Dallas Certified Spanish Translation Services

When you need to translate Spanish documents near Dallas, you can count on 24 Hour Translation. Our Dallas-Fort Worth office at 5025 Addison Circle, Addison, Texas, is ready to serve you.  For immigration, we translate birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, driver’s licenses.  We also translate diplomas and transcripts for college and university admission.  Our financial translations are accepted by leading banks, government agencies and court systems.  We are also a trusted provider of medical document translation. Businesses trust us to translate training materials, technical guides, and employee handbooks. Call 214-550-0151 to receive a free proposal.24 Hour Translation is a Dallas certified Spanish translation company that specialize in legal translation, financial translation, medical translation, technical translation, audiovisual translation, marketing translation and business translation. Our nearly 20 years of experience uniquely qualify us to serve Dallas with professional, low-cost, effective Spanish translations that are accurate and delivered quickly. From ideas on paper through translation, certification and notarization and beyond, we help clients communicate their messages in the most accurate and professional way possible.


Our broad experience in providing Dallas with Spanish-to-English and English-to-Spanish translation services has allowed our clients to communicate their messages accurately, professionally, legally and economically throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and around the world.

Jose Garcia, Engineer and Spanish Translator

Our Dallas Spanish Translators

As a full-service Spanish translation agency, we employ Dallas Spanish translators who are experts in the translation of employee manuals and handbooks, websites, legal contracts and agreements, financial statements, audit reports, engineering reports and immigration documents. We even provide audiovisual translations that include multilingual subtitling and professional multilingual voiceovers.

24 Hour Translation Services
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Local & Secure Spanish Document Translation in Dallas

Many translation services make false claims about being local. While they may claim to be in Dallas, Arlington, Fort Worth, Irving, Plano or Carrolton, for example, they are located overseas. The real danger here is they have no document control. Once you pay for their services, they post your documents to internet forums consisting of thousands of low-wage, inexperienced and seldom background-screened freelance translators. Eventually, your private, sensitive information could easily be shared with hundreds of people throughout the world.

Since other companies primarily use overseas translators, it is nearly impossible to get original signed and certified translations, which are often required for immigration, passports, visas and other official purposes. If you cannot get an original signed and notarized translation, you may end up with a worthless translation. In contrast, 24 Hour Translation is local and we have our own translators who work exclusively for us. You can always arrange to pick up the original copies of your translation in our Dallas office.

Specialized Spanish Translation in Dallas

Our highly-skilled team of certified Spanish translators in Dallas provide the following services:

Spanish Legal Translation

24 Hour Translation is chosen by some of the most highly-regarded international law firms in America for use in high profile cases that have been covered in the New York Times. Top law firms in Texas routinely call on us to provide Spanish translation services because of the accuracy, speed and professionalism of our staff. As a local, full-service provider of Dallas certified and notarized translation services, we are often tasked with providing Spanish legal translation of contracts, agreements, evidentiary records, police reports, financial records, business filings, property deeds, power of attorney forms, wills, adoption decrees, rulings, laws and regulations, divorce decree and more. In addition to Spanish document translation, we also provide legal audio and audiovisual translations. Our Dallas Spanish legal translations are certified and notarized to be used in federal, state and local courts, as well as courts in other countries.

Spanish Medical Translation

Accuracy is critical for Spanish medical translations to ensure the best, most accurate service and to prevent litigation. That’s why our Spanish medical translators in Dallas continually stay current on the latest research. Their knowledge, training and linguistic competence in providing Spanish medical translation is the reason why we are chosen by high-profile law firms specializing in negligence, personal injury, and product liability. We also work with medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers to translate their multilingual marketing brochures, training materials and software applications. Individuals call us to translate their medical reports, hospital records, birth certificates, and immunization and vaccination records. Based on your medical translation requirements, we will assign an expert medical translator in Dallas to complete your project successfully.

Spanish Document Translation

Businesses in Dallas trust 24 Hour Translation to provide accurate, human document translation of their employee manuals, employee handbooks, training materials, sales contracts, distribution agreements, customer surveys, business forms, newsletters and more. Our Dallas Spanish Translators have advanced desktop publishing skills to accommodate all your communication needs. We work in Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and more.

