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Centered in the heart of the oil capital of the world, 24-Hour Translation is a locally owned and operated Texas company that specializes in serving companies and research institutions needing oil and gas translations. 

Every aspect of our lives would be different without the discovery and refinement of oil over a century ago. Petroleum, especially in the form of crude oil and its refined states is germane to every facet of life. Today, petroleum is used to fuel motors, heat homes, generate electricity, and pave roads. Petroleum is also used as a component in the production of chemicals, plastics, and synthetic materials found in nearly everything we use today. Petroleum is still paramount to our existence. Petroleum is just as necessary to life as food and air. Without petroleum, all other activity would eventually cease.

To engage in this continuing market, our translators are trained in different facets of the oil industry. From geological research, job site safety, personnel staffing, international work visas, tooling, processing, legal/ contractual documents and marketing, we solve your translation needs.

Why 24-Hour Translation?

  • Experience.  Our teams of Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Angolan Portuguese, Mexican Spanish, South American Spanish, and Algerian French translators has allowed us to develop lasting relationships with foreign and domestic governments, corporations and NGO’s throughout the world.  Through our parent company, we regularly translate documents and supply interpreters for major industry groups including the government of Angola, Chevron, USGS (U.S. Geological Survey), Baker Hughes and countless suppliers.
  • Quality. All of our translators hold a minimum of bachelor’s degree.  The majority of our translators hold a master’s degree in the field that they translate into.  All have native level competence in the language they translate into and an excellent understanding of the source text language.
  • Accuracy.  24-Hour Translation has a quality assurance department that involves a review by an independent translator. 
  • Speed.  Regardless of the language pair, when we accept a project we won’t miss the deadline.  An experienced project manager will oversee every aspect of your oil and gas translation project.  Because last minute, time sensitive projects often come with unforeseen edits and additions, we plan for them so that they can be included while still meeting the deadline.

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