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Welcome to 24 Hour Translation Services, the certified marriage certificate translator that provides the intelligence, fast delivery, low price and human expertise you need for your USCIS, immigration and other legal translation requirements.  24 Hour Translation Services is known for helping individuals and businesses act with confidence—because you can count on the acceptance of our legal document translation services by USCIS, foreign immigration services, organizations and businesses throughout the world. Our official certificate translators are careful and methodical to ensure the accuracy of your English language translations.

20 Years of Certified Marriage Certificate Translations

Over the past 20 years we have developed a reputation among local, state and federal governments for the accurate, high-quality translations that we consistently produce.  Each of our translators has a minimum of 10 years of experience in providing certified and notarized translations for U.S. immigration and naturalization.  When you choose 24 Hour Translation Services, your translated document will meet the requirements of governments, employers, organizations, business and other legal bodies.  This includes signatures, seals, stamps, notary stamp and references.

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The 24 Hour Translation Services Promises

  • 100% Acceptance by USCIS
  • Certified and Notarized translations to ensure acceptance by foreign governments, universities, organizations and nearly every other institution
  • Translations completed by trained professionals
  • Complete review by the customer and a second translator before final delivery
  • Low Prices
  • Professional Layout and appearance
  • Provision of original hard copies with ink signatures, if needed

Individual Attention and Service to the Following Cities

Our global reach, competence and recognition allow us to serve companies and individuals in these cities and throughout the world.


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Confidential and Secure Handling of Certified Marriage License Translations

We are a certified woman-owned, U.S. disabled-veteran-owned business that works closely with the U.S. government.  Our employees have security credentials that ensure we provide extreme care in handling your sensitive documents.  Correct certified marriage license translations will expedite your process for applying for immigration, getting married, accepting a new job, applying for insurance or moving to a new country because it ensures a simple, swift and trouble-free process.

24 Hour Marriage Certificate Translation Services

You need your documents fast, error-free and priced right.  In many instances, you will also require a notarized marriage certificate translation and an original hard copy.  Our team of skilled certified marriage certificate translators can usually complete your project in a few hours and give you the opportunity to review the translation to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Marriage Certificate Translation FAQ’s

Do you guarantee your marriage certificate translation document services?  YES

Can you provide original hard copies of your certified marriage certificate translation? YES

Do you certify and notarize marriage certificate translations?  YES

Can your translate and certify and notarize translations within a few hours?  YES

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