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Portuguese Translator Services in Houston

The ability to communicate accurately and timely with people inside and outside of a business is necessary for success. Effective communication creates a bond between a business and its stakeholders and provides opportunities to make better choices; stay alert to opportunities; improve productivity; build strong business relationships; reduce turnover and generate greater profits. Without strong communication, a company will fail.

On the global stage, Houston is a cultural and economic powerhouse. The port of Houston is the largest in the U.S. in terms of waterborne tonnage, imports and export tonnage. With its proximity to Latin America, an energy sector that produces 2 million barrels per day and a booming technology and biomedical corridor, Houston offers a product and service economy that is essential to the Portuguese speaking countries of Brazil, Angola, Mozambique and Portugal. With our economic resources, warm climate, strong job market, welcoming culture and rich diversity, it’s also easy to understand Houston’s attraction to Portuguese speaking immigrant communities.


Given the strong immigration growth and trade volume with Portuguese speaking markets, there is a growing demand for business document and audiovisual Portuguese translation services in Houston. 24 Hour Translation Services recognized this need over 15 years ago, and addresses it with accurate, fast and adorable professional English to Portuguese and Portuguese to English translators in Houston. As a leading provider of document translation services in Texas, we translate legal, financial, technical, medical, immigration, academic and website content with the highest regard to professionalism because we have a vested interest in your success.

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We are committed to providing excellent Portuguese translation services in Houston to all our clients, no matter what regional market, industry or situation you address. Our clients consist of individuals, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. We translate Portuguese to English and English to Portuguese for a wide variety of Houston businesses including geological consultants, occupational safety training companies, health care providers, medical device manufacturers, commercial real estate brokerages, shipping carriers, heavy equipment manufacturers, financial service firms, engineers, food processing companies, oil and gas companies and more. These companies know that they can depend on our accurate, consistent and professional Houston Portuguese translators to complete their projects correctly..

Our Houston translation agency consists of committed and highly trained translators and supporting professionals who have each excelled in their respective specialties. Our certified Portuguese translators have a minimum of 10-years of translating experience and hold advanced degrees and certifications. Some are members of The Portuguese Association of Translators (APT), American Translators Association (ATA), and Brazilian Association of Translators and Interpreter (ABRATES). Because we have a rigorous interview and screening process that includes in-house testing and validation, you can be assured that you will receive the highest quality Portuguese translation.


Portuguese is spoken in several countries throughout the world. Standard Portuguese is the form of Portuguese used in Portugal. In addition to providing standard Portuguese translation, we also offer Brazilian Portuguese, Angolan Portuguese and Mozambique Portuguese. Each of these is a dialect because each has different rules of language usage and unique words. Due to these differences the text translated by a Brazilian can seem odd and uncomfortable to native Angolan and Portuguese readers, even though the translation may be perfect. For this reason, it is always advisable to use a translator who is native to the dialect and country that you intend on targeting. At 24 Hour Translation, we have expert Angolan Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Standard Portuguese and Mozambique Portuguese translators. These translators are expert at translating legal, technical, medical and financial related documents from Portuguese to English and English to Portuguese. We have hundreds of clients throughout Houston and around the world who trust our experts to translate Portuguese documents.

Regardless of the type of Portuguese linguist you need, you will always find our pricing simple, inexpensive and transparent. Some companies offer per page pricing, which is often very misleading. For simplicity and clarity, we offer per word pricing. For Portuguese translations, our pricing start around $0.09 per word and includes proofreading,


We offer Portuguese legal translation services near Houston.  Our certified and notarized legal document translation services are accepted in all U.S. courts, including the Harris County Courthouse in Houston.
Harris County Courthouse, Houston, Tx.

Legal translation involves translating contracts, witness statements, wills, patents, court rulings, appeals and other types of litigation documents. Portuguese legal translation is a specialized field that requires the completion of legal coursework and usually a certification program. This is because the field of law has its own terminology and concepts which must be used correctly.

24 Hour Translation Services offers Portuguese legal translators in Houston who are educated, experienced and ready to translate your next legal project. With our own team of translators who safeguard sensitive documents, you can be assured that confidentiality will be retained.


Methodist Hospital, Sugar Land, Tx.

The increasing cultural diversity in Houston has created strong demand for certified medical translators. Being able to provide quality care through accurate medical translation services means having skilled Portuguese translators who understand complex medical terminology involving biology and physiology, treatments and diagnostics. 24 Hour Translation has a talented team of educated and experienced medical translators in Houston who can meet short deadlines and tight budgets.


Federal Reserve Bank, Houston, Tx.

Financial lending institutions, brokerages and investment companies help Houston’s residents and businesses in a wide range of trade and personal financial services. However, when international financial transactions are involved, sometimes the assistance of a certified financial translator is necessary. Often official documentation such as financial statements, mortgage applications, and audit results may require the assistance of a financial translator.

24 Hour Translations has Portuguese financial translators in Houston who have completed coursework in Finance and Economics. They understand the complex financial and legal terms that are needed to provide accurate financial document translation services. Once translated, our Houston translators can certify these translations for accuracy in the presence of a public notary.


Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, Houston, Tx.

When you need technical translations for the oil and gas, petrochemical, medical device or another specialized industry, you can trust 24 Hour Translation. Our technical translation services in Houston has expert Portuguese linguists that can complete your project accurately, professionally, efficiently and affordably. With nearly 20 years of service to the Houston area, we have developed the most respected team of technical translators in Texas.


College Park High School, The Woodlands, Tx.

If you are applying for an academic visa or have recently immigrated to the United States and are seeking to enroll you children or yourself in school, then you will need a certified translation of your academic records. 24 Hour Translation offers simple, fast and inexpensive report card translation, transcript translation and diploma translation services in Houston. Our Portuguese diploma and transcript translators produce near-mirror quality translations of your official academic records that are accepted by Texas universities. Call us today for more information.


USCIS Field Office, Houston, Tx.

Do you need a certified Portuguese to English translator in Houston? Our professional linguists offer certified Portuguese translations of vital records. Our translations are accepted because our translators comply with USCIS certified translation requirements. Whether you need a birth certificate, passport, marriage certificate, divorce decree, driver’s license, death certificate or any other official document translated, we can do it. We also provide apostille services for the Brazilian consulate and the Angolan consulate. 24 Hour Translation provides legal translations that are certified and notarized in Texas for immigration (USCIS), division of motor vehicles (Texas DMV) and many other government agencies, organizations and institutions. Because our prices are low and our quality is exceptional, there is no reason to go anywhere else. Our certified translations fully comply with the requirements of the U.S. government and most foreign governments. In addition to providing a pdf copy, we can also mail you a hard copy that contains the original signatures of the translator and notary public.

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