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Types of Urdu Translation Services

  • Certified Urdu Document Translation (Birth certificates, marriage licenses, etc.)
  • Urdu Website Localization
  • Urdu Interpretation Services (In-Person/Phone)
  • Legal Urdu Document Translation in Houston
  • Medical Urdu Translation Services in Houston
  • Technical Urdu Translation Services in Houston
  • Marketing and Business Urdu Translation in Houston
  • Urdu Immigration Document Translation

Why Choose Us for Your Urdu Translation Needs in Houston?

  • Houston-Focused: We understand the needs of Houston’s Urdu Community
  • 20+ Years Serving Houston: Proven Urdu Translation Excellence
  • Certified & Qualified Translators: Accuracy and industry expertise guaranteed
  • Commitment to Excellence: Client satisfaction is our top priority, with free notarization, transparent pricing, and same-day Urdu translation Houston when available.
  • Best Price Guarantee: We’ll match any competitor’s quote for comparable Urdu translation services.

What Our Clients Say

“Excellent service, fast turnaround. Highly recommend!”

Sara A., Houston, TX

I needed an urgent legal document translated from Urdu. 24 Hour Translation Services exceeded my expectations with their speed and accuracy.

Faizan M., Sugar Land, TX

“24 Hour Translation Services made the whole translation process so easy! Their notarized document was accepted without any issues.”

Amina K., Katy, TX

The Importance of Urdu in Houston

Houston’s Urdu-speaking community is a vibrant and growing part of the city’s cultural tapestry. With an estimated 8,394 Urdu speakers, it’s one of the top languages in Houston. A significant Pakistani-American population, estimated at around 60,000 residents, further underscores the influence of Urdu and South Asian culture in the city. From Houston’s Medical Center to legal offices, clear Urdu translation is essential for bridging communication gaps and fostering an inclusive Houston for Urdu speakers.

Sectors Where Urdu Translation is Vital

Healthcare: Accurate translation of Urdu medical records and patient forms.

Medical translation demands precision and cultural sensitivity. From translating complex medical terminology to ensuring patient forms are easily understood, accurate Urdu translation is crucial for providing quality care to Houston’s Urdu-speaking population. Our team of medical specialists ensures that diagnoses, treatment plans, and medical histories are communicated with the utmost accuracy and clarity.

Legal: Precise Urdu legal document translation for contracts, court proceedings, and crucial immigration paperwork.

Precise Urdu legal document translation for contracts, court proceedings, and crucial immigration paperwork. Our translators specialize in legal terminology and provide certified, notarized translations accepted by Houston courts. We specialize in translating immigration paperwork, including marriage certificates, birth certificates, immunization records and more by ensuring accuracy for USCIS and other legal proceedings.

Business: Expand your reach with Urdu marketing translation in Houston.

Expand your reach with culturally sensitive Urdu marketing translation in Houston. We adapt your brand’s message to resonate effectively with the Urdu-speaking market across diverse industries, including oil and gas, IT, manufacturing, and human resources. Expand your reach to the Urdu community. We adapt your brand’s message and offer complete Urdu website localization services for the Houston market.

Education: Equitable access through Urdu translation of transcripts, materials, and communication.

Ensure equitable access through Urdu translation of transcripts, diplomas, learning materials, and parent-teacher communications. Leading evaluation companies like WES and local universities, including the University of Houston and Rice University, readily accept our accurate and reliable translations.

Technical: Clear Urdu instructions and manuals for software and products.

Get clear and accurate Urdu instructions and manuals for software and products. Our technical translation experts meticulously translate specifications and user guides, ensuring every detail is precise and easy to understand across various technical industries.

Financial and Banking: Accurate Urdu translation of financial documents for loans and investments.

Trust our accurate Urdu translations for financial documents, loans, and investments. Leading mortgage companies and financial institutions choose our services for their clear, reliable translations of complex financial forms and reports.

About Us

With 20+ years of experience, we are Houston’s trusted choice for Urdu translation services. Our team of certified translators is dedicated to providing accurate, culturally-sensitive, and timely translations for businesses, organizations, and individuals across the Houston area. We are Houston’s trusted choice for Urdu translation services, with a physical office in the heart of the city. Many of our translators are members of Houston’s vibrant Pakistani-American community.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of documents do you translate?

We offer a comprehensive range of translation services, including official documents (birth certificates, etc.), medical, legal, technical, financial, and marketing materials. We also provide notarized and certified translations. For a full list of services, please contact us.

Do you offer notarized Urdu document translation in Houston?

Yes, 24 Hour Translation Services offers notarized translation services. The company provides certified 24-hour translation services, including notarized and sworn translations for a variety of documents. These services are trusted by thousands of individuals and businesses in the United States, and the company ensures that the translations are proofread before delivering them to clients. They also certify translations for rush orders and provide secure translation services, signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) at the start of the project to ensure the security of the translated documents.

How much does it cost to translate a birth certificate from Urdu to English in Houston

24 Hour Translation Services typically charges between $25 and $30 per certificate, depending on the word count. This price includes certification, notarization and local pickup of an original document.

Do you translate documents from English to Urdu and vice versa?

Yes, 24 Hour Translation Services offers translation services from English to Urdu and vice versa. They specialize in certified and standard translation between Urdu and English using professional translators with years of full-time experience. They provide certified and standard translation services translating from Urdu to English and English to Urdu.

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