How To Get A Quality Translation Without Breaking The Bank

broken bank

Everyone wants to get top-notch services at affordable prices; this desire applies to translation as well as to everything else. However, if you want an accurate translation, you should bear in mind several things.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

First of all, be sure you have original documents of good quality. You cannot expect translators to struggle with corrupted files or illegible texts. Correcting those problems is not their job. Always double-check the original material, and avoid handwritten documents, as well as content that is Faxed, scanned, Xeroxed, etc. The original material should not be blurred, clipped or difficult to comprehend in any way. By making sure the original copy is in good shape, you will save your translators much time and help them stay focused on delivering quality work. Furthermore, you should keep all of your files for translation well-organized. Avoid repetitive content, redundant data and irrelevant information. Good organization and excellent planning will improve your efficiency and do wonders for the overall quality of your project.

Missed DeadlineSet Realistic Deadlines

Deadlines are another point to consider; remember that no quality work can be done in an unreasonably short amount of time. Thus you should plan ahead and try not to put your translator on a tight schedule that might produce inaccuracies. Deadlines for your project should be reachable, without causing stress to your service provider. Thus, you should avoid paying rush fees, which can be substantial and range from 25 to 50 percent, depending on the translator. Finally, add an extra day to your deadline, just to be on the safe side.

Include Translation Memory

Translation memory is also something to be included in your project. It will help preserve the consistency of your web copy, since your business terminology will be tracked and used when needed. Translation memory makes a translator’s job easier, because everything is stored and kept for future reference. And the bigger the translation memory is, the more you will save in the long run because the terminology will gradually expand to cover more areas. Possibly, a new text will not require translation- only verification. Therefore, don’t forget to implement translation memory into every translation project you come across.


Choose Your Translator Wisely

Finally, you advised not to use the first translation service provider that responds to your price request. Remember that there is a line that you should not cross when you engage translators: if you relax your quality standards, you invite sub-par work. Plenty of cheap service providers are available, but you should consider why that is so, and why they don’t charge higher fees. Because money should not be the only factor determining your choice, you should bear in mind that choosing the lowest bid might cost you double in the end. Poor work will reflect badly on your business image, and you will witness the number of your clients dwindling.

Your translation projects demand the highest levels of quality and dedication. If you consider all of the above-mentioned factors that affect any process of translation, there is no reason why you shouldn’t reach a desired result.

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