Translate French Documents in Chicago

24 Hour Translation has a vast experience in French document translations in Chicago. Our excellent track record in French to English and English to French translations has helped our esteemed clients rely on us once and again when they need French document translations. Having a large team of professional translators, all backed up by advanced degrees in their fields of expertise and several years of experience, is the key to our success when so many other options are available.

A project manager will consider dialect specificity and field coverage to assign your project to the best matching translator from our Chicago agency. This assures the best possible localization when we deal with your French document translation requirements. Reaching the audience in its native language with 100% accuracy may be the difference between success and failure in situations such as a company’s internationalization campaign or closing a deal with an overseas company. 24 Hour Translation covers the different European, Canadian, Asian, and African French variations, such as Belgium French, Swiss French, and Quebec French.

Reliable French Translation Service in Chicago

The tools and resources we offer our French translators and administrative staff make it possible for our Chicago team to deliver professional document translations with excellent turnaround. Our software tools assure consistency within your translated documents when it comes to terms and style, while helping us speed up the process. Furthermore, our Chicago translation team covers a range of subjects and our French translators are knowledgeable and experience in:

  • Technical translations
  • Automotive translations
  • Real estate translations
  • Product documentation translations
  • Marketing translations
  • Medical and healthcare translations
  • Diploma and transcript translations
  • Legal document translations
  • Gas, Oil, and Energy translations

Certified French Document Translations in Chicago

Certificates, decrees, diplomas, transcripts, licenses, and other documents are translated by 24 Hour Translation’s staff complying with the requirements of different government bodies and both public and private institutions, not only in the U.S. but also abroad. Our certified French translation service provides each client with a digital copy of the translated document and offers the option of receiving a notarized hard copy via regular mail.

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