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Our Spanish Translators provide Spanish-to-English and English-to-Spanish translations who meet the needs of businesses, families, and organizations throughout the greater Houston area. Our translators have specialized education and training in most subject areas and Spanish dialects. Whether you need to translate financial statements, immigration documents, medical reports, legal contracts, employee handbooks, or technical manuals, 24 Hour Translation Services provides highly rated, fast, and low-cost Spanish language solutions to meet all your needs.  

Michelle Moreno-LeeMichelle Moreno-Lee
20:50 03 Jan 23
This is the most effective, affordable, professional, and fastest translation services I have come across with. I initially needed their services to translate my birth certificate, and Peter was apt... to help me get the process started. The process is straightforward, and I really appreciate how they provided a draft before finalizing & sending it to me. When I received my finalized translated birth certificate, it was certified, notarized, and just looked impeccable. I ended up choosing to use them again in 2022, spoke once again with dear Peter (since I needed any additional documents translated, and I feel confident with the quality of their work). I continue to recommend them as they are local and the quality of their work is outstanding. Thank you Peter for working with me to get all my doc translated, certified and notarized!read more
Mildred RodriguezMildred Rodriguez
21:45 15 Nov 22
I had a great experience with 24 Hour Translations Services. I reached out to them for a quote and they got back to me immediately. They have very competitive prices and sent me the translations in... less than 24 hours. I would definitely use this service againread more
Alejandra RomanAlejandra Roman
19:56 19 Oct 22
Expert service. This was my first time using a translator service and I was left a very happy customer. I reached out to them for a quote and they got back to me in less than an hour. Once I gave... them the ok to proceed I had my translated documents less than 24 hours later, certified and notarized. I think their prices are extremely reasonable. Especially with their quick turn around and accuracy. A special thanks to Peter for being so accommodating and explaining things clearly. They have a lifetime customer in me!read more
Susana QuinonezSusana Quinonez
14:20 30 Aug 22
10/10 recommend! I had a last minute request and they were able to pull through within the same day! Fair pricing and great work !
Jon O.Jon O.
23:50 29 Aug 22
Today I had a very important document to be translated from Spanish to English. It was about my grandmother medical condition and I needed to have this translated in a timely manner so I can apply... for my emergency passport at the State Department.Pete, works at the 24hr Translation Services and he helped me so much and answered all my questions about the translating process and how long it take. He is amazing and my overall experience was absolutely amazing!I truly recommend their services!! 100%!!Thank you!read more
Bill captainBill captain
01:19 25 Aug 22
Always have done a fantastic work translating any doc I send them... Fast and efficient throughout the years!Please keep up the good work Peter D. and team!
Mher KoubelianMher Koubelian
00:06 20 Aug 22
Peter at 24 Hr Translation is a superstar. Emailed me a quote in under 20 mins & sent all the translated docs in under 40 hours (even though I had told him to not rush as I had 4 days)! I've had to... translate quite a few docs lately & 24hr Translation has been a godsend - every single time! I should also add that when I've had to bring in some corrections, they were all done very quickly & effectively. Definitely recommend 100%read more
Jessica CastroJessica Castro
20:45 16 Aug 22
Very pleased with their service. I called and sent a document that I needed translated at 6:00pm and received it at 1:00am at a very affordable price! Definitely recommend their service.
Di MitriDi Mitri
16:09 03 Aug 22
Very good service! Efficient from start to finish. Quick response to our requests. We request a translation of a notarial deed from Spanish to English in double column. The work was done flawlessly... and quickly! It's a plesure to work with professional people! Highly recommended!read more
Philipp WiemannPhilipp Wiemann
20:02 31 Jul 22
24 Hour Translation Services translated a German bank statement for me with a couple hours turnaround time. The translation was essential for closing on a home. Fast and accurate service. Would use... again.read more

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Why Spanish Language Translation is Critical for Houston

In Houston, where 38 percent of residents five years old or older speak Spanish at home, no racial majority exists. Thus, Spanish translators must overcome communication challenges.   

