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Whether you are getting married overseas or applying for immigration, you will need a certified translation of your birth certificate.   As a Houston-and Dallas-based certified translation agency, we have serviced individuals, businesses, law firms and government agencies for nearly 20 years.  During this time, we have translated tens of thousands of birth certifications into many languages.  We even translate the apostille on birth certificates when necessary.

Birth Certificate Translation Services in Houston

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Birth Certificate Translation Services in Dallas

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Why Choose 24 Hour Translation for Your Birth Certificate Translation?

During our nearly 20 years of translation success, we have translated tens of thousands of birth certificates for clients in the United States and around the world.  In fact, providing birth certificate translations is our most popular service.  Because we offer unbeatable prices, fast turnaround times, and accuracy, our clients frequently recommend us to their friends and family for official translations.  As evidence of our excellence, our translations have a 100% acceptance rate.   Our standard prices are 25% to 50% less than our competition’s, are usually delivered within a few hours of submission and include free notarization!  Some companies charge up to $50 extra for notary services alone.

Birth Certificate Translations in 40 Languages 

24 Hour Translation Service offers birth certificate translations in all major languages (Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Russian, Urdu, Farsi, Polish and many more).  Because we work only with in-house translators who work exclusively for us, you are insured the highest quality translations from native translators. Once your translations are complete, they are proofread and then submitted to you for review. 

100% Acceptance Birth Certificate Transitions

Our certified birth certificate translation is accepted for official and legal purposes by embassies, consulates, USCIS, businesses, and other organizations and institutions.  Based on the specific use, the certification requirements may vary and are generally explicitly stated.  However, 24 Hour Translation helps in determining the requirements for the specific country and authority where the certified translation will be submitted.

Why Do You Need A Birth Certificate Translation?

A birth certificate translation must be accurately translated and accurately designed.  The appearance of the birth certificate translation must mirror the appearance of the original or source document that is being translated.  Unfortunately, birth certificates may differ in a number of country-specific ways.  Even in a country like the United States or Mexico, there could be many different styles of birth certificates.  Designing the translation and creating translations that look like originals is labor intensive and requires meticulous work.  At 24 Hour Translation, our translators invest the necessary effort to make your translations look like a mirror of the original.  Click on the links below to see some recent examples of our work.

Birth Certificate Translation Services for Immigration

If you were born outside the United States and are applying for a visa or immigration, you will need to submit a certified birth certificate translation to USCIS.  24 Hour Translation makes the process of acquiring a birth certificate translation painless, inexpensive and fast.  For peace of mind, you can relax knowing that we are a recognized provider of birth certificate translations by all foreign governments, including the United States.  Our translations are fully accepted by USCIS. 

Birth Certificate Translations for Marriage

If you are getting married in another country, you will likely be required to provide an official translation of your birth certificate.  If you are remarrying, you may also be asked to provide proof of your eligibility to marry.  The required documents may include the translation of divorce decrees and divorce certificates.  Often, these translations need to be certified and notarized with an Apostille.  We can assist in answering your questions about certifications, notarization and apostilles.  Just give us a call.

Birth Certificate Translation for Employment and Insurance

If you are changing employers or insurance providers, you may be asked to provide a certified translation of your birth certificate.  If you don’t already have one, we can translate your certificate in just a few hours.  Our certified birth certificate translation service is always inexpensive, fast and professional.

Types of Birth Certificate Translations

There are different types of birth certificate translations.  Other translation services make the process of deciding which type you need complicated.  Also they charge premium prices and hide additional fees for services you really need.   The following describes the three basic types of certified translations:

Basic Certified Translation

The basic certified translation includes the translated document and an addition piece of paper called an affidavit of translation accuracy.  The affidavit of translation accuracy states that the translator has signed off, affirming that the translation is accurate, that no hidden or illegal intentions governed the translation, and that the translator has followed correct translation standards.  This statement is signed by the translator in ballpoint pen and is printed on the translation agency’s official stationary.

Legalized Translation or Notarized Translation

A notarized translation is a legal translation that is signed by the translator while a public notary observes.  Once the translator signs the affidavit of translation accuracy, the public notary records the signing and signs and stamps the translation with an official public notary stamp. 

Apostille Translation

Some countries may require that an apostille be provided with a certified and notarized translation.  Apostille service is provided by the secretary of state at the state level and federal level.  The apostille simply provides authentication that the public notary who stamped your documents is a legitimate public notary.

Do You Need A Copy Of Your Birth Certificate

Over the years, birth certificates like other vital records can become damaged or lost. If you were born in Texas, it is easy to get an official copy. Often, you will need an official copy of your birth certificate and a certified translation with an apostille to submit in a foreign country. If you were born in Houston or Harris County, the following article provides all the information you need to get a new certified copy of birth certificate quickly, easily and inexpensively.

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