Spanish Birth Certificate Translation

The design and appearance of a Spanish birth certificate translation is just as important as the accuracy of the Spanish translation. That’s because it takes time, skill and patience to accurately produce a professional Spanish birth certificate translation. Because USCIS and other foreign governments place great important on the appearance of a translation, 24 Hour Translation spends hours making each birth certificate that we translate look like the original in both style and substance. The birth certificates provided below are a small sample of translation projects that we recently completed for clients. Regardless of the complexity of the certificate, we take the time to translate and design your certificate to look professional and be a mirror image of the original.

Same Day Translation Services for Spanish Language Birth Certificates

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There are many different styles and sizes of Spanish birth certificates. For this reason, determining a price is impossible without seeing a copy of the original file.  Nearly all of the samples shown contain more than 250 words.  This is important to realize because most translation companies promote services that cost only $20 per page, $25 per page or $30 per page.  But the companies that promote these offers explain that a page is define by 250 words.  Because most birth certificates contain between 300-500 words, you end up paying 2- to 3-times more than the price they advertised.  In reality, those companies have probably never charged anyone under $40 per page. But that’s not all, these same companies will tack on additional charges including fees to notarize your translation, fees to process your credit card, and fees for additional copies. 24 Hour Translation Services has transparent pricing, without any hidden fees. The price we quote is the price you pay. That’s why are always cheaper than those rip-off companies.