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24 Hour Translation offers specialized translators in the field of biology.  Because our biology translators hold advanced degree in biology, you can trust them to translate your scientific documents accurately.  Our biology translators are doctors and scientists who have a minimum of five years of professional translating experience.

Translators for the Biological Sciences


Our Microbiology translators are experienced in translating scholarly journal articles, reports on medical trials, laboratory reports, serious adverse reaction reports, and more.  Call us today for a free proposal.

About Microbiology

Some of the most important scientific discoveries today are being made in the field of microbiology. Many of these are coming in areas of research that include genetics, infectious diseases and microbes. Our understanding of the microbial world is increasing as more scientific research funding is earmarked for rainforests, oceans, human bodies, oceans and bedrock and for the development of new and better scientific instruments that are used in studying the microbial environment.  There are several primary classifications of microbes including: bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, algae, and helminths.

Today, Microbiology is the largest and most multifaceted of the biological sciences. For instance, Microbiologists analyze every facet of microbes, including their genetics, their physiology and their characteristics that may be dangerous or beneficial, their impact on the world, their effect on hosts, and ways they can be used in industry and agriculture.

Microbiologists generally specialize in one of the following professions:
• Geomicrobiologists study the ways that microbes influence changes on the earth’s crust
• Marine microbiologists research microbes and their impact on the oceans
• Medical technologists focus on identifying pathogenic microbes and microbial diseases
• Nurse epidemiologists study occurrences of infectious diseases
• Astrobiologists theorize about the potentials of organisms living outside of our world

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