Businesses with multicultural workforces and customers rely on accurate, timely verbal and written communication to operate successfully. Inadequate communication in the workplace means lost productivity, missed deadlines, squandered opportunities and measurable losses.  

 For some Houston businesses, the best option is to hire professional translation services to communicate with foreign-speaking employees, suppliers, and customers. But finding the right document translation and human interpretation services provider for your specific demands takes careful consideration.  

Need For Spanish Translation Services in Houston

The U.S. Census shows that the greater Houston area grew from 3.1 million in 1980 to 7 million by 2019. Today, Latin Americans account for 40% of Houston’s population.  Several factors continue to attract Hispanics and Latino immigrants to Houston, including its proximity to the border, a tolerant and diverse culture, and a strong economy fueled by the Port of Houston. Houston’s energy corridor, technology hubs and several universities offer expanding opportunities.    

Given the existing and projected growth trends, the tremendous need for official Spanish-to-English and English-to-Spanish translation services in Houston is obvious.  When communication fails, the wrong messages are sent, or messages are misunderstood, miscommunication can destroy business deals and professional relationships. 

Whether you need to hire Latin workers or market to Latin consumers, partnering with a translation service with good Spanish translators who can professionally translate Spanish to English and vice-versa is essential. 

Screened and Tested Certified Spanish Translators

Our Spanish language specialists undergo one of the toughest pre-employment screening and testing processes in the industry.  To qualify for employment, a Spanish translator must hold a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and have a minimum of 10 years translation experience. Because our translators work exclusively for us and have passed a complex screening process, you can be assured of a professional translation with safe, confidential handling of your sensitive documents. 

Many of our language specialists have earned professional certifications from ALTA (American Literary Translators Association) and ATA (American Translators Association). These certifications enhance their credibility.  

Our commitment to hiring professional certified translators ensures that you receive consistent, accurate and professional results whenever you use our services.  By providing certified, notarized Spanish translations, we guarantee acceptance by USCIS, federal and state courts, government agencies, universities, and many foreign governments. You can trust us to deliver the highest quality translations and complete customer care. 

Specialized Spanish Translation Services

Finding an official translator in Houston to provide Spanish-English translations is simple, but choosing a good Spanish translator who will produce an accurate translation at an affordable rate is difficult.  Our company is one of the oldest verifiable Spanish-to-English translation services in Texas. Reviews from our customers consistently rate us with five stars. Our language translators have worked for us for more than 10 years, which adds to our ability to provide reliable and consistent results. Most importantly, we use only real Spanish-to-English translators.  We never rely on machine translation or unproven interpreters and converters.   

Our Spanish department is divided into 6 functional teams that focus on legal translation, medical translation, financial translation, technical translation, certified translation, and academic translation.  Each team consists of accurate Spanish translators who provide quick, accurate, efficient services.  You can count on the translations being exact and the formatting being professional.  The following is a summary of the types of documents each team translates.

Do you need a legal translator?  Our legal translation team has completed coursework and training to translate legal documents, including contracts and agreements, patents, laws and regulations, article of incorporation, evidentiary records, divorce decrees and power of attorney documents.  Each translation is accompanied by a certified and notarized certificate of translation accuracy. 

2.      Medical Translation

Medical translation requires the specialized training of our Spanish medical translators. Our clients can count on them to accurately translate medical reports, patient histories, pharmaceutical studies, and public health materials. In fact, our Spanish medical translators process hundreds of medical records each week. 

3.      Financial Translation

You can trust us for financial translation services when you apply for a mortgage, report taxes, conclude an audit, or prepare financial reports and need to translate currencies and financial information into another language. Our team of financial translators in Houston provide linguistic services for companies and individuals throughout the Houston metroplex. For more than 15 years, leading lending institutions, law firms, consulting companies and individuals have relied on the expertise of our certified financial translators. 

