Document Translation

The global business world is fueled by document translation.  Whether you need to produce legal documents, medical records, financial reports, academic transcripts, employee handbooks, technical manuals or construction blueprints without documentation, the economies of the world would cease operating without written records.

Document translation is a necessity for international businesses, educational systems, non-profits and governments to communicate.  That’s why 24 Hour Translation sees document translation services as the most important service we offer.  Regardless of your document translation needs, 24 Hour Translation has translators with the right knowledge, experience and expertise to complete your project successfully.  We offer simple, low-cost, accurate, quick document translation services for all your needs, including translation of legal contracts, marketing brochures, e-learning and training guides, government documents, technical manuals, judicial rulings, website content, software applications, software documentation, SDS sheets, driver’s licenses, birth certificates, marriage licenses, death certificates, diplomas, transcripts, divorce decrees—almost everything imaginable.

Specialized Expert Document Translators for Many Industries

Due to the subject matter and terminology used in source documents, some translations call for specialized industry experts.  Translating these documents can be problematic to translators who are unfamiliar with the industry.  24 Hour Translation takes time to evaluate your document appropriately and then assign it to a team of experts with the right industry expertise to complete your project.  This care ensures that the final product contains consistent, precise terminology throughout.  It also ensures your satisfaction with our service.  Whether your document contains technical content regarding offshore oil drilling in Angola, construction codes in China, or chemical compounds in Mexico, we have the right team to translate your document.

Multi-Volume Document Translation Projects

For translation of 1 page or 10,000 pages, you can trust 24 Hour Translation.  Small projects are reviewed and assigned to a translator with the knowledge and skill to translate your file accurately. Large projects with tight deadlines are assigned to a project manager and a team of qualified translators who will ensure accurate, consistent use of terminology.

Project management is key for keeping prices low, meeting deadlines and achieving exceptional quality.  24 Hour Translation has nearly 2 decades of experience in completing high-volume translations that are accurate and affordable.  Throughout our translation management program, we analyze your document for repetitive text that we automatically discount.  Identifying repetitive textual phrases and automatically inserting them into the document allows us to translate your documents more quickly. But efficiency isn’t the only benefit of project management; your file also passes through quality control from layout to correcting translation errors.  We catch errors and inconsistencies before documents are certified and notarized for accuracy.  This is why we are a top choice of businesses and law firms that require document translation for litigation purposes.

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