When you order a certified translation from 24 Hour Translation, you get a promise. We will deliver a certified translation that meets the requirements for USCIS, academic institutions, visa applications, foreign governments, medical institutions, license bureaus and any other business, institution or organization—and at the lowest price possible.

We have a 100% acceptance rate from by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services – USCIS or BCIS (formerly Immigration and Naturalization Service – INS) for translations of immigration documents that include marriage certificates, divorce decrees, birth certificates, driver’s licenses, passports, apostilles, police reports, real estate papers, medical records, and other immigration documents, letters of recommendation, diplomas, high school and university/college transcripts, legal contracts and child adoption papers.


What is the real price of a certified translation?  So-called certified translation services appear constantly on Google.  They advertise that they offer the best certified translation often at $20 per page, $24 per page, $30 per page.  They also claim to be near Houston or near Dallas, and even list addresses in expensive office buildings. Eventually, you find out that nothing they claim is true.

If you read the fine print, these prices are good only for documents with 200 or 250 words per page.  Actually they charge extra for the certification, the notarization and the hard copies you may require.  Most often, your translation is sent overseas, often to low-paid translators working on unsecured computers and networks in coffee shops and internet cafes who retype your document and run it through Google translate.  What happens next usually results in a really bad experience.  The translation is refused by USCIS or another agency because of poor quality, the certification is refused because it lacks proper qualifications or the company goes out of business and you never receive your document.  Eventually, you get angry and decide to go to their office only to find out that it was only a “virtual address”. They never actually existed at the address. In the end, you don’t get an acceptable certified translation or a refund.  In our nearly 20 years of experience, we’ve heard it all from customers with similar experiences.


Call 24 Hour Translation Services before you search for certified document translation services near me. We will give you our best price that you can use to shop around. We know that we offer the cheapest price certified translations, that are often completed the same day. Because we have local offices near Houston and Dallas, you can even schedule a time to pick them up. We make it easy, inexpensive and convenient.


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Mexican Consulate, Houston, Tx.

If you are applying for a visa—work, marriage, educational, EB-5 investment— or political asylum, you require certified translation services.  All immigrant and non-immigrant visa applicants must provide certified translations of identifying documents, such as birth certificates and marriage certificates, divorce decrees, academic records and death certificates.  In many cases, these translations must be certified and notarized by a recognized translation service.  We guarantee the acceptance of your immigration translations, and we certify and notarize the accuracy of our translations for free.


Complies with all USCIS Certified Translation requirements. Our Immigration translation services are 100% guaranteed.
USCIS Application Support Center, Dallas, Tx.

Your document will meet the requirements for a USCIS certified translation.  If you need additional wording or special wording, we use what is required.  Just let us know before we start the translation.  You will have peace of mind knowing that we never charge extra to certify and notarize your documents.

Since we don’t charge to certify and notarize translations, we frequently send PDF copies of certified and notarized translations to our clients, along with versions in the native file.  These certified translations state that the translation is, to the best of our professional knowledge and belief, a true, accurate and faithful translation of the document provided to us. Apostilles are also available upon request and for an additional fee.


University of Houston, Houston, Tx.

Whether you are applying for a student visa, undergraduate or graduate degree program, work visa, employment or even immigration, you might have to furnish a certified translation of your diploma, transcripts and course descriptions.  24 Hour Translation is frequently recommended by colleges and universities as a trusted certified translation agency.  That’s because 24 Hour Translation follows strict guidelines when completing certified translations that mirror the appearance and meaning of your original files.  Because we are experienced in providing diploma and transcript translation services that are certified and notarized, you can be assured they will meet your requirements.


Because of our long history of success spanning two decades, you can trust 24 Hour Translation.  Some of our earliest public reviews date back nearly 10 years.  We are not a fly-by-night translation agency with local phone numbers that redirect to operators in a developing country.  As an established provider of certified translations, we use human translators who are degreed professionals, regardless of which of the 50 languages that we support.  We never use automated translation systems like Google translate. By assuring quality assurance, fast service, excellent customer service and low pricing, 24 Hour Translation is your best choice for the translation of your diplomas and transcripts.


Federal Reserve Bank, Dallas, Tx.

Certified and notarized translations are required by mortgage underwriters, financial institutions and government agencies.   If you are applying for a home mortgage, planning to attend college, submitting paperwork for U.S. immigration (USCIS application), declaring overseas earnings or completing an international audit, you will likely need a bank statement or financial report translated by a certified banking or financial translator.