4.      Technical Translation

Our technical team boasts Spanish engineers who are experts in translating petroleum, scientific and mechanical engineering content.  We have some of the most talented technical translators in the country. 

5.      Certified Translation

Our certified translators are experienced in translating official documents including birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, medical reports, immunization records, death certificates and driver’s licenses.  We have extensive experience in completing legal translations for USCIS immigration applicants. 

6.      Academic Translation

Our academic team specializes in diploma and transcript translations. Learn more about our academic services here. 

Professional Spanish Document Translation in Houston

As a leading provider of accurate Spanish translation services, we have extensive experience in working in the fields of companies doing business in Texas.   The exceptional depth and geographic reach of our resources enable us to complete almost every type of translation and localization related issue. 

  • Oil, Gas and Energy Translations 
  • Legal Translations 
  • Marketing and Advertising Translations 
  • Human Resources Translations 
  • Technical Translations 
  • Immigration Translations 
  • Financial Translations 
  • Medical Translations 
  • Academic-Diploma and Transcript Translations 
  • Certified and Notarized Translations 

Many of our translators have law, medical, science or engineering degrees, including some with advanced degrees across a broad spectrum of arts, sciences, technical and professional fields.  This knowledge and experience benefit our clients in ways that are important to them. 

In addition to providing certified and notarized official document translations, we also offer expedited apostille and authentication of documents through the Secretary of State’s office. 

Accredited and Official Translator Spanish to English

24 Hour Translation is one of the oldest and most respected providers of human translation services in Houston of English to Spanish and Spanish to English. We don’t exaggerate who our clients are or the number of clients we serve. Houston’s largest law firms, petroleum companies, medical device manufacturers and retail service companies trust our Spanish translators more than any other agency in Texas.  When Texans need an official Spanish-to-English translator, they call 24 Hour Translation Services. 

The diversity of our Spanish translation teams allows us to service your specific Spanish dialect requirements with accuracy, professionalism, and speed while ensuring consistency in terminology and tone throughout your document. Our depth of service even permits us to  translate Spanish to French and other languages. Email Us: [email protected] 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Offer Same Day Translation Services?

For most documents, we can offer same-day service if we receive the text, and you make a payment by noon. Other limitations may apply, so please send us your document(s) to confirm that we can meet your delivery requirements. Our same day service is good for all translations, including original translations certified by the translator, stamped, and signed by a notary public and picked up at our local office.
Same Day Translation Services

How Much Do You Charge Per Page?

While many companies promote per-page pricing, you should understand what this means. The companies that promote these prices define a page as either 200 or 250 words. If your page exceeds this threshold, you are typically billed for an additional page. Therefore, a company that charges $25 per page may charge $50 for a page containing only 300 words. 
Instead of charging per page, 24 Hour Translation Services charges a flat rate per word. Our minimum charge is $25 per page, and a low rate of less than $0.09 per word. Thus, we always beat companies offering per-page pricing. 
price per page

Can I Pick Up an Original Signed and Stamped Translation in Houston?

Not only do we have an office in Houston, but we also have local support staff, Spanish translators and interpreters and a notary public. With these resources, we provide on-site services from our local office that allow you to pick up original certified and notarized translations that you can use for official matters. Original signed and certified translations are often required for immigration and legal matters. The Texas Secretary of State also requires original certified and notarized translations produced in Texas for authentication and apostille services. 
Pick up a translation in Houston

Are Your Translations Accepted at the Spanish Consulate in Houston?

Yes, our translations are accepted at the Spanish and Mexican consulates in Houston, TX.Our translations are 100% accepted.

Do You Offer Notarized Translations?

Our local office has an on-site notary public. We can certify and notarize every document and you can pick up the original signed and stamped certification. We offer this service free of charge with the purchase of any of our translation services. 
Notarizing A Translation

Are Your Translations Certified for Immigration Services and USCIS?

Yes, we guarantee our translations will be accepted by USCIS. 
Certified Translations For USCIS

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