The Importance of Study Abroad Nursing Programs

college-nursing-student2One of the responsibilities of higher education is to foster the growth of a culturally sensitive workforce. This is particularly true in the field of healthcare where health providers sponsor a range of diversity training programs that focus on working in diverse teams and serving diverse patient populations. As a student nurse, there are a number of programs available that offer diverse learning opportunities in foreign countries. Student nurses who take part in these learning abroad programs will help develop the qualities and attributes that prospective employers value and improve their likelihood of employment success.

The Value of Study Abroad Nursing Programs

The value of learning abroad programs for nursing students is that they allow student to go beyond what is learned in the classroom and develop a richer awareness and appreciation of how their own cultural beliefs influence their professional practices. Many students who take part in these programs report noticeable mental growth as a result of their exposure and working with different cultures. The opportunity for nursing students to learn overseas offers an intercultural experience that will help students develop and gain new skills to increase their value. If students are multilingual or have taken language classes, it will also help them reinforce their ability to translate medical records, interpret conversations with patients and expand their knowledge of foreign healthcare practices and treatments.


Universities and Healthcare Providers Must Cooperate

It is essential that universities and healthcare providers work in unison to develop more overseas learning opportunities for nurses. The registered nurses of tomorrow, must be prepared to work in our increasingly multicultural society. Throughout the world, healthcare organizations are struggling to hire nurses to deliver quality health care service to a culturally diverse population. The opportunity to take part in an overseas clinical learning program, regardless of whether the program offers observational or direct participation in patient care, will prepare tomorrow’s nurses with the necessary professional knowledge and real world experience.

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