Providing Feedback and Building Rapport

The customs of providing feedback differs throughout the world.  In North America, it is common for feedback to be either solicited, unsolicited, welcome or unwelcome.  Regardless of culture, the objective should always be to give feedback, negative or positively, that will be received constructively by others.

When providing feedback that builds rapport, your feedback must offer value that produces favorable outcomes with the recipients.  The feedback that you provide must also use precise language, unambiguous verbal and non-verbal language that is balanced, honest and impartial. When working with non-English speakers, it is essential to use a certified translation company that can communicate your message accurately.  It’s also important to allow recipients an opportunity to respond with their own feedback.

establish rapport

When providing feedback, it is critical to:

  • Be realistic what can be achieved
  • Develop specific, measurable, achievable and relevant expectations and goals
  • Avoid personal biases, exaggerations, ambiguous statements and unclear directions
  • Offer immediate feedback whenever the need arises
  • Prepare a corrective action plan
  • Ensure understanding by committing everything in writing

Cautions when providing feedback:

  • Being indecisive, fickle, and uncertain
  • Ignoring a situation until it becomes disastrous
  • Providing nonspecific or hypotheticals instead of real or tangible examples
  • Appearing unfair, biased or partial

For best results, when giving feedback try to frame your major points and statements ahead of time.

The following examples can guide you.

  • Using exactness: Your participation in the group was
  • Achieving neutrality: While competence in negotiating the deal was excellent, however
  • Active participation: Lets meet tomorrow to improve our approach
  • Soliciting response: What are your thoughts with respect to my feedback

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