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Just about everything we purchase today, including the machinery used in producing our purchases, has a manual. The manual often is only a few lines of text displayed on the back of the package enclosing the product.  At other times the manual is hundreds of pages long, with multiple chapters or sections on each aspect and function of the product. Sometimes the manual is a set of manuals that might include an installation manual, an operator’s manual, a service and maintenance manual, a safety manual, and perhaps others too. Usually the manual also consists of the complete text in several languages.


If you’re reading this webpage, more than likely you are involved in producing manuals. You could be a technical writer working on a new manual that will eventually be translated into one or several foreign languages. You may be a lawyer involved in a product liability case. You might be responsible for employee safety at your place of work. You could even be a product manager who is aware that the manual is regarded as a critical part of the product “package.” Whatever your role, you understand the importance of the manual, handbook or guide and having it in multiple languages.

Instruction Guides

You also know that for the user, the product is only as good as the instructions for setting it up and using and maintaining it.  If you can’t use the product or make it work, it’s useless and a waste of resources.  This is why manual writing and translating is so important.  Manuals must be written clearly in each language.  Visuals must illustrate every aspect that the end user might have questions about, and the text must be comprehensive and organized for ease of use and finding the information the user needs.  Needless to say, accuracy is essential.

To meet these demands, 24 Hour Translation supplies translators who are skilled writers, accurate translators, experts in specific technical fields, and familiar with word-processing, desktop publishing, editing, and visual designing appropriate to various fields.

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