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Medical professionals in Texas rely on medical document translation from 24 Hour Translation Services to diagnose patients and monitor treatment progress of their foreign-speaking patients.  The misuse of medical terminology, inaccurate translation or carelessness when translating medical reports and medical records can have serious consequences.

Professional Medical and Scientific Experience

Our medical translators have related education and work experience in clinical laboratories, hospitals, community health centers, nursing homes, doctors’ offices, blood donation centers and other health care facilities. When you choose 24 Hour Translation, you can be assured that only translators in the areas of medicine matching the subject matter will be chosen for your project. Further, their work will be reviewed by a second translator with appropriate training and experience to ensure quality control.

Medical Document Translation

Medical translators must be extremely accurate, careful and on time. Even the slightest mistake can lead to a misdiagnosis and life-threatening injuries. Translators must work under pressure without sacrificing accuracy. The medical translators at 24 Hour Translation receive special training and observe strict safety protocols to avoid errors.


Medical Device Translation

24 Hour Translation is experienced in medical device translation. You can trust our 15 years of experience to deliver your project on schedule and guarantee full regulation compliance.

We Translate and Localize for:
• Biotechnology Companies
• Multinational Pharmaceutical Companies
• Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
• Medical Devices Companies
Clinical Research Organizations (CRO)
• Leading Medical Schools

Biopharmaceutical and Biotechnology Translation

Over the past decade, pharmaceutical biotechnology has quickly evolved due to public and private funding in the areas of genetics and immunology, where expectations are high for new medical breakthroughs and new treatments. However, before patient can benefit from scientific achievements, a molecule must be identified, transformed into medicine and rigorously tested.

Professional Biopharmaceutical Translations
To translate biopharmaceutical related information correctly, a translator must understand the landscape, interactions, interfaces and interactions between the different disciplines relevant for production including aspects of technology and analytics, pharmacy, quality assurance, regulatory affairs, facility technology and economic efficiency.


In today’s global workforce, decision making in interdisciplinary teams requires strong communication and an appreciation for the constraints on other cross-functional team members. Compounding the communication problem is than some disciplines have become increasingly specialized and employ their own jargon on a level that is incomprehensible to others outside the field.

Biotechnology Translation Services

Our biotechnology translators lower the communication barrier because they have several years of experience translating engineering, pharmacological, scientific, marketing and production related content associated with biopharmaceuticals. Since development often requires multinational cross-cultural interaction between multidisciplinary teams, it makes sense to hire a translation company that understands the interdependencies with adjacent disciplines.

Professional Biology Translation


24 Hour Translation offers specialized translators in the field of biology.  Because our biology translators hold advanced degree in biology, you can trust them to translate your scientific documents accurately.  Our biology translators are doctors and scientists who have a minimum of five years of professional translating experience.

Translators for the Biological Sciences


Our Microbiology translators are experienced in translating scholarly journal articles, reports on medical trials, laboratory reports, serious adverse reaction reports, and more.  Call us today for a free proposal.

About Microbiology

Some of the most important scientific discoveries today are being made in the field of microbiology. Many of these are coming in areas of research that include genetics, infectious diseases and microbes. Our understanding of the microbial world is increasing as more scientific research funding is earmarked for rainforests, oceans, human bodies, oceans and bedrock and for the development of new and better scientific instruments that are used in studying the microbial environment.  There are several primary classifications of microbes including: bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, algae, and helminths.

Today, Microbiology is the largest and most multifaceted of the biological sciences. For instance, Microbiologists analyze every facet of microbes, including their genetics, their physiology and their characteristics that may be dangerous or beneficial, their impact on the world, their effect on hosts, and ways they can be used in industry and agriculture.

Microbiologists generally specialize in one of the following professions:
• Geomicrobiologists study the ways that microbes influence changes on the earth’s crust
• Marine microbiologists research microbes and their impact on the oceans
• Medical technologists focus on identifying pathogenic microbes and microbial diseases
• Nurse epidemiologists study occurrences of infectious diseases
• Astrobiologists theorize about the potentials of organisms living outside of our world

Clinical Trail Translation Services

A clinical trial is a research study to determine if experimental treatments are safe and effective under controlled conditions. This type of study involves both human and animal subjects and is an important step in identifying treatments that can be approved by regulatory agencies for widespread use.

Clinical Research Organizations with treatments that have satisfactory safety results and positive pharmacological findings can proceed to the clinical trial stage. The clinical trial stage is generally considered the most important stage in the course of treatment development and assessment.

Of the thousands of isolated or synthesized chemical compounds that show promise in preclinical studies, a large percentage aren’t successful in the clinical trials stage. The unsuccessful chemical compounds are either extremely poisonous, too challenging or expensive to produce on a large scale, or offer too few benefits. Chemicals and biologics that appear to have some potential in preclinical studies next must be tested among human volunteers and in high-risk populations. Of the thousands of drugs tested in clinical trials, only 1 in 20 compounds will pass the rigorous and challenging FDA approval process.  This process requires detailed reporting of study populations and findings.

Translation of Clinical Trial Reports


You can trust clinical trial translators from 24 Hour Translation to be extremely accurate, careful and on time.  Our translators of clinical trial reports receive special training and observe strict safety protocols to avoid errors.  Call us today to learn more and receive a free proposal for your project.

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