Why Are Translation Services So Expensive?


We all have one thing in common: we want more for less money. And it is perfectly natural and understandable, especially when you are short on money. However, sometimes excellent service and products cannot be acquired without paying more, and that reality has to be accepted. Why do you sometimes have to pay more for translation?

Balancing Workload and Rates

One must remember that translators are in a difficult situation: they have to balance their workload and their rates, which is not easy to do. There is always someone willing to work for less who may supply low quality work. Remember that it is not a good idea to hire the first translator who comes your way, because you might end up paying more and missing your deadline.

Transcreation and Translation

Transcreation vs. Translation

Sometimes transcreation is a greater problem than translation. Both terms refer to the process of conveying meaning from one language to another, but transcreation is more than that. Transcreation is a broader term that refers to the cultural context that goes beyond language. For transcreation to be achieved effectively, much research must occur to include connotation and imagery and adapting messages to a particular audience. A person who does transcreation actually translates but also recreates a given text through a new cultural framework. Because more and more translators are beginning to include this newly established, sophisticated service into their standard package, their clients should expect to pay more.

Translation Specializations

Specialized Training

Nowadays many translators have a business or technical background, and they also have more knowledge about many industries and big markets. This varied knowledge comprises a unique skill set which broadens translators’ scope of work and interest. For this reason some translators are simply forced into reestablishing themselves as quality service providers. Heavy time constraints are also an important factor behind higher translation rates. If a translator is good, he is sought after; time management has to be flawless, since there are many clients to work with. More clients require more employees, and all of this leads to increased hourly rates.

New Skills for a New Age

You have to be aware that we’re living in a new moment in time; many old professions are dying out, and many new ones are emerging. In the online world, being just a translator is becoming more and more work of the past. IT imposes multitasking as one of its requisites, and that’s the main reason why many translators are reinventing themselves. When you come across a translator who charges more than usual, don’t be intimidated, because a higher price might lead you to outstanding service.

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