French Translation Services in Houston, TX
The Greater Houston Area is home to a growing population of people who Speak the French language.

Local French Translation Services

24 Hour Translation Services is a locally owned company that provides English to French and French to English Translation Services from their office at 2020 Montrose Blvd. #202 in Houston, TX. Our affordable prices, local pick up, fast completion times, and accurate translations serve the needs of Houston’s diverse French speaking families and businesses. All our professional translators in the Houston area hold advanced degrees in their areas of expertise, have a minimum of 10 years translation experience, and work exclusively for us to ensure the confidentiality of your sensitive documents. Our expert translators have expert knowledge in the following fields.

Michelle Moreno-LeeMichelle Moreno-Lee
20:50 03 Jan 23
This is the most effective, affordable, professional, and fastest translation services I have come across with. I initially needed their services to translate my birth certificate, and Peter was apt... to help me get the process started. The process is straightforward, and I really appreciate how they provided a draft before finalizing & sending it to me. When I received my finalized translated birth certificate, it was certified, notarized, and just looked impeccable. I ended up choosing to use them again in 2022, spoke once again with dear Peter (since I needed any additional documents translated, and I feel confident with the quality of their work). I continue to recommend them as they are local and the quality of their work is outstanding. Thank you Peter for working with me to get all my doc translated, certified and notarized!read more
Mildred RodriguezMildred Rodriguez
21:45 15 Nov 22
I had a great experience with 24 Hour Translations Services. I reached out to them for a quote and they got back to me immediately. They have very competitive prices and sent me the translations in... less than 24 hours. I would definitely use this service againread more
Alejandra RomanAlejandra Roman
19:56 19 Oct 22
Expert service. This was my first time using a translator service and I was left a very happy customer. I reached out to them for a quote and they got back to me in less than an hour. Once I gave... them the ok to proceed I had my translated documents less than 24 hours later, certified and notarized. I think their prices are extremely reasonable. Especially with their quick turn around and accuracy. A special thanks to Peter for being so accommodating and explaining things clearly. They have a lifetime customer in me!read more
Susana QuinonezSusana Quinonez
14:20 30 Aug 22
10/10 recommend! I had a last minute request and they were able to pull through within the same day! Fair pricing and great work !
Jon O.Jon O.
23:50 29 Aug 22
Today I had a very important document to be translated from Spanish to English. It was about my grandmother medical condition and I needed to have this translated in a timely manner so I can apply... for my emergency passport at the State Department.Pete, works at the 24hr Translation Services and he helped me so much and answered all my questions about the translating process and how long it take. He is amazing and my overall experience was absolutely amazing!I truly recommend their services!! 100%!!Thank you!read more
Bill captainBill captain
01:19 25 Aug 22
Always have done a fantastic work translating any doc I send them... Fast and efficient throughout the years!Please keep up the good work Peter D. and team!
Mher KoubelianMher Koubelian
00:06 20 Aug 22
Peter at 24 Hr Translation is a superstar. Emailed me a quote in under 20 mins & sent all the translated docs in under 40 hours (even though I had told him to not rush as I had 4 days)! I've had to... translate quite a few docs lately & 24hr Translation has been a godsend - every single time! I should also add that when I've had to bring in some corrections, they were all done very quickly & effectively. Definitely recommend 100%read more
Jessica CastroJessica Castro
20:45 16 Aug 22
Very pleased with their service. I called and sent a document that I needed translated at 6:00pm and received it at 1:00am at a very affordable price! Definitely recommend their service.
Di MitriDi Mitri
16:09 03 Aug 22
Very good service! Efficient from start to finish. Quick response to our requests. We request a translation of a notarial deed from Spanish to English in double column. The work was done flawlessly... and quickly! It's a plesure to work with professional people! Highly recommended!read more
Philipp WiemannPhilipp Wiemann
20:02 31 Jul 22
24 Hour Translation Services translated a German bank statement for me with a couple hours turnaround time. The translation was essential for closing on a home. Fast and accurate service. Would use... more

French to English Translation in Houston, TX

Of the 7 million people living in the metro Houston area, more than 33% speak a language at home other than English. One language that businesses frequently struggle with is French. According to the U.S. Census more than 16,000 Houston residents speak French at home. With increased immigration and trade with French speaking countries such as Canada, France, Republic of Congo, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Niger and Senegal, local businesses need new solutions to overcome language barriers.

