Leadership Changes in Houston’s Spanish-speaking TV Industry: A Look Ahead

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New Leadership Brings Exciting Changes to Houston’s Spanish-speaking Television Channels

Houston’s Spanish-speaking television industry is undergoing significant changes with new appointments and shifts in leadership that are set to have a major impact on the local media landscape and the Spanish-speaking community in Houston. In this article, we will explore the recent changes in leadership at Houston’s Spanish-speaking television channels and the impact these changes will have on the local media landscape and the Spanish-speaking community.

Univision Houston Names Glenn L. Coleman as President and General Manager:

Univision Houston has named Glenn L. Coleman as its new President and General Manager. Coleman, who has been with the station since 2014, was promoted from his previous role as VP and Sales Director. Coleman will be responsible for managing Univision Houston’s broadcasting, digital, and social media operations, as well as their advertising, marketing, news, and production departments.

Freddy Oldenburg Takes the Helm as Telemundo Houston’s VP of News

Freddy Oldenburg is moving back to Texas to take on the role of VP of News for KTMD Telemundo Houston. He leaves his current position as VP of News at WNJU Telemundo New York, and will lead the day-to-day news operations at Telemundo Houston starting February 13th. Oldenburg has a long and illustrious career in broadcasting, having previously served as VP of News at Telemundo stations in Dallas-Fort Worth and the San Francisco Bay Area, among other positions.

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José Flores Expands Role to Oversee Telemundo Houston

José Flores, the current President and General Manager of Telemundo 40 in McAllen, will be expanding his role to also oversee Telemundo Houston. The change comes after Tony Canales, the former President and General Manager at Telemundo Houston and Telemundo Nuevo México, left to take on a new role in Dallas-Fort Worth. Flores has a long history in the Houston media industry, including previous positions at Telemundo Houston and Univision 45 Houston.

The Future of Spanish-speaking Media in Houston: Impact of New Leadership

The recent changes in Houston’s Spanish-speaking television channels represent an exciting time for the local media landscape. With experienced and knowledgeable leaders at the helm, these channels are poised for continued growth and success in the years to come. The impact of this new leadership on the Spanish-speaking community in Houston is expected to be positive, as the channels continue to deliver important news, programming, and content to this important demographic.


In conclusion, the changes in Houston’s Spanish-speaking television channels bring exciting new opportunities for the local media landscape and the Spanish-speaking community. With experienced and knowledgeable leaders at the helm, the future of Spanish-speaking media in Houston looks bright, and the Spanish-speaking community can expect to see continued growth and development of these channels in the years to come.

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