Banking translations often involve rekeying long strings of numbers, like account numbers and making currency conversion calculations. The work can be very tedious and requires focus. While it sounds like an an extremely expensive process, often there are ways to reduce costs without sacrificing quality.

To meet USCIS translation requirements, IRS rules or the demands of other institutions and organizations, 24 Hour Translation Services prints these specialized financial or banking translations on our letterhead and we include a signed statement from the translator attesting to the accuracy of the translation.  Whether you are applying for a mortgage, filing your taxes, purchasing or renting property or providing investment information, you will need a certified banking translator.  Lending institutions know they can trust 24 Hour Translation Services for their certified financial translation needs.


Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital, Sugar Land, Tx.

Because you value your health, you can’t risk a bad translation of your medical records.  That’s why pharmaceutical producers, device and equipment manufacturers, medical institutions, treatment centers, doctors and law firms trust 24 Hour Translation for their certified medical translation needs.   They recognize that 24 Hour Translation is one of the most accurate, fastest and affordable certified medical translation agencies.  All of our medical translations include a legal certificate of accuracy that is certified and notarized by a registered U.S. notary public.  Our clients, such as Abbott Laboratories, Johns Hopkins and Texas Health Resources, recognize the value we provide.

As a leading provider of medical translations, you can trust 24 Hour Translation.  With nearly 20 years of experience serving the linguistic needs of healthcare organizations and individuals, we have delivered the highest quality certified translation services in specialties that include pharmaceuticals, veterinary medicine, medical equipment, anesthesia and orthopedics.  Regardless of your needs, we have the translators who can get your jobs done right.  In fact, many of our medical translators hold medical degrees and certifications in the healthcare industry.

Whether you require translations clinical protocols, informed consent forms, patient information flyers, case studies, user manuals and guides, medical software, patient newsletters, testimonials or anything else, we offer the best solution.

United States Courthouse, Plano, Tx.

Notarized and certified translations are required for most legal proceedings and filings in the United States and abroad. If you intend to use your translated document for legal purposes, government agencies will require your translation to be certified and notarized. In some cases, you may be requested to also certify and notarize the authenticity of the source document. At 24 Hour Translation Services, by default, we certify and notarize your legal translations according to U.S. Department of State guidelines. We never charge for an additional fee to certify and notarize the accuracy of our translations. That’s why the best law firms trust 24 Hour Translation for their certified legal translations. Our certified legal translators in Houston are ready to assist you today. We offer falsest and most accurate judicial document translations in Texas.


Certified translations for military and defense purposes absolutely must be accurate. Whether it’s the birth or marriage certificate or the divorce decree of a new recruit, an operating or procedure manual or even a message from a foreign contact, translations must be accurate. Because legislators, judiciary members and other key decision makers use military translations to make important decisions, the accuracy of documents must be undisputed.

Whether you work for the U.S. armed forces, an international security firm, or a defense contractor, you can count on 24 Hour Translation to deliver accurate and fast certified translations. You will have added peace of mind that our owner is a disabled veteran and employee of the U.S. Department of Defense.


Every Dallas certified translation firm claims to be the best and have the most customers.  We think we are the most trusted.  We are one of the few real U.S. translation agencies and we are serious about keeping your files secure and confidential.  Our strict screening and hiring process insure that your files aren’t translated by unproven translators working on unsecured computers and networks in developing countries.  Instead, we test each candidate for competence and perform background checks.  Further, our project management teams and editing and proofing processes insure accurate, guaranteed translations, quick turnaround times and superb quality.


USCIS Houston Field Office, Houston, Tx.

24 Hour Translation is your one-stop shop for all of your Houston certified translation and notarized translation needs.  In our twenty years of business we have helped thousands of foreign nationals by providing translation services for visas, work permits, criminal background screening, green cards, and diplomas and transcripts.  Our translations are processed in accordance with Federal Certification Standards.

We provide translation services for your immigration documents from any language into English.  We certify and notarize your documents according to the requirements of USCIS, U.S. Passport Agency, and other public and private organizations.  Keep in mind that some organizations mandate specific wording, and in such cases we ask you to provide this wording to us upfront.

For the highest accuracy, lowest price, and fastest service, trust 24 Hour Translation!


Do your certified and notarized translations require an apostille?  If so, we are your solution for accurate, high speed certified and notarized translations for an apostille.  Call us today for more details!

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