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Diploma and Transcript Translation Services available from our local offices in Houston and Dallas.
Certified Academic Translations in Texas

Diploma and Transcript Translation Near Houston and Dallas

24 Hour Translation Services is your local source for diploma and transcript translation services. Our Diploma and Transcript Translators are skilled in translating and certifying transcripts, report cards, certificates, diplomas, and immunization records. Each diploma and transcript that we translate is certified and notarized for acceptance by schools in Texas and overseas. Our translations of academic records are also accepted by leading credential evaluation and equivalency companies like World Education Services.

If you are enrolling in a school overseas, we can also provide fast and affordable authentication and apostille services for academic documents. Since our translators work directly for us, the confidentiality of your documents is preserved. Because we have offices in both Houston and North Dallas, you can schedule a time to pick up original copies of your translated documents from one of our local offices.

Certified Translation Services For Diplomas and Transcripts


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Whether you need to translate your high school or university transcripts into English or another language, you can count on our expert diploma, transcript, and report card translators. Each of our academic document translators has many years of experience in researching coursework to find the best translation for a given course.

Fast Translations of Diplomas and Transcripts

As the name of our business suggests, most of our jobs are completed within 24 hours. Often, we provide same-day translation services with local pickup from our translation offices in Houston or Dallas.  If you prefer, we can even mail your academic translations to you, a university, or an academic credential evaluation/equivalency company.

Our certified translators ensure your documents are translated quickly, professionally, and accurately. We also include important features and benefits in our standard pricing that other certified translation companies charge premiums.

Low Price Academic Translations

Some companies claim to offer the lowest prices on the planet, but in every case we beat them. In fact, our prices are often 20% lower. Not only do we beat them on price, we also beat them on delivery time, quality and accuracy. But there are more important things than pricing.  An Official translation of academic records must be accurate.  Our quality review process helps ensure you get the most accurate translation possible.  

Secure Translations of Diplomas and Transcripts

Often translation companies will take your sensitive transcripts, diplomas, degrees, and other documents and post them throughout the internet to find the lowest-priced freelancer who will complete the translation. They may or may not be experienced, probably won’t be working on secure computers and operate without little regard to your privacy.

There are no freelancers at 24 Hour Translation Services. We have our own staff of dedicated translators who work with us directly and most have been with us for more than 10 years. In that time, we have never had a security breach or had our translations rejected by a school, university, employer, or foreign country for a poor-quality translation.

Academic Translation Services

Chinese exchange student who recently graduated and holding a diploma.
Graduating Senior With Diploma

People may need to have their academic records translated for a variety of reasons. If you are seeking a student visa, a foreign government will require you to submit certified diploma and transcript translations in addition to other academic records. This is a standard part of the immigration procedure and your records will usually need to be notarized by the academic translation service.  Your academic records will need to be translated into the official language of the country where you are applying to study. Others who are seeking special guest worker or long-term or short-term work visas will also be required to provide certified translations of their high school diplomas, college diplomas, transcripts, certificates and other academic records that have been awarded. Usually, these academic record translations will need to be certified, notarized, and apostilled.

Students from overseas may study in the United States under special financial reimbursement programs established in their home countries. As part of the financial aid program, the student will be required to submit translated copies of enrollment verification. These enrollment verification forms usually need to be certified and notarized. Whether you need your diploma, transcript or evidence of financial support translated, call 24 Hour Translation.

Experienced Academic Translators

24 Hour Translation Services has translated thousands of academic records for students and professionals throughout Texas and around the world.  We are experienced in providing the following academic services.

High School Diploma Translation

Leaving your home to attend college in a foreign country is a big decision. Whether you are a U.S. student seeking to study abroad or an international student seeking to study in the United States you will need to get a certified high school diploma translation and a certified transcript translation to submit to the schools where you are applying.  