For local businesses, language barriers can be costly when information can’t be exchanged or understood between English and non-English speaking employees and trade partners. Since success in business depends on accurate and fast information, language barriers can lead to lost customers, unmet goals, failed projects and wasted opportunities. Businesses can’t afford these losses and need cost-effective solutions. For some companies, this means hiring professional translation services to communicate clearly, correctly, and quickly with their French speaking trade partners, customers, and employees. However, finding the best document translation and human interpreting services company is difficult.

Translation Services In Houston, TX

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Need For French Translation Services in Houston

While Houston’s healthcare, aerospace, technology and biomedical industries continue to expand internationally, the size of its energy and oil sector makes it the oil capital of the world. Of the 5,000 energy firms located in Houston, many provide services and products to oil and gas producing companies in French speaking countries. For these businesses, providing support and services abroad demands specialized French to English and English to French translation service in Houston.

Considering the amount of commerce that takes place between Houston’s businesses and French speaking countries, it’s easy to understand the need to professionally translate French to English and vice versa. Whether a local business needs a sales contract, employee handbook, training manual or general correspondence translated into French, partnering with a qualified and dependable French translation service is essential for business success.

Screened, Tested & Certified Translators

If you need translators in Houston, choose 24 Hour Translation. 24 Hour Translation Services offers expert French translators who hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in French and native fluency in the languages that they translate into. In addition, many hold advanced certifications from professional organizations such as ACJT – Canadian Association of Legal Translators, ELIA – European Language Industry Association and ATA – American Translators Associations. Along with standard or Parisian French, we offer Canadian French or Quebec French and several African French dialects.

Specialized French Translators

As a business leader, you expect a translator in Houston to provide an accurate and professional French-English translation that is delivered on time, at the most competitive price. Is that too much to expect?

In theory, your expectations make sense. In reality, you are probably miscalculating the complexities of choosing a qualified French translator. The truth is, most projects are intended for specific audiences who expect the use of specific terminology that only a translator with focused education, training and experience would know. Translators with little experience in fields like law, medicine or engineering can be blissfully unaware of the underlying and serious problems with their translations. As a result, they often oversell their capabilities and their clients end up suffering.

Our company has been verified to be one of the oldest providers of translation services in Texas. The many 5-star reviews that we have earned testify to out ability to provide quality, consistent and accurate translations that are delivered on time. Our French division consists of 6 groups that specialize in providing legal translation, medical translation, financial translation, technical translation, certified translation and academic translation. Each group produces accurate translations with professional formatting. The following descriptions detail the types of documents that each of our French translators is qualified to work on.

Legal translation should be left to professionals who have had coursework, training and professional experience in the field of law. Our legal translators hold degrees in the language they translated into and have completed coursework in the field of law. Their experience includes translating legal documents, including contracts and agreements, patents, laws and regulations, article of incorporation, evidentiary records, divorce decrees and power of attorney documents. Since legal translations require complete accuracy, we provide a certificate of translation accuracy.

2. Medical Translation

Medical translators need more than basic document translation skills. They need a high level of fluency in the source and target languages and the ability to quickly comprehend and express complex medical terms, procedures and conditions. The deep level of knowledge required to accurately translate complex clinical records. Our medical translators are required to have completed specialized coursework or a certification program and several years of professional experience.

3. Financial Translation

Financial translation is more than simply converting currencies, it involves knowledge of terms and concepts related to banking, taxes, market exchanges, business law, and general economic conditions and activities. These are the types of documents our financial content specialists translate.
Our financial translators are required to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in linguistics or translation and a bachelor’s degree in either Finance or Accounting. The linguistic skills, education and experience of our translators qualifies them to translate financial reports, financial prospectuses, bank statements, audit reports, formation records and tax documents.

