through story telling.

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