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For global businesses, the Internet offers the essential benefits of providing a communication mechanism that is always available.  Using the Internet, companies can eliminate printing costs by making employee newsletters, annual reports and other official documents for employees and other stakeholders available online.   The Internet also offers convenience to a growing number of investors and employees who prefer to access official communication online rather than receive hard copies. Here are a few additional ways that companies are using the Internet to communicate.


Website Translation

A website that is only offered in one language can isolate and estrange certain groups of employees and customers.  This is particularly true of companies that have overseas operations and employees that speak a different language than employees in the corporate headquarters.  While offering a website in multiple languages can require a significant investment, it is important to consider all of the benefits that website translation offers.


Bridging the Distance

The Internet when used correctly removes the distance between employees, top management, customers and other stakeholders.  One way that CEO’s are eliminating distance barriers is by regularly e-mailing employees, providing updates on key projects and by offering insights that help build relationships across borders and around the world.

Monthly Conferences

Today, a number of CEO’s of global companies hold online conferences with employees who are located throughout the world.  These meetings are often scheduled so that everyone can access them conveniently, regardless of their time zone.  Employees participating in the conferences are encouraged to submit questions by e-mail.  Anonymous questions can be sent in a variety of ways.  The benefit is that employees in remote countries can hear and see top-level executives.  Since questions are taken from the various countries where business is conducted, employees benefit from learning about concerns all over the world.  These conferences provide employees with a sense of diversity and a feeling of belonging.

Often these conferences with employees are scheduled just after an earnings report call.  Tying the earnings call with an employee meeting offers employees worldwide an immediate way to see how their local work contributions influence the company’s success as a whole.   While a web conference can’t take the place of an actual visit by the CEO, it does serve an important function and reminds workers of their worth to the organization.

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