Spanish Technical Translation

Not many Spanish technical translation companies can boast technical Spanish translators with engineering degrees, but we can. Whether your business is focused on oil and gas, construction, manufacturing, or hi-tech, give us a call. We are winning over big customers who previously settled for less and paid more. For Spanish technical translation, it makes sense to call 24 Hour Translation!

Spanish Financial Translation

Businesses and individuals regularly turn to 24 Hour Translation for Spanish financial translation services. Whether you are a mortgage broker needing to secure a loan for a client or an individual needing to report overseas income for tax purposes, our Dallas Spanish Financial translation team can assist you. The Spanish translation of your financial documents will be fully certified and notarized to meet all requirements.

Spanish Audiovisual, Voiceover and Subtitling

Our Spanish audiovisual translation services excel! Our clients range from global industry leaders to regional and local businesses and organizations in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Whether you need Spanish voiceover translation services, transcriptions of an audio recording, Spanish subtitling services for a video or voiceover services using male or female talent, we have a broad selection of experienced actors to choose from. Most importantly, our work is professional and much less expensive than what you would pay elsewhere.

Notarized and Certified Spanish Translations in Dallas

Most individuals needing certified and notarized Spanish translation in Dallas are applying for immigration to the United States or a short-term or long-term visa in another country. Businesses, individuals and law firms also request Spanish certified translations in Dallas for business filings, evidentiary materials for court use, mortgage applications, medical procedures, college applications, insurance documents and other official purposes.

24 Hour Translation provides certified and notarized translations quickly. Many times, we can complete a certified Spanish translation in a few hours. Because we offer local pickup, you can often get the original hard copies the same day. Just give us a call and we will try to work your project into our schedule. Here are some common types of certified and notarized translations that we complete daily in Dallas:

Birth Certificate Translation Driver’s License Translation
Death Certificate Translation Marriage Certificate Translation
Diploma Translation Report Card Translation
Divorce Certificate Translation Transcript Translation
Divorce Decree Translation Will Translation

In many situations, the certified translations you need must be originals that are notarized. This means that a notary public must be present when the translator signs the affidavit of translation accuracy. A scanned copy or an electronic copy will not suffice.

Don’t allow other so-called Certified Spanish Translation Services in Dallas to mislead you. If your documents are being submitted for an official reason like immigration or if you need original translations that contain a signed affidavit from the translator in ballpoint pen, a scanned copy or electronic copy that you print won’t suffice. For immigration, you can provide scanned or photocopies of the translation in the initial stages, but eventually you must submit original signed documents from the translator. Many times, these court-certified translations must also be notarized. We certify and notarize our certified translations and never charge an additional fee.

English to Spanish Translation in Dallas

One of our most popular services is our English-to-Spanish translation. Last year, we translated over 10,000 webpages for clients wishing to reach new markets. We also translated 30,000 pages of legal contracts, evidentiary records and other court documents for some of the largest law firms in Texas. Businesses often turn to 24 Hour Translation to translate their employee handbooks, product guides, instruction manuals, training programs and marketing collateral. Regardless of the size of your project, we can complete your Spanish-to-English translations more affordably, quickly and accurately than our competition.

Spanish to English Translation in Dallas

Each day, we accept dozens of Spanish-to-English translation projects. For businesses and law firms, these frequently include lease agreements, sales contracts, marketing collateral, bankruptcy filings, financial reports and business formation filings. We also provide Spanish-to-English translation of immigration documents, medical records, academic records, driver’s licenses, birth certificates, marriages certificates, divorce decrees and death certificates for individuals too.

Fast Spanish Apostille Services in Dallas

Should you need an apostille, we have a Texas notary to make your legal translations “apostille ready” and a trusted network of expediting firms that can acquire an apostille for your documents quickly so that you can present them to a consulate or foreign court in a few days.

The Best Certified and Notarized Spanish Translation in Dallas

24 Hour Translation provides the best Spanish translation in Dallas. The quality of our Spanish translations sets us apart from other Dallas translation agencies. Whether you need Central American Spanish translation, Mexican Spanish translation, South American Spanish translation, Castilian Spanish translation or Catalan Spanish translation, you can trust us. We use real human translators to complete your job accurately, affordably, professionally and quickly.