Report Card Translation

If you are enrolling your child into grade school or high school, their overseas report cards will also need to be certified and notarized.  These documents help high school and grade school administrators assess your child’s achievement and academic equivalency.  Using certified report card translations, certified diploma translations and certified grade translations, administrator will register your child for the most suitable classes.

Certified and Notarized Translation

24 Hour Translation Services provides certified and notarized translations of High school diplomas and transcripts that are translated accurately, professionally, inexpensively, and quickly to meet your time constraints. Whether your diploma was earned in the United States or in a foreign high school, the translations that we provide are guaranteed to be accepted because they comply with the requirements established by the United States, Foreign Consulates, and Academic Institutions throughout the world.

College Diploma Certified Translation

The decision to study abroad might be one of the valuable decisions a college student can make. By studying abroad, students gain exposure to diverse cultures, improve their language skills and open their minds to new ideas. If you have decided to enroll in university or college studies abroad, your first step is getting a certified diploma translation and a certified transcript translation of your academic records.   In addition to these documents, a college or university may also require an academic equivalency.

Academic Equivalency Translation

An academic equivalency evaluation is used to evaluate foreign academic credentials and determine what they are equivalent to based on the U.S. system of grading and achievement. Before an academic equivalency evaluation can be completed, the student must have a certified and notarized translation of their diploma and transcript. 24 Hour Translation meets the requirements of colleges, universities and evaluation companies with high quality certified translations that are accurate, notarized, inexpensive and completed quickly.

Bachelor’s Degree Translation

There are many reasons for needing to get a certified and notarized bachelor’s degree translation. The most common reasons include applying for admission into another college or degree program, providing proof of your bachelor’s degree to a new employer or applying for a short-term or long-term work visa in a foreign country. Regardless of your needs, 24 Hour Translation is ready to meet your bachelor’s degree translation requirements with expert certified translators, low prices and fast turnaround times.  

Master’s Degree Translation

For most students interested in pursuing a second master’s degree, doctorate program or professional certification in another country, certified diploma translation services are required by universities and student visa issuing governments. Usually, when a college or foreign government requests a master’s degree translation, they want a professional translation that has been completed by an established translation agency and a sworn certified translator. The certified translation is accompanied by a separate page containing an affidavit of translation accuracy that is signed by the translator and notarized and stamped by a registered public notary.

Sometimes, certifying boards specify their own unique wording that must be listed on the affidavit of translation accuracy. In these cases, always make sure to provide this information to the translation services that you will use to translate diplomas, certificates and transcripts.

Evidence of Financial Support Translation

Before an international student arrives in the United States to study, they must apply to a school, be accepted by a school certified by the Student and Exchange Visitor Program, receive Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Status and prove that they have the financial resources to afford tuition, books, fees and living expenses. Evidence of financial support can be provided in the form of financial statements from a sponsor or financial aid and scholarship letters. If financial statements are in a language other than English, they must be translated, and the currencies should be converted by a certified translator. An affidavit of translation accuracy must also be completed and notarized by the translation service.

Cheap Certified University Degree, College Transcript, and Report Card Translation

College graduates from the University of Houston holding their diplomas.

24 Hour Translation Services provides high speed, accurate and low cost certified and notarized translations of your University Degrees, College Transcripts and Report Cards in more than 40 languages.   With two decades of experience in providing university transcript translations, we have a 100% acceptance rate among universities, colleges, corporate clients and government offices.  All of our university and educational related translations are guaranteed to comply with U.S.A., Foreign Embassies and Educational Institutions standards worldwide.

You can trust 24 Hour Translation Services because our detail-oriented translators work quickly to ensure your translations are completed accurately and on time.   We can provide a translation of your University Degree or certificate quickly.  In fact, 95% of our translations are completed within 24 hours. 

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Fast Academic Translations

We can deliver your certified and notarized transcript to your home or office by e-mail, Federal Express, or USPS Priority Mail.  Click here to upload your file and receive a free quote or call us today at (713) 589-3112.  

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