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In today’s global business environment, the aftermath of a contract dispute can mean the demise of a company or business unit. The legal contract translators at 24 Hour Translation Services is trusted by leading law firms and fortune 500 businesses to translate important contracts and other matters of significant legal consequence.

When it comes to the legal translation of contracts, it is imperative that you hire an experienced legal translation firm with professional legal translators. The legal translation team at 24 Hour Translation Services can be trusted to translate contracts using precise terminology. Once we translate a legal contract, a second translator proofreads the translation to ensure accuracy and readability. Finally, the translation is certified and notarized to meet legal standards.

Professional Contract Translation in More Than 50 Languages

With over 20 years’ experience and two locations, our reputation has been built on providing the best legal contract translation in more than 50 languages. Take a moment to read a few of the many public reviews that our clients have written about the legal translation services that we offer. These reviews show how hard our legal contract translators work to provide the value and quality that our clients expect.

We realize that taking shortcuts and hiring inexperienced translators can lead to misinterpretations and disputes concerning the exact terms of the contract. Even when an experienced translator is hired, the contract may not be translated completely and arguments can arise when certain terms are read into the contract, or implied. Based on the country, courts may be unwilling to amend agreements, or may only do so under special conditions. In some countries, the terms might be implied by statute. In any event, such problems can strain relations or be detrimental to business.

If an incompetent translator is hired, or if the translator does not take the time to be thorough, and the translation company does not proofread the contract, there may be ambiguity in the wording. These types of problems often involve how the different parties to the contract interpret the meaning of particular terms. Different courts place different weight on literal meaning and intended meaning of words and phrases, while other countries interpret the contract in light of all factual circumstances. Many times, these types of problems can easily be avoided by choosing a trusted legal translation company.

A contract with translation flaws can also be set aside by the courts if it is found to be defective. The events that cause a document to be judged as flawed are often called vitiating factors. An example of a vitiating factor is when one party has been misled into entering into the contract due to false claims or misrepresentation. In some instances, certain translation mistakes can be viewed as misrepresentation.

Houston Legal Translation Services
Harris County Courthouse, Houston, Tx.

There are a lot of translation companies who claim to be the best.  Many of these companies also claim to have a local office with a local staff.  Unfortunately, when things go badly, the truth comes out. That’s why you need an experienced and local language translation service to translate your sensitive legal contracts and agreements.

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24 Hour Translation Services has operated in the Dallas area for nearly 20 years. During this time, our legal contract and agreement translators have gained the trust of some of the largest law firms in the area. Call us today to learn more about our experience, the services we offer and our translation rates.

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Do you need Professional Legal Contract Spanish Translation Services? 24 Hour Translations Services offers professional legal contract and agreement translations in more than 50 languages. Similar to our other translators, each of our Spanish Legal Contract Translators has more than 10 years of experience translating contracts and agreements. Our large team of Spanish legal translators allows us to handle nearly any size job, provide fast turnaround times and offer attractive rates. Call us today to learn more about our services.

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