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Introduction: 24 Hour Translation Services is Texas’ leader in providing quality Chinese translation services. Our team of experienced, professionally certified translators provide top-notch service for business owners who require accurate translations for their documents or communications. We offer our services across a variety of industries including legal, medical, immigration, academic, technical, financial and business settings. Additionally, we can also assist with interpretation services as well as other language needs that may arise. Whatever your specific needs may be, you can trust 24 Hour Translation Services to deliver high-quality results quickly and accurately.

The Importance of Chinese Translation Services in Texas

As businesses expand into the global market, they often find themselves needing to communicate with partners overseas who speak primarily Chinese. This makes having accurate translations of critical documents and communication essential for success. By utilizing 24 Hour Translation Services’ professional Chinese language translator solutions in Texas businesses can ensure that all their written materials are accurately translated into Mandarin or Cantonese without losing any nuances or meaning. Not only does this allow businesses to successfully conduct international trade but it also ensures good relations between them and their partners abroad.

Why Choose Us?

At 24 Hour Translation Services customer satisfaction is paramount above all else – which is why we go above and beyond each time delivering exceptional results promptly while never compromising on quality even when faced with tight deadlines! Additionally, since our inception back in 1999 we have become known throughout Texas as one of the leading providers of professional translation services offering both courteous customer service alongside competitive pricing making us the obvious choice when looking for top notch Chinese translations done right!

Our Benefits Include

• Free Estimates

• Over 300 5-Star Reviews

• 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

• Honest Up-Front Pricing by the Job

How We Help Texans

Here at 24 Hour Translation Services, we strive to make sure that each client receives personalized assistance tailored specifically to their unique requirements when it comes to their translation needs. Whether it’s interpreting requests during meetings or phone calls or helping create marketing materials written entirely in Mandarin or Cantonese for targeted markets abroad – you can always count on us for excellent service coupled with unbeatable prices no matter what kind of project you need us for!

Customer Stories: Story 1 – One of our recent projects was working with a small start-up based out of Houston which needed help translating some marketing materials they had created into Simplified Chinese so they could launch an advertising campaign targeting potential customers located within China’s borders. After reviewing the company’s objectives, we were able to complete the task within just two days – giving them the quick turnaround time they needed without sacrificing quality or accuracy!

Story 2 – Recently one of our clients contacted us about developing a user manual written entirely in traditional Mandarin for an innovative product they were launching onto the Asian market – something which many competitors had been unable to accomplish without resorting to machine translations which resulted in inaccurate information being presented as fact within their manuals (and subsequently damaging their brand). Fortunately thanks to our experienced team we were able to meet this challenge head on and develop an extremely detailed yet concise user guide which provided clear instructions using only authentic language approved by both native speakers and experts alike!

What We Offer

At 24 Hour Translation Services in Texas, we offer comprehensive Chinese translation services. Our team of experienced translators are highly trained and have a deep understanding of the Chinese language, culture and nuances that come with it. We understand how important accuracy is when dealing with legal documents, medical records, immigration papers, academic essays, technical manuals, financial statements, or business presentations. That is why we take extra care to ensure that all translations are accurate and professionally presented.

Our Chinese Translation Services in Texas

Legal Documents: Our Legal Translation services guarantee accuracy for delicate legal documents. Our professional translators work hard to ensure that no detail is overlooked when translating any form of legal document.

Medical Documents: We also provide Medical Translation services that help bridge the communication gap between physicians and patients who do not share a common language. Our translators are well-versed in medical terminology so they can accurately translate medical reports and other related documents without losing any information from the original text.

USCIS and Immigration Records: Immigration Translation services are also provided by our dedicated team of experienced translators. We understand the importance of getting your paperwork translated accurately for immigration purposes which is why we only hire qualified translators to ensure precision and accuracy for all your immigration needs.

Transcripts and Diplomas: Academic Translation services are available for anyone needing to get their essay or paper translated into Chinese for submission or publication purposes. Our talented professionals have a wide range of experience in translating various types of documents from different fields such as medicine, finance, engineering etc., giving you assurance that your translation will be up to industry standards.

Technical Documents: Technical translation services cover various topics such as engineering, architecture, and software development. This type of translation requires an in-depth knowledge of both languages as well as an understanding of the subject matter at hand, which is why it’s important to hire well-qualified professionals who can deliver quality results on time.

Financial Records: Financial translation services involve transforming complex financial statements and documents into another language while still preserving its meaning and accuracy. At 24 Hour Translation Services in Texas, we make sure to assign experts who specialize in this field so you can rest assured knowing that your translations are done right every single time.

Business Documents: Business translation services require a certain level of professionalism since these translations are used for marketing purposes or for other official business communications like contracts or agreements etc. We have competent linguists who understand the importance of conveying messages correctly to maximize effectiveness across cultures and language barriers.

Websites: Website Translation is also one of our specialties here at 24 Hour Translation Services in Texas; whether it be personal websites or large corporate ones we have the skills necessary to translate them quickly into Chinese with ease. Our team understands what it takes to create impactful translations that become successful within international markets.

Oil and Gas – Moreover, our Oil & Gas & Renewable Energy Translations constitute an integral part of our service portfolio; we guarantee top notch quality due to our specialized staff members having ample experience in this area, always striving towards providing the best possible outcome.


What makes your Chinese translation service stand out?

Our Chinese translation service stands out because we employ experienced native speakers whose expertise ensure accuracy and precision regardless of the complexity or volume required for each project. Additionally, we use advanced technology solutions to optimize speed and cost efficiency during delivery.

How long does it take for you to finish a translation job?

The duration depends on several factors including size, complexity, urgency etc. However, our average turnaround time ranges between a few hours and 24 hours depending on these variables.

Do you perform proofreading/editing after completing a job?

Yes, absolutely! After delivering each project, our editors carry out a thorough review process which ensures there are no inconsistencies nor errors present before finalizing the job

Is there an additional fee if I need urgent delivery?

No, we don’t charge extra for expedited translation services. If you need an original hard copy, we are one of a small number of Texas translation companies with real offices. Most translation companies claiming to be local only have virtual locations. The benefit is that a real Texas notary signs our translations, and you can pick up the original directly from our office. If you still need us to mail the original to you, we can do that too for a minimal charge depending on how soon you need it delivered. Please contact us directly if this is something you’re interested in pursuing further.

Are discounts available if I order multiple jobs?

Yes, absolutely! Contact us directly with details about your project(s) so we can provide you with more information about potential discounts available depending on your inquiry.

Do you offer local pickup service?

Yes. In the Dallas area, we are located at 5025 Addison Circle, Addison, TX 75001. In Houston, we are located at 2020 Montrose Blvd. #202, Houston, TX 77006. Just like any other professional services company, we do require appointments.

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