Understanding Communication Blunders

Words make powerful weapons.

They are also powerful tools. 

While they may not blow up buildings or set fire to the landscape, words can easily build or destroy relationships.

The right words can seal the deal.

The wrong words can absolutely destroy a company.

It is even harder to harness the power of words when you move from one culture to another. The words and phrases that are perfectly acceptable, even powerful in one country are hateful or offensive in another – even when spoken in the same language.

In both personal and professional environments, a misspoken word can create tension or break up a relationship in a matter of seconds. Worse, occasionally these communication blips occur without the speaker even realizing what he said was offensive.

This is compounded when individuals from different countries and cultures try to work together and make deals. Language is so nuanced that it is easy to offend a potential client or your new partner in a project without even realizing what you’ve done.

In our increasingly connected global community, finding the right words at the right time is critical. Often this can only be done with help from language and translation professionals.


Communication Blunders


The right word said at the right time in the right tone can seal the deal. Getting it wrong can destroy decades of work together. How are company owners and employees able to work across country and cultural lines? By being aware of the language difference and working with trusted translation specialists.

Your ideas and your words have tremendous value, but only if they are conveyed in the right way, in the right tone. Finding your words is often simple. Making those words work just the way you want them to is not. Often the solution is to allow the professionals to help.

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