Responding with Short Answers

Responding with Short AnswersAs a manager in an international company, you may need to respond to a question that was written and sent to you in another language. Your response will require that you write the answer in English and hire a translator to translate it into the desired language.

Instead of automatically responding to a short question, it’s important to take time and evaluate the question. Once you understand the question, then write a brief and informative response. Since the response is expected to be short, every sentence must be written in a manner that is concise, informative and useful.

In addition to producing a concise answer, the writer should also focus on responding quickly. These days, professionals expect rapid and accurate responses to questions. With limited time to respond, the organization of your content becomes particularly important.

The Best Short Responses Contain 4 Critical Elements

1. Plan – The plan is a central idea that is supported by facts, figures or expert advice. Craft it after careful analysis and understanding of the issues.
2. Draft—A well-thought-out response focuses on the central idea.
3. Evaluate – Read over and proof your response before submitting it to ensure that it provides a clear and effective answer.

The majority of short answers can be developed in less than 10 minutes. The response that you prepare may contain one or more paragraphs, and contain an introduction, body and conclusion. Regardless of the length, a short answer should have a well-developed central idea and strong supporting details.

Before you submit your response to a translator, evaluate the organization and ensure that your response makes sense. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of including additional details, better transitions and clearer instructions. If needed, make revisions before submitting your document.

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