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Korean Translation AgencyKorean is spoken by an estimated 80 million people throughout the world, making it one of the most widely spoken languages. Korean is official spoken in South Korea and North Korean and the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture in China. Although Korean is the 12th most spoken language in the world, it lacks uniform homogeneous form and displays many subtle regional differences.

Professional Korean Document Translation

Finding a translation company that can deliver a professional Korean translation of your document with the right dialect, affordability and accuracy can be challenging. With 24 Hour Translation, you are assured an accurate translation that is culturally appropriate for your target audience because we use only experienced native speaking, in-country Korean translators who were raised and continue to rely on the language they translate into. This helps guarantee that you receive the highest quality translation possible.

Experienced Korean Translators

When you choose 24 Hour Translation, you get an experienced team of Korean translators who are experienced in a wide range of specialized subjects including legal, medical, technical, financial, oil and gas and energy. We offer Korean translation for over 80 language combinations, including Korean to English translation and English to Korean.

Korean Translation Capabilities

Our Korean translation services are not limited by project size. In fact, our translations range from simple phrases to projects consisting of thousands of pages for legal cases. Our project managers will develop a strategy for completing your project on time and under budget by applying the most suitable Korean translator or team of translators to meet your requirements.

Our Korean Translator Expertise

Real Estate and Lending
Finance and Banking
Construction and Architecture
Energy Production – Oil. Gas, Mining,
Technical and Engineering
Scientific documents
Marketing – Brochures, Websites, Catalogues, Proposals and Quotations

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