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For many reasons people may need a certified divorce decree translation or a certified divorce certificate translation.  Most people who require certified divorce decree translation services seek to apply for a marriage visa and remarry, specifically to a foreign national or an expatriate.

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Why Do I Need A Certified Divorce Decree Translation?

Most countries today require that couples prove their eligibility to be remarried.  If a couple is getting married and one member is divorced, the involved government usually requires proof that the divorce is valid and complies with the polygamy laws of the country.  This requirement intends to prevent any person from being in more than one marriage at a time.  However, if the divorce was granted in another country and if the divorce decree or divorce certificate is in another language, the document must be translated by a certified translation service.  These documents usually must be accompanied by an affidavit of translation accuracy and signed by the translator.   These documents, which must be issued by a recognized provider of certified divorce decree translation and certified divorce certificate translation, provide the evidence governments need to determine whether the divorce or annulment should be recognized.

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Certified Divorce Decree Translation and the Law

Laws pertaining to remarrying after a divorce differ by country and may even vary depending on the regional, state and local laws governing marriages and divorces.  Further challenges can be presented when requirements are influenced by local customs, cultures and religious practices.

While there is lack of uniformity, state governments in North America and Europe usually recognize divorce decrees issued in foreign countries. This is often true even when the divorce is enacted through mail.  Today, many countries allow their expatriates to obtain a divorce without being present in the country where they were married.  This option is often more convenient and less costly than being physically present for the legal procedure.  Generally, for a court in the United States to recognize a mail order divorce, the divorced person must either appear in person to the foreign court granting the divorce or sign a power of attorney authorizing the foreign court to make divorce-related decisions to end the marriage. 

In many countries, for a new marriage to be recognized, you will need to complete the following:

  1. Initiate a marriage application.
  2. Provide a statement of sole responsibility.
  3. Obtain a copy of the original divorce decree or divorce certificate.  If an original copy isn’t available, a certified copy is adequate. 
  4. Authenticate the certified copy of the original divorce decree or divorce certificate by obtaining an apostille.
  5. Provide a certified divorce decree translation or divorce certificate in the official language of the country where it will be presented so that the court can read it.

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