Three Cities Beckoning Translators and Interpreters

The best job markets for language translators are Washington DC, , London and  New York.

London is now one of the most multicultural and multilingual cities in the world. Often known for its large Asian community, London has become a hub for international businesses. Many international organizations and NGO’s have their head offices in London and the city could be regarded as a gold mine for all sorts of professionals. London is also one of those cities which attract tourists from all over the world. The city has all the requisites an aspiring translator/ interpreter may need.


London—A dream place for investors

Starting a business in London is every foreign investor’s dream. It just requires the right amount of capital to get started and many foreign investors have realized their dreams by investing billions of pounds in this marvellous city. When it comes to opening their outlets, London is the first choice of international chains.

Not only London’s business world but its political and cultural spheres also need a constant stream of translators and interpreters. Being the megalopolis of UK, London is the center of international business dealings, visited by foreign businessmen on a constant basis. In a city like London, the presence of translators and interpreters is indispensable for cross-cultural business transactions. Around 307 languages are spoken by the foreign settlers in London. Therefore, as a professional translator/ interpreter, London might give you the breakthrough you are waiting for.


New York City

New York is the financial hub of the United States. It is as diverse and multicultural as London. There is scarcely a job or professional description in New York that does not include some foreign influence, either in language or some other aspect. New York also has the world’s biggest stock markets, namely the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. No doubt, NY city serves as a pillar for the US economy.

New York has around 50 national and International companies working in different sectors, generating billions of dollars worth of revenue every year. It is also home to the largest media groups. Hundreds of newspaper offices are scattered around the city. Next to Hollywood, New York has the second largest film and television industry. Other cultural events like the ‘New York Film Festival’ and the ‘New York Fashion Week’ brings participants and tourists from all over the world.

New York has also countless opportunities for professional translators and interpreters, being the central attraction for foreign investors. English is the official language but Spanish, Mandarin and Russian languages are spoken in their respective communities. Other than these, there are around 150 other languages spoken in New York by the immigrants.


Washington D.C

Washington D.C has an equal number of employment opportunities for Spanish, Portuguese and French translators and interpreters. The headquarters of all international organizations, NGO’s, lobbying groups and international companies are located in Washington. As the capital of the United States, D.C is the center of all important political activities. The visits of foreign delegates, investors and key political figures are a routine happening in the city. The political and economic activity in the city opens up a great many opportunites for aspiring translators and interpreters.

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