4. Technical Translation

Our technical translation team consists of translators who are experienced in translating documents related to petroleum engineering, geology, mechanical engineering and chemical engineering. Their knowledge and work experience make them the ideal choice for translating a range of documents including technical handbooks, operating manuals, scientific reports, specification sheets and surveys.

5. Certified Translation

Certified translations are required for immigration (USCIS) applications, emigration applications, university admission, driver’s licenses, death certificates, marriage licenses, medical records, bank statements, visas and other official types of documents that need to be translated for official purposes. Our certified translators have many years of experience translating documents that resemble the original documents while providing an exact translation.

6. Academic Translation

There are many reasons why you may need a translation of your academic records. Whether you need your diploma, transcript or both translated and certified, we can provide a certified translation that will be accepted. We also translate immunization records and report cards.

How-To-Choose The Best French Translation Services

Are you thinking about hiring a translator in Houston to provide French to English translations? Choosing the best French translator can be difficult, as there are many options available. While you have budget constraints, you can’t compromise accuracy and quality. What’s more, you need the translation completed by a certain date. So what do you do?

From price to quality to on-time delivery, here are several important things to consider before selecting a translation service.

1 hour or as needed 1 hour.

From price to quality to on-time delivery, here are several important things to consider before selecting a translation service.

  1. Specify Subject matter

    When hiring a translation service, you have two options: You can either hire a firm with basic or general experience in your field or hire a specialist. If you are on a tight budget, you may need to hire a generalist. A generalist may not have a good of a grasp on the concepts, terminology and jargon that a specialist would have. Just make sure to evaluate your content and make a decision that is in your best interest. 24 Hour Translation employs specialized translators in the fields of law, healthcare, engineering and finance and we strive to keep our rates at $0.10 per word.
    Specify Content and Subject Matter

  2. Determine Budget

    Before you start looking for a translator, it’s a good idea to establish a budget. Quality translation services usually start around $0.12 per word, then go up from there. If a company offers per page pricing, make sure to understand their definition of a page. Usually, a company will define a page as 250 words and impose large penalties for pages that exceed that count. Some companies also charge extra for proofreading and rush services. By setting a budget, you can weed out services that are outside your budget. By keeping our administration and overhead costs low, we offer our clients very competitive rate of only $0.10 per word.
    Determine the budget

  3. Set Deadline

    Some companies offer different prices depending on how soon the project needs to be completed. Rush or express services can sometimes cost 2 to 3 times the price of a company’s regular delivery speed. The goal of 24 Hour Translation is to earn your business and keep you as a long-term customer. We will try to accommodate your deadline and avoid extra charges.Set a deadline

  4. Evaluate Online Reviews

    In addition to setting a budget, establishing a deadline and determine whether a specialist is needed, it’s important that you know what to look for in terms of quality. After all, you don’t want to risk your time, budget and reputation on a poor-quality translation. Make sure to read online reviews carefully and evaluate the credibility of each reviews. Fake reviews are common these days, so exercise caution.
    Evaluate Online Reviews

  5. Define Dialect

    The French language has many regional dialects that are used throughout the world. Some dialects include African French, Belgian French, Cajun French, Canadian French and Indian French. To ensure understanding, a translation should always be localized for the intended audience.
    Define Dialect

Your Best Choice For English to French and French to English Translation

Since 24 Hour Translation began providing Houston French Translation services in 1990, it has become one of the premiere English to French translation and French to English translation companies in Houston.  Today, we have a proven track record of assisting thousands of businesses, organizations and individuals.  Our firm has garnered an exceptional reputation for its success for translating into the various French dialects including African French, Belgian French, Cajun French, Canadian French and Indian French.

As our clients grew in number over the years, so did their needs.  In order to meet these needs, the Firm now employs French translators with familiarity in a wide range of industries and technologies.  Our translators work in advanced layout and design programs such as Adobe Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator in addition to working in Microsoft Office applications such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Call us today at 713-589-3112 for more information and receive a free proposal.