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certified-translation424 Hour Translation provides high speed, accurate and low cost certified and notarized translations of your University Degree and college transcript in more than 140 languages.   With two decades of experience in providing university transcript translations, we have a 100% acceptance rate among universities , colleges, corporate clients and government offices.  All of our university and educational related translations are guaranteed to comply with U.S.A., Foreign Embassies and Educational Institutions standards worldwide.

You can trust 24 Hour Translations because our detail oriented  translators work quickly to ensure your translations are completed accurately and on time.   We can provide a translation of your University Degree or certificate quickly.  In fact, 95% of our translations are completed within 24 hours.  Furthermore, we can deliver your certified and notarized transcript to your home or office by e-mail, Federal Express, or USPS Priority Mail.

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 Why Choose 24 Hour Translation?

√ 100% Acceptance Rate

√ As Low As $25

√ Certified and Notarized in the United States

√ 2 Day Postal Delivery Available With Tracking Within the U.S. For Only $6

√ Professional Layout by Expert Certified Translators

√ Available in both electronic/e-mail (pdf) and hard copy (postal) formats

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