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Why choose our translations company

Are you looking for a reliable language solutions provider in Dallas or Houston? Look no further than 24 Hour Translation Services! As an experienced translations agency, we offer certified translations for legal texts, medical interpretations, technical translations and more. Our US-based team of experienced translators provide native language interpretation services to law firms, businesses, and individuals with USCIS immigration/certified translation needs.

Our History

Sarah Hudson, a disabled Air Force Veteran armed with degrees in German and French, had an incredible vision 20 years ago – to create the best translation company in Houston and Dallas, and beyond. Today, her dream lives on as 24 Hour Translation Services is now one of the leading providers of language services in the region.

Our team consists of highly skilled project managers and translators who collaborate to deliver our clients top-notch translation experiences.

When it comes to translating legal terms or texts into another language accurately and precisely, trust 24 Hour Translation Services for your USCIS certified translations needs. We understand the importance of accuracy to abide by any applicable laws within the destination country’s legal system; whether you’re looking for legal translations services in Dallas or Houston or anywhere else in the world – our team has got you covered! Medical Interpretation:

Quality You Can Count On

24 Hour Translation Services offers medical document translation solutions as well as high-quality transcriptions for hospitals and healthcare practices. Our team understands the importance of accurate medical translations so you can rest assured that all information will be interpreted correctly from source to target language without any loss of meaning. Technical Translations:

On-time language Translations in Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston.

Professional Translators at Your Service

We provide high-quality Houston translation for engineering documents such as patents and manuals from English to Spanish (and vice versa). All our certified Dallas translation translators are carefully chosen based on their language qualifications, respective industry experience, and attention to detail when it comes to accuracy in technical documentation translations.

Petroleum/Oil & Gas Translations: Experienced Industry Professionals Whether you need oil & gas exploration reports translated or some help with employee communications within the oil & gas industry – 24 Hour Translation Services is here to help! Our team has extensive knowledge of this specialized field so you can trust us with all your multilingual communication needs in this area.

Human Resources Translations: Get It Right the First Time! At 24 Hour Translation Services, we know how important it is for human resources departments to find qualified professionals who can provide accurate translation of job postings or employee handbooks into different languages quickly and efficiently. That’s why our native speakers are ready to assist with all HR translation projects no matter how large or small they may be!

Academic Translations: Helping Students Reach Their Goals Are you a student looking to translate college applications or diplomas? Or maybe you’re planning to study abroad but need some help understanding admissions requirements? Whatever academic translation services may require – our talented team of professionals at 24 Hour Translation Services can help! Achieve your educational goals faster by relying on our professional translators today!

Honesty – Real Locations & Transparent Pricing

Best Translations office in Houston
2020 Montrose Blvd #202, Houston, TX 77006

Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land

Our Houston office, located at 2020 Montrose Blvd #202, Houston, TX 77006, has been serving the community for 20 years. We recently moved to our new location, providing residents, businesses, and organizations of Harris County, Montgomery County, and Galveston County with access to our outstanding language translators. Our Houston office offers a full range of linguistic services for legal, medical, financial, immigration, business, and technical documents

Best Translations office in Dallas-Fort Worth
5025 Addison Circle Dr., Addison, TX 75001.

Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington

Our Dallas office, located at 5025 Addison Circle Dr., Addison, TX 75001, has been serving the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area since 2003. Our customer reception area and pickup and drop-off services are conveniently located on the ground floor level. Our Dallas office offers comprehensive linguistic services in more than fifty languages, and across many specialties including legal, medical, financial, immigration, business, and technical, so that businesses and individuals can get translation services in one place. 

If you’re looking for a reliable Houston translations agency that won’t let you down – look no further than 24 Hour Translation Services. With real offices located in both Houston and Dallas areas instead of virtual locations outside of the United States – we guarantee top-notch customer service while delivering quality translations every time. Pick up your translations directly from either office instead of waiting days for them to arrive via mail – trust us when dealing with important documents as we ensure that all translations are accurate and timely!

What is Translation Service?

Translation services provide an invaluable service to people and businesses around the world. By providing accurate, reliable translations of documents from language to another, translation services help bridge communication gaps between different cultures, allowing for smoother business transactions, educational opportunities, and cultural exchanges.

With the increasingly global nature of our society today, translation services are more important than ever before – they make it possible for us to communicate with those who may speak a different language and ensure that everyone is on the same page no matter their background or location.

Examples of translated materials, such as video scripts, web content, product overviews, etc.
Importance of choosing a translation service with experienced translators for technical terminology and specific industries

What are the benefits of using a Translation Service?

Translation services provide a number of benefits that can help your business reach new heights. With the help of a professional translation team, you can effectively communicate with global markets, diversify your customer base, increase your credibility on a global scale and much more. By engaging in translation services, you’ll be able to open up new possibilities for your business that are only available when you have accurate translations into multiple languages. You’ll be able to reach new customers and expand into new markets, giving yourself a competitive edge over other businesses who don’t currently use translation services. Connecting with potential customers in their native language will give them confidence in your product or service and demonstrate that you understand their culture and customs. Translation services are an essential tool for any business looking to succeed in today’s international marketplace. By utilizing these services, you can gain access to wider audiences, streamline compliance processes and increase customer perception of quality. Investing in translation services has never been easier or more cost effective – it’s simply too valuable an opportunity to pass up!

What is the importance of Localization in Translation Services?

Localization is an important component of translation services as it ensures that the translated content is culturally appropriate and relevant to the target audience. By taking into account cultural differences and local customs, localization ensures that the translated material is well-received by the target audience and effectively conveys the intended message.
– Importance of localization in web translation to increase global accessibility
– Benefits of localization for businesses and organizations to reach a wider audience and increase brand awareness

What are the features of a good Translation Service?

A good translation service is characterized by several key features, including:
– Linguistic Expertise: Good translators must be native speakers and have a high degree of fluency in all the languages for which they offer translation services.
– Language Qualifications: Translators must have extensive experience in both the source and target languages and may be required to be certified in certain languages.
– Clarity: A good translation must be clear and easy to understand.
– Accuracy: Translations must accurately reflect the original meaning or intention of the author.
– Fidelity: A good translation should capture all aspects of a text, including its style and tone.
– Speed and Reliability: A good translation service should be fast and reliable and done by certified translators to ensure high-quality output in various languages.
– Attention to Detail: A good translation service must ensure that grammar and punctuation are completely accurate and that translations are culturally accurate.
– Respect for Style and Message: A quality translation adheres to the style and message of the original text, conveying the main message accurately.
Additionally, a good translation service has a real local office, where they can meet with you in-person and provide personalized attention, drop-off and pickup services.

What are the services offered by 24 Hour Translation Services?

24 Hour Translation Services provides voiceovers, subtitling, interpreting, and document translator services. They guarantee the quality of their services with a 100% quality assurance. They translate a wide range of documents including legal, medical, academic, and technical. They offer their services in over 100 languages and offer quick, flawless and confidential translations. Additionally, they offer services for a range of industries including finance, healthcare, social services and more.


Choose 24 Hour Translation Services when seeking reliable translations services near Texas’ major metro areas such as Arlington, Denton, Mesquite, Plano and McKinney (Dallas office) plus Harris County, Montgomery County and Galveston County (Houston office). Don’t settle for anything less when it comes to your important documents – contact us now for a free quote or learn more about our wide range of quality language services by visiting our website today!

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